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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One Room, Two Ways

Aaaaand, we're back! But bonus, because it's already Tuesday! Hope you all had fabulous long weekends.

You guys know Amber of Amber Interiors, right? You should! She's a super talented designer, but also really funny and writes a great blog!

I found her a few months ago when Little Green Notebook featured her cool Dining Room and Cloud Art.

I spent at least half a day reading through all her posts, and commenting an embarrassing number of times. She sucked me in with her DIY projects, great design ideas and humor.

And just when I thought she'd report me to the Blog Stalker Patrol, she asked me to guest post in her 'One Room, Two Ways' Series!! I'm happy to report she has now succumbed to being my friend!

Here's a little sneak peek at my post.....


Can you guess which 'room' I showed two ways? Come check out our Memorial Day tablescape, plus another for after sundown.

**Editorial Note regarding Guest Posts: I know sometimes they grow tiring, and it's a pain to click over to another blog. But I really only write them for blogs I love and want to share with you. I'm not blowing smoke or playing blogger politics.

Also, I put as much effort into writing a Guest Post for someone else, as I do writing for my own blog. That's why I don't post on those days, because I've already written a just so happens to be published on another blog! So thank you for clicking over to my temporary home, and maybe discovering your next favorite blog!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope you all are enjoying the extra day off, and spending it with people you love. Or more important better yet, people who are fun!!


I raided the $1 section at Target and put together a few outdoor decorations.


We are keeping it really casual in the backyard with an easy menu of hot dogs, corn on the cob, watermelon and guacamole.


Later tonight, we'll fire up the chiminea for everyone's favorite dessert....S'mores!


And the activity of the day? Canon Ball Contests!



No computers...just family, food and lots of SPF! I'll show you actual pictures of our Memorial Day tablescape tomorrow! Enjoy the day, friends!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bright, Bold & Beautiful (& A Winner!)

Happy Long-Weekend-Friday!!! I am hanging out at the uber-sensational blog, Bright, Bold & Beautiful today!

Laura asked me to share what I thought was bright, bold and beautiful; and I was happy to gush over one of my favorite designers (who also happens to be one of my favorite bloggers!) I've got her entire home bookmarked, and it is the epitome of Bright, Bold & Beautiful! Go check it out and see if you agree!

And while you're there, scope out some of Laura's awesome watercolors! I've got my eye on more than a few.




And look where she creates these masterpieces....her Art Studio:

Kind of makes the bedroom corner where I crouch on the floor for my projects look kind of crummy?!?

And to make someones weekend even more fab, I have a winner of the Mack Daddy Anniversary Giveaway! chose #24 out of 192 entries...

Congrats Sarah from Total Basset Case!

Total Basset Case

Shoot me an email, Sarah, and I'll get you hooked up with all those sweet prizes!

Thanks everyone for your kind and encouraging comments (even if you were only trying to win free shizz)! I loved hearing from you lurkers for a change too. *wink*

And thank you to these shops for sharing such great stuff for the giveaway!

Happy Weekend, loves!

ps -- Is anyone else about to drop-kick Blogger?! I haven't been able to leave comments on blogs for the past 3 days, and today my Followers widget is gone?! So if you're dying to follow this blog, just bookmark it until Blogger gets their act together!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

{Field Trip} Michaels

The blasted 40% off coupon to Michaels was burning a hole in my pocket, so I ran over there on my lunch break to see what I could get into. It's one of the first places I hit when starting a craft or DIY project, and they never disappoint.

I'm amazed by their selection of scrapbook paper. I've used it for everything from my Dining Room Chandelier to the Pancakes & Pajamas Party.

scrapbook paper

With two kids, we make the birthday party circuit! I prefer to give gifts that encourage learning and creativity (yes, I'm that mom!), and Michaels has a great selection of Craft and Science sets.

bday gifts

When creating large Gallery Walls, these are some of my favorite frames. Hard to beat $8 for a two pack! If you add a large matte, no one will know they were so affordable.


One of my favorite projects in Babygirl's Room is the {DIY} Photo Canvas Art. I wait for a 40% off coupon, then snatch these up. They are also fun for a rainy day, my kids love painting on a real canvas!


Finally, it's hard to beat Michaels Holiday Decor and gift packaging. No matter the holiday, I find something to coordinate! Take out boxes are my favorite way to package gift cards, so I stock up at the end of the school year for teacher gifts.


So what did I end up with on this shopping trip? Random, per usual.

It's for several different projects, so don't tax yourself too hard trying to figure out what I'm up to. Are you cursed blessed like me and have multiple Michaels nearby? Oh, and so cool, Michaels now allows you to show the coupon on your smart phone! So you don't have to waste paper printing it out, or beat yourself over the head when you leave it behind. Smart cookies!

***Final day to enter the Anniversary Giveaway! I'm choosing the winner of the Mack Daddy Prize Pack tonight!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not!

The sweetest girl in Blogland (and definitely the girl with the best hair!), Michaela, invited me to rant and rave on her blog today!

I'm participating in her fun series, She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not! Come see what's got my heart racing, and annoying the crap out of me!

Don't believe me about the hair? See for yourself:

And time is winding down for the Hi Sugarplum! Anniversary Giveaway.

Thank you to these awesome shops for contributing such great goods!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

{DIY} No-Sew Fabric Pennant Banner

It's hard to believe, but I'm at the very end of the projects for Babygirl's Room. (You can catch up on them here.) I may actually finish this room! As it was coming together, my mom mentioned that while it was a great room, it didn't really look like a 5-year-old lived there. So I decided to add some more youthful and whimsical touches. Enter, the Fabric Banner!


