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Monday, February 28, 2011

{Babygirl's Room} Making the Bed

Hello, hello! Yay Monday. Where in the world did the weekend go? Where'd February go for that matter?!? Hard to believe tomorrow is March. But with March, brings warmer temperatures, longer days and Spring Break! Think I'll finally finish Babygirl's Room this month? No promises, but I'm trying (Ahem, Emily!)

We were nursing strep throat in our house this weekend, and I didn't get much computer time, so the Crown Molding post will be another day or so. Today I'm excited to show you the new big-girl bed with her first layer of bedding!


I say first layer because it still needs throw pillows, and I'm working on those along with the Art Station floor pillows. Her bedding is Nicole Miller's Fifi Collection I found on Overstock almost 4 years ago! Babygirl wasn't even a year old, but I knew her Big Girl room would have a Parisian flair, so I nabbed it. I searched online for it yesterday, but it's sold out everywhere right now.

Here's a close-up of the design...the little French poodle on a Vespa, Eiffel Tower and Metro Station is killing me with all the cuteness!

Picnik collage

Plus pom-pom fringe...I die!


I bought the mattresses at Sears, and didn't realize in store just how tall they were! The bed sits only 8" off the ground, but with the box spring and mattress, it's a whopping 32" tall! This leaves the box spring exposed. I'll eventually get another fitted sheet to cover it, but the white king-sized coverlet does a great job for now. It belonged to my grandparents and I love having a piece of them in her room.

Picnik collage

The recovered step-stool comes in handy for this extra-tall, Princess and the Pea bed too!


I have the comforter folded at the foot of the bed to break up the busy pattern, and the bed pillows tucked inside to make it nice and full.

Picnik collage

We'd originally talked of putting her monogram on the headboard, but the mattresses and shams ate up most of that space, so I elected to leave it clean and let the pretty lines of the headboard shine. (You'll see the monogram pop up somewhere else!).

(Catch the little peek of Fancy Pants Highboy?!?)

Love how it mimics a tulip, reminds me of the flowers at Luxembourg Gardens in Paris.

Remember how the bed looked when I brought it home (for $60!!)?

She's still adjusting to sleeping in the big bed, but climbing in with her for story time is a new favorite at bedtime.

Picnik collage
(Those are materials for the pelmet tucked under the bed...along with Zhu Zhu Pet paraphernalia. Urgh!)

The room is really starting to come together...can you see it???

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hey, That Striped Wall Looks Familiar!

How could I mistake these vibrant orange and brown stripes?!

I was so flattered to find my Son's Room Makeover on ShelterPop recently! CasaSugar shared his room and they featured it in their Minute Makeover.

I love that it was sponsored by Ikea too, since so many of my projects come from the great Blue & Yellow. Hey Ikea....Holla!

Thank you so much, Shelterpop! I'm thrilled to be included on such a great online resource!!

Also excited CasaSugar showcased my DIY Canvas Art

WooHoo -- thanks for the love!

I'm home bound with my sweet boy who has strep not sure of any project progress this weekend, but at least it should be a restful one! Happy Weekend to you guys! Big plans or projects planned? Share so I can live vicariously through you!

** Last day to enter the Photo Poster Giveaway!! Winner and Free Shipping code announced this weekend!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

{Dreaming} Pretty Dresses

Blogging can be a blessing and a curse. Case in point:

a) You can find a DIY tutorial on almost any project you want to tackle ~ Blessing
b) You see pictures that make you realize how desperately your house needs new projects ~ Curse

a) You find gorgeous furniture makeovers of $20 Craigslist treasures ~ Blessing
b) You spend hours scouring Craigslist and never find anything decent under $200 ~ Curse

a) You fall head-over-heels in love with a stenciled wall ~ Blessing
b) You discover it takes hours of patience you don't have, hence you'll never have said stenciled wall ~ Curse

And finally,

a) You find fun fashion at Target, Home Goods and Forever 21 from frugal bloggers ~ Blessing
b) Someone posts budget-busting dresses so pretty you can't get your mind off of them ~ Curse

This last one is exactly what happened to me this week! I have 3 weddings to attend over a 4 week period this Spring, and I was perfectly content shopping my closet or finding something fun at one of my usual spots. Until Dana (I'm saying her name with gleeful disdain!), from Southern Inspired,  posted the most amazing dresses from her new Lilly Pulitzer catalog!

