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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Behind the DIY

I'm blog-hopping today, and writing over at Keller Creative!

Maybe you recognize Kim's blog from when Apartment Therapy featured her cute DIY Chevron Soap Dispenser?

She hosts a fun series, Behind the DIY, where she asks bloggers all the nitty-gritty details about a particular project. Kind of like VH1 Behind the Music, but without music. Or TV. Or wardrobe malfunctions.


Come read our interview with behind the scenes scoop on one of my most popular projects!

Come back tomorrow, I'll be showing the progress I'm making for my son's birthday party!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This Girl Gets Around

Do these cutie-pies look familiar?

Of course they do, you don't live under a rock! They are the authors of the uber-popular blog, Young House Love. They also write a great column for BabyCenter. Well today on BabyCenter, John and Sherry are writing about none other than my Babygirl's Room?!? I am so thrilled the Land of Blogs seems to like her room as much as we do! Click over and check out their post!

And that's not all!

Allison at House of Hepworths is on a month-long road trip with her family. I don't know if I'm jealous, or relieved I'm not doing the same!! Either way, she's hosting a slew of guest bloggers while she makes her way through the McDonald's of America...and today is my turn! Check out House of Hepworths for a collection of my favorite posts!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{Babygirl's Room} The Source List

I know when I'm scouring projects on the internet, I like to know all the details behind them. I'm hoping assuming you feel the same, so I've assembled a Source List of Babygirl's Room. And because I know you're nosy like me, I've included prices as well!


Bed:  Craigslist $60
Bed Paint:  Sherwin Williams Radish
Stepstool:  DIY from Target, already owned
Pink Rug:  Ikea As-Is Section, $1.50 (no joke!)


Bedding:  Nicole Miller Fifi from Overstock, $130, purchased 3 years ago and no longer available
Pillows:  DIY with fabric from local store, $15
Paris Prints:  Similar Calendar, a gift
Frames:  Ikea Ribba, $10 each
Starburst Mirror:  Amazon, already owned

table 4

Coverlet: Belonged to my grandparents, already owned
Side Table:  Ikea, already owned
Lamp and Shade:  Target, already owned
Books:  Penguin Classics, a gift
Jewelry Stand:  Already owned, supplies to convert $5

nook 1

Pink and Blue Pillow:  DIY with fabric from local store, $5
Memo Board:  Target, $5
Battery Operated Lights:  Dollar Store, $1 each


Highboy:  Belonged to my grandparents, already owned
Highboy Paint:  Sherwin Williams Cheerful
Photo Canvas:  DIY, $25
Provence Print:  gift

art center 2

Lap Desk:  DIY, already owned tray
Pillows:  Same as Reading Nook, $20
Chalkboard:  Ikea, $15
Sheepskin Rug:  Ikea, $25
Monogrammed Tins: DIY Ikea tins, hanging from Ikea rack, $12

window 3

Pelmet: DIY using fabric, batting, ribbon and foam board, $35
Drapes:  Ikea Lenda panels with DIY trim, $20

gallery 2

Nailhead Pics: DIY Ikea Ribba Frames and thumbtacks, $10 each
Magazine Art: DIY with Dollar Store frames, $1 each
Suzy Ultman Prints:  Amazon $16
White Frames: Ikea Ribba $10 each 
Mirror: Home Goods, already owned
Remainder of art: already owned

the room

Wall Color:  Sherwin Williams Waterscape
Ceiling Color:  Martha Stewart for Home Depot Sisal
Light Fixture:  DIY Paper Lantern with pom pom trim $4
Faux Crown Molding:  Home Depot trim, $28

With paint and supplies, the Grand Total: $585.50!

Not too shabby for a complete room redo! And I actually bought the bedding three years ago, so I don't really count that amount (I can rationalize any expense. Ask Mr. Sugarplum). I linked as many of the items directly to their retailers as possible. You can find detailed links to each project on the Room Reveal post. If I missed anything you're curious about, just leave it in the comments or shoot me an email!

***PS -- Happy Birthday to my sweet Mom! I love you, Your Babygirl***

Monday, June 27, 2011

{DIY} Convex Sunburst Mirror

Hello friends! Now that Babygirl's Room is complete, I am free to move on to new projects. Well, I've been doing other projects all along, but always felt guilty about it since her room sat undone. No more!