I'm no stranger to the banner. In fact I made a burlap one for Valentine's Day and a paper one for Babygirl's Pancakes & Pajamas Party. And since I had leftover fabric from her Stepstool and No-Sew Pillows, the project cost me nothing!

There are tutorials all over blogland, but here's mine.

fabric banner

1. Determine where you'll hang the banner, and cut a piece of ribbon the proper length. Allow enough extra to tie the ends and dip in the middle. Decide the size of each triangle and create a template.
2. Cut your triangles out of fabric (or paper, burlap, old baby blankets, onesies, etc). Using pinking shears for fun edges would be cute too.
3. Mark the center point of the ribbon (using a doll's hairbrush is optional), then arrange the triangles in the pattern you want working out from the center. Using a line of fabric glue, affix the ribbon to the top of each triangle.
I tacked this one from the top of Babygirl's closet frame.


Definitely youthful, and a great way to repeat fabric patterns in the room.


And since I opted to leave her closet doors off, the closet has a few extra touches too.


Pennant Banners aren't just for kid's rooms. They are great for weddings, outdoors, parties and holidays. Here are a few of my favorites.






My clever friends Courtney and Megan each recently threw their sons the cutest birthday parties. And of course incorporated great banners!

A Thoughtful Place

Honey We're Home

So cute! Now all I lack in Babygirl's Room is figuring something out for her ceiling fan/light fixture! Of course I could replace it, but I'm going to try the DIY route first!

***Don't forget about the Blogger Anniversary Giveaway! Some talented ladies contributed to this big prize pack!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Curb Appeal

Happy Monday -- how was your weekend? Ours was pretty soggy, but we had a few breaks in the clouds and were able to get outside. After the long Winter, our front porch was left looking pretty forlorn and uninviting. (I know those of you who live north of Oklahoma are scoffing at my idea of Winter.) We cleaned things up and brought back new life. These are Kimberly Queen ferns, which I'm loving because they stand so nice and tall. No one likes a frumpy, stocky fern. And according to my aunt, this breed doesn't shed either.


The other necessary spruce-up was replacing the mat. Remember the poo Mr. Pumpkin King left behind? (That project series is the perfect example of blogger-insanity!)


I found this great one at Ballard Designs. I decided against knocking it off like I did this Ballard project since the size was perfect, and they offered free monogramming!


Some of the reviews online complain about the faded color, but I think it looks more natural that way. And it's really soft on your bare feet, unlike most coir mats.

front porch

You can read about the doors and light fixture update from last Summer here.


I think this is the first semi-wide-angle shot I've shown of our house. The bay window on the left is the Dining Room, and the one on the right is my Son's Room. I blurred the house numbers so you freaks don't come over and git yer freak on! The ferns and monogram give the porch a big ole Southern welcome feel.

front door

Much better, now I'm ready to properly welcome the pizza guy. Have you been sprucing up your outdoor spaces?

***Have you entered the Mack Daddy of all Giveaways? Lots of entry chances, so make sure you throw your name in the hat!

Friday, May 20, 2011

{Giveaway} 1 Year Blogging Anniversary!

**This giveaway is now closed! Thanks for the great response!**

Time sure flies when you're having fun! I started this blog a year ago, on a whim, as a way to distract myself from the grief of losing my grandfather. I thought it'd be a good motivator to get some updates done around the house, and be the creative outlet I craved.

Little did I know that I'd make so many amazing new friends. Some of you I've met in person (Megan and Emily!), and others I only know online. Regardless of distance, you are friends I've come to rely on and adore. Blogging is certainly a little community, but it's also a family. (geez, hormonal much?)

So much has changed in the past year at Sugarplum Casa.

My son is living large in his vibrant new bedroom:

The kids don't complain as much about brushing their teeth now that they have a fun striped bathroom:

I'm motivated to cook more now that I have a fabulous remodeled Kitchen:

Babygirl is no longer a baby, now that she lays her head down in a Big Girl Bed:

I have the confidence to tackle larger projects.

Like creating my own oversized wall mirror:

Build a Pelmet Box out of poster board:

Make pillows without the ability to sew:

And throw some pretty rad Birthday Parties:

I've also had some pretty unexpected opportunities arise because of Hi Sugarplum! I hope to share them with you soon. (Even though one continues to fall through, I won't mention any names. It may or may not rhyme with Tate Nerkus. Oh well, it's flattering to be considered, right?!?)

Mr. Sugarplum says he's proud of the work I'm doing too, but I think he's mostly grateful I'm not chattering on about fabric and ModPodge to him anymore! I have an outlet...and an audience! Lucky you.

So as a big, fat THANK YOU for reading, supporting, encouraging and all your amazing comments and emails, I'm having the Mack Daddy of Giveaways! (You were wondering if I'd shut-up long enough to get to the good part, weren't you?!)

anniversary giveaway

Some of my favorite Etsy shops and blog supporters have generously donated to this amazeballs giveaway.

Told ya! Mack. Daddy. Giveaway. You know you want all those goodies.

To enter, here's the drill:

*Be a follower of Hi Sugarplum! and leave a comment on this post.
*Tweet, Facebook or Blog for additional entries, then come back and tell me about it.
*Bonus entry by commenting on your favorite type of post (Outfit Inspiration, DIY Projects, Travel, etc)

My head is still swimming with ideas, and my house overflowing with spaces that need sprucing up, so I hope you'll follow along for another year! Thank you for making my first year so amazing!

Giveaway open until midnight, Thursday May 26. I'll announce the winner Friday, May 27. Good luck!

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