Eryn Dress $298

Nadia dress $378

Blossom Dress $228 I might need to try this pose in my next Outfit Inspiration

Shayna Lace Dress $368

Kiki Metallic Dress $328

Now I love me some fashion...especially a pretty dress. But I have a hard time forking over that kind of $$ for clothes! Especially special occasion/single season clothes. (Boots and shoes are a different story!) All I can think in those instances is 'I could be buying new drapes, or reupholstering my wing chair, or better yet, taking a weekend trip!!'

So while those gorgeous Lilly dresses are still weighing heavy on my mind (shiny + bright colors + fun silhouettes = perfect for me!), Dana's post did get me thinking about what the heck I'd wear to all these weddings! Lucky for me, JCrew popped up in my inbox with a promotion!

Silk Organza Soiree $154

Silk-chiffon Zadie $136

Silk Taffeta Nanine $56

Silk Taffeta Blakely $105

Cotton Cady Serena $62

Silk chiffon Sophia $42

Cotton silk Margeaux $63

The last two dresses are heading my way as we speak...I adore the colors, let's hope I adore the fit (because of JCrew's ridiculous Final Sale policy!). But I much prefer to have 2 great dresses for less than half the price of 1 great dress. Unless my Sugar Daddy is lurking out there, in which case I'll take the Nadia dress please!

Here's the scoop on the JCrew fast, code expires Monday, February 28!

** I am in no way affiliated with Lilly Pulitzer or JCrew...I would, however, love to be. Call me!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

{Score} Chevron Rugs

We interrupt this blog to bring you these amazing chevron rugs I just discovered at RugsUSA, and they are on sale!!

'Home Value Collection Chevron Ivory Rug'
5'3" x 7'9" for $82
7'10" x 10'10" $172

'Milliken Black and White Collection Vibe Techno Black Rug'
3'10" x 5'4" for $64
5'4" x 7'8" for $124
7'9" x 10'9" for $239

I don't have any personal experience or knowledge of either rug, but I have ordered from RugsUSA before and been really happy with the service and speedy delivery (my entrance hall zebra rug came from them). I have not, however, tried to return anything, so I can't offer a review on that. Use promo code WSF25 for 25% off + Free Shipping!!

Are your wheels spinning?! Oh the many places I could put one of these! Chime in if you have experience with RugsUSA or these rugs!

Light Fixtures: Practical or Pretty?

I gave you guys a peek of the fan in Babygirl's Room yesterday. I have despised that fixture with a red-hot-passion since we moved in 5 years ago, but any of you that live in the South know that while a ceiling fan may not be pretty, it's fairly necessary!

The tan blades against the white ceiling were especially painful, but now that the ceiling is painted a similar color, I'm not minding it as much.

Picnik collage

Sure I'd love to add a more modern decor light, like these found by uber-online-resource CSN:

A new light fixture isn't really in the budget, and removing the fan isn't really practical for my little head-sweater...but I've got an idea to mask the homely of the big bulb. Fingers crossed.

What's the rule in your house when it comes to fans and lighting....practical or pretty?

*** Photo Poster Print Giveaway still going on!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

{Babygirl's Room} Painting the Ceiling

Thanks for your comments on the Canvas Art yesterday...I do love that picture of Babygirl. It really shows her personality, and I think the quirky shot keeps it from looking like a shrine to her.

Okay, so remember when I so cleverly thought I'd add a white stripe around the top perimeter of her room, to give the illusion of crown molding? I assumed all white paints were created equal...Ahem.


Turns out they aren't. So that hot mess left me with no choice but to paint the ceiling. The plus side was I loved the idea of a color on the ceiling (aka the fifth wall), but would have never painted it without major incentive.

Well, I sucked it up this weekend and got 'er done!


Because of 'Part 2' of the Faux Crown Molding (which I'll show you this week), I didn't have to be super careful when cutting in around the wall (for real this time!), so it went surprisingly fast.

Picnik collage

I chose Sisal by Martha Stewart, color matched to Home Depot Behr Paint + Primer flat finish. It's a beautiful, warm khaki color...kind of like, well, a sisal rug! And I'm not all that proud of my vents and switch plates, so I tend to paint them to camouflage.


Here are the Golden Nuggets I learned for painting a ceiling:

1) Using an angled brush, I first cut in about 4" from the wall all the way around, and around the light fixture. This took about an hour, after which, I took a one week break.

