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Friday, April 29, 2011

{One Way Ticket} Aspiring Kennedy's Croatia!

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When Lauren from Aspiring Kennedy agreed to the {One Way Ticket} Series, I did a little happy dance. I mean, the girl is living in England and traveling through Europe practically every other weekend! So I'm super excited to see where she chose to go.

A one way ticket? What a mind blowing idea. I take these kind of things quite seriously (since you know, they are so realistic and all).

Many things have to be accounted for in making a decision this big: food, cost of living, scenery, ease of learning local folk dances. You know how it is.

Recently, I went on a cruise to Greece. Actually... We left the ship yesterday morning and we still haven't flown home yet. So "recently" is a slight understatement. 24 hours later, and I still look three months pregnant with cruise food.

I loved Greece. It knocked my socks off. The history was amazing and the culture was fantastic.... But we also spent a day in Split, Croatia.

Holy moly.

It was amazing.

Croatia is an amazing blend of so many cultures. The morning market is perfumed with eastern European culture, the architecture is the remains of Roman emperors, and the scenery is the overlooked love child of the Alps and the Mediterranean.

Croatia is a place that marries of modernity and antiquity. You see reminders of it as you wander through the windy streets.

And best of all? This Aspiring Kennedy discovered how CHEAP Croatia is. This is a big, big selling point for me. I love the freedom of know lunch and wine would only cost about $4. Four dollars!

Finding a place this gorgeous that costs so little to enjoy? Well, go ahead. Book me that ticket... And point me towards a spa!

Well, hello Croatia!!! We need to meet face-to-face. Thanks Lauren for this beautiful glimpse into one of your favorite destinations. Talk about dedicated to blogging...Lauren sent me this post while vacationing in Venice. Good thing she's too cute to hate. Happy weekend, friends! Mr. Sugarplum and I are on the final leg of our trip and I'll be back next week.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

{One Way Ticket} Just Bella's Italia!

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Today's {One Way Ticket} is by Christine, of the lovely blog, Just Bella. I have a fondness for Canadian bloggers (especially their fancy way of spelling words!), and Christine is definitely one of them! She has been bitten by the travel bug and her blog is full of her adventures. After reading this post, Italy has moved to the top of my list! Take it away, Christine!

I loooove to travel and, ohmygosh, to pick just one place is hard.  There are so many places I want to go, I think I'll have to narrow it down to one of my past faves. One thing I love just as much as traveling is eating, which is why if I could have a One Way Ticket, it would have to be back to bella Italia.

My husband I spent just over 2 weeks touring Italy on our honeymoon in June 2008. We hit up all the major destinations... Rome, Florence, Venice, but some of my absolute favourite times were spent in our little rental car exploring the countryside and tiny little beach towns.

From the little hill town in Tuscany...

... to the beautiful island of Venice and it's neigbours Murano and Burano...

... to what I like to call heaven on earth...

Italy has so much of what I look for in a vacation - food, culture, beach, shopping... GELATO.

I can honestly say we ate our way through this beautiful country, and I would take a One Way Ticket back in a heartbeat. And although I may end up 20 or 30 pounds heavier, it'd be worth it. So, so worth it.

Another plus Italy has going for it is that it's right near the beautiful country of Austria, which is also up there on my list of fave destinations... but that's another post :) (maybe next year's trip, Cassie?)

Thanks so much for having me, Cassie, you've most certainly re-invoked the travel bug in me again!  Seriously, I could talk for hours and hours and hours...

I hope you are having an amazing trip - enjoy every single second.  I can't wait to hear all about it!

Ciao bella!

You can bet Mr. Sugarplum and I are shoving back fistfuls of waffles, crepes and chocolate! That's the main reason I packed my jeggings! Tomorrow is none other than the girl living out her One Way Ticket dream....Aspiring Kennedy!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{One Way Ticket} Bijou & Boheme's Milan!

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Whew! Are you loving these posts as much as I am??? My list of future destinations is growing everyday...which means my home DIY projects will need to remain frugal! Today's {One Way Ticket} is by uber-fabulous Christine, of Bijou and Boheme fame. I'm thrilled to have her here, and call her friend. Hi Sugarplum! has never been so classy as today.

First off, thank you so much to Cassie for having me!
There's not much I love talking/thinking about more than an escape so....if I had a One Way Ticket, I'd say...

and head to Milan, Italy.

I'd stay at the 4 Seasons (in this renaissance suite) and wake each morning to the hotel's glorious garden courtyard.

Each day would be filled with lazy walks around the fashion capital and plenty of sight seeing.
And by sight seeing, I mean shopping.
And since I'd be in Milan, it would have to be only at the best fashion ateliers.

After experiencing all that the city had to offer, I'd head out to the countryside and by that I mean, the wine region.
I think the region of Brescia sounds just about perfect.
I'd stay at the L'Albereta resort in Franciacorta.

