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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

{Christmas} Our Two Mantels

Hi friends, today marks Day 3 of our Christmas Cheer Link parties! It's been so much fun looking through the Craft Party here, and the Vignette Party at Courtney's! Michelle is the hostess du jour, and I'm excited to see the mantels every one has created!

Next to the Christmas tree, a decorated mantel is my favorite part of holiday decor. I think I've got a problem with mantelscapes, since this is my third one in as many months (Halloween and Fall). Hopefully I'll be able to come up with something once there's no longer a theme involved! We have a see-thru fireplace, which means we have two mantels....which only fuels my addiction to decorating them! It works in my favor particularly well this time of year, since I don't have to choose just one style.


For the Living Room, I went for natural (to go with the DIY Boxwood & Rosemary Wreaths) and bright, and accented it with our Christmas color this!


I started with a faux-garland, then added fresh magnolia leaves for a fuller look. Since my DIY Magnolia Wreath lasted well past Christmas last year, I know this mantel will stay green for awhile. I used white star lights from Ikea for more glow, and some pink garland from my Easter stash for more color.


The reindeer have pink gift tags tied around their necks, and silver bead garland loops off the antlers.


I've had these mini-trees for ages, but their burlap bases didn't fit the sleek look I was going for, so I tucked them in Ikea white planters. To balance the pink accents, I painted a silver snowflake for a topper. The ornaments are tiny mirrored disco balls, and are one of the few decor items I bought this year (World Market).


The silver beads are loosely draped with pink ornaments hooked in.


This is currently my favorite spot in the house...gazing at my fresh pink mantelscape, past the DIY Sequin Trees and DIY Cinnamon Candle. There are just a few touches of pink, but it's enough to see it's our 'signature color' this year.


Next, is the Den...the cozy room where all the snuggling takes place (i.e. the TV is in there!) This mantel has a more traditional feel, and contains the ever-important stockings! I tripled a pre-lit faux garland across the top, and nestled two more mini-trees on either end. A random wreath is perched above the mirrors for a balanced look.


Our stocking holders became such a hazard (five pounds of metal crashing down on curious snoopers!), so I hung the stockings from small finishing nails. A giant snowflake ornament disguises the set-up.



Some branches were gathered together to create a swag, and tucked behind a votive holder in front of the fireplace.


I added another pink garland so the two mantels would have some commonality, and snuggled a few angel ornaments throughout.


Definitely a lot of different colors going on in this mantel, but the greenery and gold accents create some uniformity.


See the peek of Christmas tree in the mirror? She has a glorious pink glow, and I'll share it Thursday (if I can get a decent picture of the dang thing!!??)


Do you have a favorite?

christmas mantels

I'm excited to share these mantels in our Christmas Cheer Link Party today at Michelle's! Come check out all the great mantels, and link yours up!

Also linking up to Southern Hospitality & Home Stories A to Z Mantel Parties!


  1. They look great Cassie! So festive. Loving the pop of pink!!

  2. Lucky you to have two mantles to play with!! Definitely puts you in the Christmas spirit! Thanks for sharing the eye candy. :)

  3. I love the first mantle - that mirror is gorgeous and the colour is so fun :)

  4. those are both so fun! i love the touches of pink in the first one!

  5. LOVE the pink paired with the magnolia leaves!

  6. Oh my gosh you have two!! How great is that. I'm delirious...:) I love them both.

  7. How fun to decorate 2 mantels! I have one in my basement but I didn't give it any Christmas love. I guess it's not too late though huh?

  8. I love the living room with the pink! Its just enough too, & really pops on the white fireplace. Love it!

  9. Beautiful. I love your color combo's. So, so, pretty. I want a pink Christmas mantle now.

  10. LOVE this!! So fun that you did the whimsical and modern mantel and the traditional mantel on the other side. Both are just lovely...I can't decide which I like better!!

  11. I always wondered how those stocking holders worked...apparently they don't! I use 3M hooks for my stockings.

    What a duh! idea about "repotting" the little tree. We only have a baby tree, so I might just try it!

  12. I love them both for different reasons...Of course I'm diggin' the pink and sparkly, it really did turn out sleek and sophisticated! But the mantel with the stockings is so perfectly cozy and inviting! The stockings look darling...perfect for Christmas morn!

  13. Both mantles are great...I wish I had one! lol : ) Great job!

  14. they both look great! Im partial to the pink one though. You cant go wrong with a pop of pink!

  15. A home blogger needs two mantles to decorate! They both are so festive. I love the living room, the colors are just fabulous!

  16. Cassie, everything looks so pretty! Love the pink touches you have added & I know you are enjoying it all. Christmas is such a special time of the year. Thanks for taking time to leave me that sweet comment! That means the world to me that what I've gone through has touched others. That is what I pray will happen in the long run. xoxo

  17. That first mantle is so glam! I love the pops of pink. :)

  18. I love both mantels but especially the sophisticated one with the magnolia leaves. Absolutely beautiful!

  19. Look at all this cuteness you've got going on here! Love both of them.

  20. Love them both Cassie! The pink is so pretty!!

  21. Double trouble! You've got the mullet of mantels... in a good way of course. Business traditional in the front, hot pink party in the back! : ) So pretty, Cass!

  22. Fun, Fun , Fun!!! Love them all! Merry Christmas!

  23. I am COMPLETELY in LOVE with the pink. Oh, I am now ITCHING to do hot pink next year and were not even done with this year- sigh- always the way right? You did a beautiful job on both of your mantles, not that I would expect anything less my friend! Thanks for linking up!! xoxo shel

  24. I think you touched every girls heart with the pop of pink :-) Love it!


Your comments are like popcorn with milk duds, I just can't quit them. Thanks for taking the time to share your positive thoughts! xoxo, cass

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