2) I used a high-quality, thick Purdy roller for the remaining area, so I had no problems with splatter. It did, however, eat most of my paint and I blew through an entire quart in one coat! I think next time I'll use a lesser roller, and go slowly to avoid splatter.

3) My roller handle did extend, but I kept it at about 18" long and stood on a ladder to roll on the paint so I'd have better control.

4) My shoulder and neck started to burn about 1 minute, 32 seconds in, but I whined pushed through and finished the rolling in around 30 minutes.

5) Then I laid down on the floor whimpering to admire my work. It dried before I was ready to get up quickly, and I was able to see any spots that needed touching up.

6) Large amounts of wine and a Tylenol were quite helpful in relieving the crick in my neck and shoulder.


But after all that (it really wasn't that bad), it was SO worth it! The difference in the room is amazing.

Picnik collage

Now I've got to do something about that light fixture! Have you ever painted a ceiling? Any Golden Nuggets you care to share with the class?

Update: See the final ceiling with crown molding here!

Monday, February 21, 2011

{DIY} Photo Canvas (& a Poster Print Giveaway!)

Good Monday morning! Are some of you lucky ducks off today?! I am NOT...but I'm too excited about the progress made in Babygirl's Room this weekend to let Monday bum me out. The ceiling was painted, AND the final steps of the faux-crown molding were completed! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I can't wait to share it with you.

Today I'm showing you another inexpensive DIY artwork project I did for her room. When I spotted this photo from Lonny, I knew I wanted to include a large photo in the new design.

I loved that they aren't serious, posed photos too...they really show the little girl's personality. I thought of framing the photo enlargement , but I've already framed these six prints


and these three nailhead trim cards.

Picnik collage

I thought the room might be getting a little frame heavy (not to mention the gallery wall I'm planning!). I looked into having a photo canvas made, but that would have run me $100 or I made my own!

First thing I needed was a 16x24 poster print, so I went with Poster Brain after reading many amazing reviews about them. And they did not disappoint!! I simply uploaded my photo file and a few days later my poster arrived.

The only other supplies I needed were an inexpensive canvas from the craft store, spray adhesive and strong glue.

Picnik collage

1. Trim the poster to the dimensions of your canvas. My photo was the same width, but taller. I wanted it to wrap around the sides of the canvas, so I left an extra inch on the top and bottom.
2. Spray the back of the poster print liberally with adhesive, then center on the canvas. Smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles and turn face down and allow to dry flat.
3. Fold the photo overlap around the sides of the canvas. My spray adhesive was not strong enough to hold the thick photo paper down, so I ran a strip of FabriTac along the edges. Painter's tape held everything in place while it dried overnight. I think the photo would have wrapped easier had I slightly scored the backside along the fold line first.

Picnik collage

It's lightweight, so it's safe to prop on top of the Fancy Pants's the shot that makes my heart race:


I never get tired of looking at that cheery, yellow treasure!

Picnik collage

The photo canvas is layered with a Provence poster mounted on foam core board, and a tissue puff ball. So nothing painful if they were they to topple over (especially once we enter the drawer slamming phase)!

Picnik collage

I'm am thrilled with the project, but mostly with the quality and price of the poster print. Want to make your own photo canvas too...or enlarge your favorite photo into a poster? Poster Brain is giving away one free 24" x 36" poster, and free shipping to everyone who enters!

Here are your FIVE chances to enter:

1. Be a follower of Hi Sugarplum and leave a comment telling me.
2. Like Hi Sugarplum on Facebook.
3. Post to your Facebook about the Poster Brain Giveaway on Hi Sugarplum & leave a comment telling me.
4. Follow Hi Sugarplum on Twitter.
5. Tweet the Poster Brain Giveaway on Hi Sugarplum & leave a comment telling me.
Be sure your email address is in your comment so Poster Brain can email you the Free Shipping Code! I'll keep the giveaway open until 8pm Friday night, and announce the winner Saturday, February 26. Good luck!

Update:: The Free Shipping code will be announced Saturday with the winner! Check back then because the code will only be valid for 10 days!


Did you tackle any projects this weekend...big or small? I bet the crick in my neck from painting the ceiling rivals whatever project ailments you developed! And PS -- Happy, happy birthday to my dear, sweet, talented and beautiful BBFF Megan!! xo

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