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Friday, November 4, 2011

{Trip Report} San Francisco

The family and I took a quick getaway to San Francisco last weekend during the kid's Fall Break, and I finally got around to sorting through the photos. Now, before you go thinking I'm a Real Housewife who jets out of town to go shopping, I need to clarify (this is a budget-friendly blog after all)! We had airline credit near expiration, and the fares were a ridiculous $100 round-trip! We had no choice but to go, right?!

And since the kids were with us, my camera lens was pointed more at them than the scenery. So unless we share DNA, you're going to be sick of them by the end of this post. And exhausted since we kept a pretty fast pace during our 72-hour visit! Mr. Sugarplum grew up in the Bay Area, so he served as tour guide.


Our first stop was Twin Peaks, one of the highest points in the city, to get a glimpse of it all with the sweeping view.


Then we drove around the city and through Chinatown, but Lombard Street was definitely a kid-favorite.

lombard street

Normally, Mr. Sugarplum and I choose budget hotels in the city center. But kids require more space, and extra amenities make it easier for everyone! So we stayed at the Larkspur Mill Valley, right on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge, and loved it. Big comfy rooms, heated saltwater pool and hot tub, and free hearty breakfast spread. If you asked the kids about the hotel, they'd tell you our room had the biggest TV ever, and they got to make s'mores every night. So everyone was happy.


The next morning, we rented awesome bikes from Blazing Saddles, and took off exploring for the day.

Nice legs, er, leg



Oops, typo!



It's 8 or 9 miles one way, so taking the ferry back was a good call! Especially since our bellies were stuffed from lunch at Spinnaker's. From there, we explored Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39, before returning the bikes. It was unfortunate the bike place was in Ghiradelli Square, as we were forced to gorge sample their chocolates. Then we experienced both levels of the Bay Bridge, and stopped at Treasure Island for a different perspective of the city.

treasure island

The weather was amazing while we were there, so we took advantage by exploring some of the State Parks, too.


We chose short, easy trails to accommodate the little legs.

mt tamalpais

Surprisingly, there was no complaining, and we were all rewarded with a stunning view from the top of Mount Tamalpais.


We discovered the best way to keep kids happy when spending a lot of time in the car....


They were so busy gazing at Northern California, they forgot to bicker! We continued North to Stinson Beach, and had a great lunch in the cute beach side town.

stinson beach

We had intended to spend some time in Point Reyes National Park, so our last night's hotel was the eco-conscience Inverness Valley Inn. We had a cottage with a fireplace, and the kids loved helping out with the farm animals and climbing the giant trees.

Picnik collage

In the interest of time, we headed back to the city on the last day, instead of Point Reyes. San Francisco has some fabulous parks, and Golden Gate Park and Yerba Buena Gardens were our two favorites.

golden gate park


You could seriously catapult yourself down the metal slides at Yerba Buena. There's a reason why the bottom is padded. TWSS

yerba buena

We came, we saw, we ate, we explored, we fell in love!

san fran

Did we hit all your favorite spots?

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  1. We love Twin Peaks! It looks like the weather was clear while you were there too, which makes it even better in my opinion!

  2. Oh that trip looks like it was a blast! Great family fun!! You have such a beautiful family. I always enjoy seeing your posts with them...I didn't get tired of looking at the kid's adorable faces! I still haven't been to San Francisco, but it's definitely on my husband and I's must see places.

  3. aw, so glad you guys had a ball! the kids look so happy : ) and you are looking fly as always! I love the shot of your little miss hanging on the monkey bars... priceless : )

  4. Didn't miss a one! We love to take the kids to see the sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf also, stinky but fun! Loved the pics!

  5. Looks like a blast! Love that you rocked the convertible! Your kiddos are too cute! :)

  6. We drove down the California coast with the kids this summer and hands down San Francisco was our favourite city! We lucked out and got a fabulous 5 star hotel downtown via Hotwire!

  7. Looks like so much fun! Did you know that Mt. Tam is the birthplace of modern day mountain biking?! Fun fact of the day lol. The weather looked AMAZING while you were there! Glad you and your family enjoyed The Bay!

  8. what an amazing vacation! you are such an incredible mama, i hope i can be one like you - some day, one day! xo

  9. Looks like fun! I have a crazy confession- I'm from Southern Cali and I've never been to San Fran! Can you even believe it? I seriously need to remedy that huh?

  10. Love your trip recaps. I'll have to come back to this post whenever I go to SF with the little one. Looks like you hit up some great not too touristy spots!

  11. What a great trip! I haven't been to San Fran in years. Now I want to go after seeing all of your pics. I'm sure the kids has the best time. Memories to last a lifetime!

  12. Ya'll are SOOO stinkin' cute. Looks like an amazing family vacay.

  13. Ya'll are SOOO stinkin' cute. Looks like an amazing family vacay.

  14. What a fantastic recap. Gosh, the weather looked gorgeous and you all hit such fun places. I love the beach one of you and baby girl!

  15. And what do you know...*not* sick of seeing those cute lil' faces!!! It looks like the perfect little trip and what good times for the kids...seriously, what kids isn't completely enthralled with convertibles??? (c:

  16. What fun! I've never been to CA. :( I enjoyed your tour and beautiful pictures!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Cassie!

  17. Looks awesome. PS-how am I just NOW figuring out what TWSS means?! Awesome. Now I have to go back and re-read to appreciate all of them.

  18. Could your family be any cuter? Looks like such a blast. I love San Fran. We were out there about a year ago and have been wanting to go back since!

  19. Great photos! Looks like you and your beautiful family had such a fun time!

  20. You got a lot of ground covered while you were there! That beach is lovely. Sad I missed you while you were there but so happy you got a little vacay!

  21. i loove SF! we went when i was little, and i have the best memories of hitting the streets in a pink sweatsuit with an airbrushed cat on the sweatshirt. oh yeah, it was awesome.

    psh, please. you're not fooling anyone. we know you are a glitzy real housewife... and that's why we loooove you.


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