DIY Sunburst Mirrors are all over the blogs, and all fabulous. I knew I'd create one, but hadn't decided which style until I spotted this one at J and J Home! I instantly bookmarked it and knew it would be mine!

convex mirror

I followed her tutorial for the most part, but of course had to muck it up change things a little. The supplies are simple, 2 floral rings and 2 packs of wood shims. And a pile of glue sticks.


Start by placing a layer of shims around the perimeter of the rings, playing with the spacing to see what you like best. Then hot glue the thin end of each shim to both rings. (Shims are tapered at one end.) 


I was working in my craft room the corner of my bedroom, to be close to a plug and The Real Housewives of Orange County. For the next step, I got so distracted by those hot messes that I forgot to place the next layer of shims closer to the middle.


I guess this would have been fine, but I wanted a lot of depth to my mirror, so each layer needed to be shorter than the one below it. And if you're questioning how strong hot glue will hold this, I'm here to vouch for it.


So I ripped off that layer of shims, then glued them again closer to the middle so the ends wouldn't be even.


And again with another layer, just filling in the gaps as you work around the circle. Pause to watch Tamara throw wine in What's-Her-Name's face, and cross your fingers someone's hair weave comes off.


I tried to keep each layer about the same height so I'd have a fairly even surface to attach the mirror. Then I took it outside and gave it a quick shot of water-based polyacrylic. The finished size is 40-inches in no dainty thing!


I decided I wanted to add some style to my backyard and hang it out there. Which meant I needed an acrylic mirror, and I also had my sights set on a convex one. You wouldn't think it, but those are pretty hard to find. I finally settled on this mirror, intended for security purposes. It came with a fair amount of hardware mounted on the back (TWSS), but Mr. Sugarplum easily dismantled it and I glued the mirror to the front of the frame with Gorilla Glue Epoxy. After 24-hours of books sitting on top of it, up she went!


I didn't add any hooks to the back, it hangs directly on a large nail from the floral ring. I love how the convex mirror adds more dimension to it. And I don't have to worry about it shattering outside. Although, we've had several nights of thunderstorms, and days of high-temps, and it hasn't budged.

Picnik collage

It was tough to not spray paint it a vibrant color, but for now I love the natural wood. And it complements our new fence.


Picnik collage

What do you think? Have you DIY'ed a Sunburst Mirror? Feel free to link it in the comments to share. And check out my Project Gallery for tons more DIY Projects!


And I can't even believe it, but two FABULOUS blogs are featuring Babygirl's Room today!

Cassity at Remodelaholic has been a great blogger friend to me for a long while, and always so supportive. I'm thrilled to be featured today! Hop over to see all the amazing projects she does herself, and the best collection of projects other bloggers have to offer!

And House of Turquoise needs no introduction from me! I have Erin's fabulous blog to thank for oodles of inspiration behind the color choices in Babygirl's Room. Erin publishes a Turquoise Lover's dream. And have you seen her wedding photos?! Straight out of Vogue meets Martha Stewart Weddings!

Thank you so much, ladies!!! I'm super flattered. Babygirl is getting the big head.

Friday, June 24, 2011

You are My Sunshine!

You guys are the absolute best! I'm just floored by the response to Babygirl's Room, and have loved reading every single comment and email. I don't know how I got so lucky to have such kind-hearted readers and friends. Thank you for taking the time to stop by this humble blog, I appreciate it so much.

I thought I'd share some of my sunshine with you today....the sunflowers Mr. Sugarplum brought me for our Anniversary.

You guys are my Sunshineflower!

And some of you commented on my One and Only post that you'd like to see my grandmother in her wedding dress, the dress I wore in my wedding. My aunt was sweet enough to scan some pictures for me.

nance dress

Not the greatest quality photos, but you can still see the beauty of the material. She looks straight out of Hollywood.

nance dress2

Almost 50 years separated our weddings, but her gown and veil remained just as stylish and gorgeous.

wedding dress collage

Enjoy your weekend, loves! I've a birthday party to get busy planning...and my High School Reunion! I think I'd better plan an outfit first. I'm already regretting last weekend's indulgences!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{Babygirl's Room} The Reveal!

Thank you, thank you for all the sweet comments yesterday! Especially Mr. Sugarplum, who actually read it, and left a comment!

I can't believe I'm finally showing you this room! Those of you who stuck with me through all 39 posts regarding Babygirl's Room deserve a drink medal. And despite taking sooooo long to complete, I love absolutely everything about this room!

