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Monday, November 7, 2011

Look Ma, No Hole!

Hello little buttercups, and Yay for Monday! (Sarcasm translation: Suck it, Monday!) I swear I'm still recovering from staying out so late last week for the Gavin DeGraw concert. (It was ah-maze-ing, by the way. However, my crush has now gone from giggly to unhealthy.) So we had a lot of lazy time this weekend, but I was able to de-spook the house and bring in some Fall decor. I'll show you this week, but first I wanted to show you the finished product from the greatest project every completed at the Sugarplum house!

Remember this hole?


No? You don't notice it? How about now?!


It seemed no matter what I did to the Living Room, that hole ruined the finished look. Especially mantelscapes!

Picnik collage
I always tried to crop it out, but he was pushy and wanted in the shot.

I tried a larger mirror, in hopes of dwarfing or detracting, but I wasn't fooling anyone. When I drew up my Living Room Plans, I dreamed of a holeless wall, but assumed it was out of the question budget.

living room plan

So when my contractor mentioned he could close it up for the insane price of $100 (since he'd already be here for the un-expected bathroom reno), I kissed the hole good-bye! TWSS (Thank you, I'm here all week.) First they installed a piece of drywall (Thank you April, for telling me what that was!)


Then they did something called 'floating', followed by texturizing and a coat of paint.

10-31-11 017

I challenge you to find evidence of a hole! (I'll show some restraint here, since this entire post could be a TWSS.) Master Contractor Magician said the trick is to feather out the texture much larger than the spot you're covering, and paint an even larger patch.

10-31-11 018

Now we're left with a beautiful, seamless no-hole wall!

10-31-11 020

I took these pics before taking down the Halloween Mantel, but you can look past that, right? Afterall, I am cheating the 'big reveal' by showing you such wide shots of the room!

10-31-11 021

10-31-11 019

I can't wait to put together the next mantelscape...with no pushy hole peeking in! TWSS (Really?! Like I could leave that one hanging?!)

10-31-11 023

Here's some Before & After action.

Picnik collage

How about I cheat the 'final reveal' a little more and go back even further?

before after hole

Whew! You've come a long way, baby! Apparently so have my photography skills.

You can catch-up on the Living Room Projects to date here:

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Close the Hole, Baby!

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  1. WOW! it looks awesome and now you won't have that eyesore ruining perfectly good mantlescapes! ;)

  2. It looks great!! It also seems to make way more sense too! Isn't it funny that someone loved that weird little hole enough to put it there?! Anywhooo, it looks fantastic all filled in!

  3. Don't ya love it when projects snowball for the better!! Looks great.

  4. Rock on! Looks so much better. Don't you love a win.

  5. It makes SUCH a difference! Can't wait to see your fall mantel!

  6. I love the "knock-down" texture!!! It looks amazing on the walls...we did that to our living room ceiling, never thought about the walls...looks like inspiration to me! Cheers!

  7. Oh what a HUGE transformation!! I'm so happy for you. It's like therapy when something has been bothering you for that long, then to finally get it the way you want...just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy! :) Or maybe that's just how I feel finally painting over the terrible faux finish on our walls. haha And I just have to say I'm going to have to let my husband read this post for your TWSS references. He can't say it enough. Have a wonderful day.

  8. It looks great! That hole was such a distraction. I can just imagine what a pain it was to decorate around.

    BTW... you're going to kill me for mentioning this... but last week Emily Clark did a post about painted fireplaces and how the new trend is to paint them a darker accent color. The first thing that popped into my head was how great yours would look if the brick was painted a charcoal gray and the mantel white.

    *Runs and hides. ;)

  9. Yea! I love filling in obnoxious holes almost as much as I like knocking new ones into obnoxious walls ;) It looks fabulous! And it sounds like you've got a good contractor - whoever did my laundry room barely covered the tape. Talk about a ton of work later!

  10. WOW! its as if it never existed in the first place! Love it!!

  11. such a HUGE difference! It just goes to show, we should never assume something is out of reach. This was about the best money you've spent on your place, huh? Looks amazing.

  12. It looks like an entirely different room with that hole patched up. I LOVE it. It is looking fantastic.

  13. The before and afters do not look like they are of the same room! Unbelievable what a difference closing the window made!

  14. Wow it looks amazing! I definitely see no evidence that the hole was ever there! Love the new look :)

  15. Gawd, you kill me with the TWSS!!

    That was probably the best $100 you'll ever spend, what a difference!!

  16. looks fantastic!! So much better to have a solid wall and no peek-through distractions. Can't wait to see how you decorate the mantel for fall1

  17. She WOULD say that. She really really would.

  18. That looks wonderful, and what a great price to fix something that really was bothering you!

  19. What a huge difference! Great job! Luv it! :)

  20. Oh my goodness, what a difference!! The room is realllly coming together now! Love it!

  21. ahhh what a sigh of relief/peace huh? Huge difference!

  22. It looks amazing! I'm almost breathing a sigh of relief over here for you! :)

  23. WOWZA!!! It looks fantastic! Like a whole new space!!! Just awesome :)

  24. It looks great! Your contractor is awesome. I've seen smaller holes drywalled and textured that didn't look anything close to as good as what he did! We live in Fort Worth so I'll be sure to get his info if we ever need a contractor. I hope he would travel that far! :)

  25. It looks great. The room looks totally different. Before you couldn't really see the armoire and the great new color, but now it really stands out. Awesome

  26. It looks fantastic, Cassie! It really turned out perfectly! Hope you have a good week.

  27. The room is totally different now- in a great way! Your contractor did a great job! I love all the TWSS references:) when I read the title of your post, I knew we were in for at least a few! :)

  28. What a huge difference! It looks great! Way to plug that hole ;) I laugh every time I see TWSS - it never gets old for me!

  29. Wow what a wonderful transformation and what an EVEN BETTER PRICE!! You should definitely keep your work-mans number handy, because that price is insane! It looks loads better obviously and how nice it is to finally cross something off the every growing 'to do' list :) xx Jess

  30. WOW! It looks so much better! And for only $100 bucks?!? SCORE!

  31. WOW! It looks so much better! So worth the $100 (: Amazing!

  32. Wow! It looks amazing! What a fabulous transformation! I'd love to see how it looks on the other side as well when you get a chance. Your contractor did a great job. Thanks for sharing!

  33. ah, so many funny jokes to make about having your hole filled up... but, im very, very mature and will refrain.

    seriously though, it does look great and i know you've been dying to do it for a really long time.

    that's what she said.

    dang it.

  34. The room looks great! What a huge difference it makes. The room is looking fabulous! I saw the title of the post and wondered how you were going to make it through given the potential for TWSS jokes.

  35. It looks fantastic! So glad you were able to get that done and it wasn't as big of a deal as you thought!

  36. I have one of those 1980's "hell holes", too!! I'm excited to try to attempt this. My only problem is, it's located in our dining room (now a piano room) coming in from the kitchen. We have tile (1980's also) on the bottom. Could be tricky.


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