Rooms with retractable roofs that allow you to sleep under the stars, lush gardens, 5 star restaurant, gorgeous spa....check/yes please/when do I leave?

{pictures via atpm, Italian Weddings, Clickz, Flickr, trekearth, pretty stuff, pretty stuff, pinterest, 4 Seasons Milan, L'Abereta Resort}

My days in the wine region would be spent doing the only things you should be doing in such a place...drinking, relaxing, rejuvenating, eating...all outside amongst the sweet Italian vines.
Definitely my idea of a One Way Ticket kind of trip.
Thanks Cassie- loved this excuse for a little imaginary retreat!

Wow, gorgeous dream, Christine...just like your new kitchen is sure to be! I think we'd be good travel buddies! Tomorrow is my other favorite Christine...Just Bella!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

{One Way Ticket} Live Like You's Sweden!

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I've got a serious girl designer crush on today's {One Way Ticket} guest, Jill of Marmalade Interiors and Live Like You blog! I credit her with giving me the inspiration for Babygirl's Room, and she's the source of about 82 of my bookmarked decorating ideas! Oh, and she's also former model stunning. I love this trip she's taking us on today!

Hi all Sugarplum readers!  I’m Jill and I write the blog LiveLikeYou. I’m so excited Cassie asked me to participate in her fun new series  “One Way Ticket”,  allowing me to dream! She always has the best ideas—doesn’t she?? 
There are so many beautiful places in the world I would love to go, but only one I would go with a one way ticket, and that’s back home to Sweden. Back to our old summer house in the little town of Torp, a village consisting of only 7 old houses. It’s my refuge, and what I refer to as “heaven on earth”.  I could just sit there and stare at the beautiful lake view…forever.

Staying here is definitely good for the soul! It’s like traveling back in time, to an era when life was much simpler.  The big thing of the day might be picking flowers, fishing from the dock or stopping by a neighbor for a cup of coffee.  And can I tell you…the silence is magnificent.

In 1870 our house looked like this:

These people were the first owners. Every day I’m reminded of the history surrounding us. They probably worked hard on the farm, and I’m sure the winters were really rough. Today….

…the front yard is often used for one of my favorite activities - a neighbor hood pick up soccer game with grown ups and kids. No shoes allowed for adults. I never let a friend come over without a game!

The second you enter the house you suddenly loose the need to go anywhere else, because you instinctively know you’ll be staying a while.  Hard to explain it in a better way - it’s just the feeling everyone gets when they arrive. It’s peaceful and the air is fresh.  I keep the interiors simple and relaxed.

Should you want company, it’s pretty simple - you do what we used to do…knock on a door. If you’re learning to bike, you have your own road along fields with no traffic!!

The need to be perfect goes away. The need to be organized goes away. You allow yourself to just live your life!

On a visit home I would never miss the Midsummer night’s celebrations. It’s the longest day of the year and in this northern part of the world it means that the sun never sets. It just glows on the horizon all night.

It’s a night when girls pick flowers to put under their pillows, and boys pick wild strawberries and play in the barns and fields.

Every room in our house and guest house has a glittery view of the lake.

With the simple interiors, no accessories are really needed other than fresh picked flowers!

After a night staring out the window at the magical midnight sun, it’s so hard to leave…every time.  It’s truly a place I wish I had a One Way Ticket to!! 

Thanks Cassie for having me guest post! If you ever come visit, I’ll make you some mean Margaritas!!

Jill -- you are SO on!! Seeing your house in person would be a dream! Jill is also launching an online store this week, and you do not want to miss what this girl has put together! The glam and beauty continue tomorrow with another off-the-charts blogger, Bijou and Boheme.

Monday, April 25, 2011

{One Way Ticket} A Brooklyn Limestone's London!

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I can't think of another blogger more appropriate for kicking off the {One Way Ticket} Series, than the beautiful and talented Stefanie of A Brooklyn Limestone. I showed you some of her fabulous makeovers in this post, and I was thrilled when she agreed to share her favorite destination us. Photography is another of her many talents, and she even sells the gorgeous prints. Wanderlust is definitely in her blood, so let's step in to her traveling shoes today!

I absolutely love to travel! Weekend in Tokyo? Yes, please!

Safari in Kenya? When do we leave?

Birthday in Paris? Hell, yeah.

But a One Way Ticket? I don't think I could do it because I love living right here. But if you twist my arm - maybe some assassins are after me? I'd probably pick London.

Gorgeous city, not too far away, I speak the language and they have great tea! I could suffer through. ;) Thanks so much, Cassie!

I hope my passport gathers as many stamps as hers someday! Come back tomorrow for a glimpse into the land of beautiful people, with Live Like You.

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