You've waited long enough, let's get to it!

the room


After choosing the color scheme, I found this adorable bedding with Parisian that became the underlying theme of the room. And painting the bed a fun radish color helps it pop off the wall for more weight and impact.

bedding collage

There were so many fun colors to pull from, and the No-Sew Pillows were a great opportunity to add more prints as well.

bed collage

I scored this mirror ages ago and it's been waiting for the perfect spot. Proof that you don't need to shop kid's stores for children's rooms. They are little people, but can still appreciate big design.


I originally wanted the bed on a different wall, flanked by side tables. But the dimensions of the furniture and room didn't allow for that floorplan, so it sits snugly in the corner. The main pieces are quite substantial, so I love the juxtaposition of the leggy side table (borrowed from another room, along with a lamp that lost it's home after Lamp-A-Palooza). It's the perfect spot for her Eiffel Tower Jewelry stand.

table collage

I love to layer rugs over carpet for more color and texture. And the stepstool proved necessary due to the unexpected height of the bed!


The window is the biggest transformation in the room. By raising the curtains and adding the Monogrammed Pelmet, it demands opposed to its former tiny, forgotten window status.

window 3

I was surprised how great the monogram turned out...and it's held up fabulously!


Since Babygirl is only 5, a full study desk isn't necessary yet. But I designed her an Art Center so she'd have an area to create and lounge.

art center collage

A madeover breakfast tray became the perfect lap desk, and monogrammed tins hold all the supplies she needs to create artful masterpieces.

art center collage 2

The light fixture proved to be challenging, but after a failed project, I love the simple pom-pom lantern we ended up with.

light collage

The sliding doors made it difficult to utilize the closet, so I just took them out. By painting the inside and adding ribbon trim to the shelves, it becomes part of the whole room design.


I made the fabric banner to bring more pattern and youthful energy to the room. Babygirl loves having all her books within easy reach too, so the bottom shelves are dedicated to them.

closet collage

All kids love hidden nooks, so the unused corner of the closet became her own special reading spot!

nook collage

Pillows make it comfy and battery operated lights brighten the dark space. She's got her books within reach, and a dry erase board nearby for special notes. Perfect little spot for a special little girl!


The Paris prints are a nice vintage touch in the room.

paris prints collage

Painting the highboy a glossy yellow was the best decision I made in the room. It is definitely my favorite piece. I know my grandparents would love that their dresser found its way to her room, and with such a fun impact.


The DIY Canvas Art is a fun way to customize the room, and show off her personality.

highboy 1

I thought of leaving the side wall bare, but couldn't resist the opportunity to create a fun Gallery Wall.


The collection on the memo board and magnetic strip is constantly changing, and she loves having control over what she displays. I foresee changing out the magazine art quotes as she grows, and the Suzy Ultman prints can easily be swapped as her taste changes as well. I'll gladly move the DIY nailhead trim art to another part of the house if she tires of it!

gallery 2

My oops moment when painting the walls turned out to be a fabulous mistake since it resulted in a fun painted ceiling. And the Faux Crown Molding adds architectural interest. I love the mirror hanging over the door, it reminds me of the transom windows we had in our Paris hotel.

door collage

There is definitely a lot of strong colors in this room, but perfect for a fun-loving little girl. I also mixed several different patterns, but kept them all in the main palette of aqua, radish and yellow for cohesiveness. The black accents ground the room and lend some sophistication.


She may be young, but she can still appreciate special touches like a sheepskin throw rug.

art center 2

And fancy accessories like mirrored trays to hold small treasures.

Picnik collage

I think her room is the perfect mix of youth and sophistication. Most nights you'll find all four of us snuggled up in her bed. I could lay there with her for hours, just looking around and listening to her stories.


And since we live for Before & Afters, here's a peek at where the room started as a nursery.

before and after

And how does my client feel about the room? J'Adore!


I had so much fun creating this special room for my sweet girl, and I hope she feels treasured in it. I tried to design it with her personality and style in mind. After all, her room deserves as much time and attention as the rest of the house.

The majority of this room was DIY projects, just click each link to read more about them. I can put together a source list if you all are interested...just let me know, and add any additional questions you may have in the comments. Thank you so much for your honest and invaluable opinions along the way, and continued encouragement and support! *Group hug* We did it!!

*** Update: The full Source List can be found here.

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