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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Open House Party!

Welcome to the Sugarplum Open House! We aren't having an official Christmas party this year, but how about a virtual one? Come on in, grab a glass of bubbly and tell us your dirtiest best joke!

One of the first things you'll notice upon coming through the front door, is the Pink Magnolia Mantel.

Fresh greens from the backyard, accented with this year's Christmas!

12-8-11 030

12-8-11 028

Take a break on the sofa, and you'll have prime view of the Sequin Trees and Cinnamon Stick candle.

Over on the windows, the Fresh Boxwood Wreaths are showing off their pretty green leaves.

The bookcases are home to the Glittered NOEL letters and Fresh Rosemary Wreaths. You can check out my book titles, but don't get all intellectually judgmental on my poor literary choices, please.

Don't worry about knocking over the nativity scenes. I do it every day. Really. Every. Single. Day.

12-8-11 025

Time to mingle, so hop over to the Den to enjoy the lights of the Pink Christmas Tree, and the shine of the Metallic Bow Wreaths.

12-8-11 001

Feel free to snoop through the tree. It has a photo ornament for every year of our kid's lives, along with ornaments from our travels, and several we DIYed.

12-8-11 011

12-8-11 012

12-8-11 005

The stockings hang empty on the Traditional Mantel, but not for too much longer! Please don't slip your dirty napkin in one!

12-8-11 007

This room holds a few vignettes, like this one with another nativity scene. I made a miniature Sequin Tree to represent the Star of Bethlehem.

12-8-11 008

Feel free to sit on the floor with my daughter and play with the stuffed nativity set.

12-8-11 010

Surely your glass is empty by now, so make your way to the Kitchen, past the Advent Calendar.

The drink station is set up on the bar next to our Easy, Peasy Decor....lights in empty wine bottles!

12-8-11 014

In case you need it, the Powder Room is the one with a wreath on the door.

12-8-11 038

There's another small Cinnamon Stick Candle in there, along with Hand Stenciled towels.

12-8-11 039

After nine months of me posting about it, you know you want to poke your head in Babygirl's Room.

12-8-11 043

She's spreading good cheer with a white tinsel tree, decorated with bright beads and balls.

12-8-11 042

Since you've started nosing around, you might as well check out the rest of the house. You'll pass a few more vignettes along the way.

12-8-11 016

12-8-11 032

12-8-11 045

 Well, looks like we're out of booze and your significant other just gave you 'the look,' so I guess you'll be taking off now? We're so glad you stopped by, the jingle bells will send you on your way!

12-8-11 019

I'm sharing this Open House Party with Nester's House Tour and The Inspired Room! Tomorrow is also the last day of our Christmas Cheer Link Parties...get your crafts ready for Michaela's!


  1. All of the pink and silver is so fun and beautiful! Your children must feel like they are in a dream world! Just gorgeous!

  2. So fun! I love it all, especially the wreaths on the windows.



  3. Your home is so lovely!!! Both at Christmas time and everyday!! Merry Christmas!

  4. How festive!
    love the pink decorations!

  5. Whew! You throw a great party, I've got my coffee and should be recovered soon! My favorite of the evening was when I was snooping and came upon the silver vignette with the sunburst mirror! It's all lovely!!

  6. Ok-did the virtual tour. When do I get the real one? I'll even buy my own plane ticket! ;)

  7. Loved your house tour!! So many fun details throughout your're ready for the holidays! We ARE having a party this Saturday and I really need to kick it into gear! Eek! Wish I could borrow your home! :)

  8. Looks so festive, Cassie. I love all of the DIY and pink accents. When I see your mangolia ideas I always remember we have a tree that I never tap into. Need to get on that. Happy Wednesday, friend. See you at the link up par-tay tomorrow!

  9. Love all of your vignettes! SO pretty and festive!

  10. I'm a lucky one - I get to see it all in person Saturday night!! It's so beautiful, festive and YOU. XOX Ali

  11. Hi! I'm a new follower of yours and LOVE your blog!! Love all of your holiday decorations at nativity scenes! I also have the one in which the stable is the container when it's not in use, love it!

  12. So fun! The pink goes so nicely with your decor! Love it :-)

  13. Nothing says party like pink! Very festive

  14. looks great, I especially love the pink idea and your mantle is beautiful.

  15. I love all your decorations. It's certainly Christmas at your house!

  16. Just so ya know... I did not steal one of your hand-stamped towels out of the loo....but I did drink the last of the champagne ;)

  17. Oh my gosh you crack me up! yep outta wine by the time you had me at the door. Oh love your wit Cassie!

  18. WOW. I love your house and your Christmas decor, and your husband just lets you use all that pink? You are a lucky girl!

  19. Cassie - I have never seen anyone else with my little wooden Nativity set (my mom gave it to me some 25 years ago) until now. I got so excited when I saw it on your table - if you look at my Christmas link up post you will see mine as well. :-) Baby Jesus was lost some 12 years ago during a Christmas move, but after 10 years of a Jesus-less Nativity, my husband surprised me last year with a new Jesus that he carved and painted to match the set. Now it's even more special! :-) Merry Christmas!

  20. Fun tour, love the pops of bright pink!

  21. Well, that was a GREAT tour! Ha. I'm drunk, my husband wanted to leave a half an hour ago, but I couldn't stop looking around at everything. Sounds like a regular old evening out to me!

  22. Wow! So many christmas touches and such a great tour! I love all the nature inspired items too especially those 3 X wreaths! Also loving the advent calender!
    Happy Christmas sweetie!
    Rachie xo

  23. i thought i had commented on this, but i am going through nester's links and i guess i didn't! i love the pink touches! i really love those pretty window wreaths- they are my favorite part!

  24. So very pretty, thanks for the invite !

  25. tree view of sequins that sangyat good, Christmas is also a very interesting attribute


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