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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

{Fall DIY} Paper Pumpkin Placecards

One of my favorite parts of setting a table, is creating a fun place card. We don't usually have more than eight people around our table, so I'm able to make the space more special with personal cards. I was smitten with these pumpkins right away, but didn't know how to work them into our decor...until I decided to use them as place cards for our Thanksgiving Table!


Aly at It Happened Like This had the pumpkin idea, but since I couldn't find much of a tutorial, I thought I'd show you my play-by-play. Start by cutting out a whole mess of circles from paper. Mine are 6", but only because it's the size of the round spoon rest I grabbed as my template. I think smaller ones would also be too cute!


Since I need six placecards, I opted for only seven circles per pumpkin. More circles would make for a fuller pumpkin, but I didn't want to be still cutting out circles while the turkey was being served! Fold each circle in half, with the image side facing in.


One-by-one, glue the circles on top of each other, aligning them at the fold. I used a basic glue stick.


Cut the tip off one end so the pumpkin will have a base to sit straight.


Then join the two exposed sides and glue together. Now you can stand it up.

Sorry for the super-bad pic...I get going too fast and forget to photo each step!

With a dab of hot glue, affix a petal-shaped base to the top. I simply cut mine out of paper (free-hand if you couldn't tell by the expert shape.)


For the stems, wet strips of brown paper bag with water, and form to the shape you like. Once the paper is dry, glue it to the top. Wetting the paper isn't necessary, but I found it gives the stems a more rustic, authentic look.


I played with several different ways to add the name, but in the end, kept it simple with a small leaf.


They are cute decor, while waiting for their turn at the big meal, too.


I haven't decided how I'll set the table for Thanksgiving yet, but I threw together a little place setting to see how the cards would work.


They add fun dimension and height, and I love the shape from overhead.




I love them, and the playful touch they bring to the table. Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? How's your tablescape coming along?


UPDATE: Here are the placecards in action on our Thanksgiving Table!


Here's a peek at last year's Thanksgiving Table:

And the custom word clouds I made as placecards:

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  2. These are darling! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. ok seriously! Those are too stinking cute!!! And love your table from last year as well!

  4. I love those placecards, but I don't think I'd be patient enough to make them!

  5. I love your pumpkins!!! So cute! Your table setting looks fantastic. This is even something I could do with my nieces. Love it.

  6. Those are so precious. I am so impressed. Those are no jury room pumpkins.

  7. Those pumpkins are adorable! So fun and festive! :)

  8. Super duper uber cute! I especially love the stems on top. Great job!

  9. yikes, yes I am hosting and have a lot of work to do! thanks for the great idea!

  10. I love both placecards! What a cute idea!!!!

  11. Eeeeh those are so cute! Love your black and white china too.

  12. Love all your paper patterns and ALL your pumpkin art. These look great on your pretty plates.
    Think your dry shampoo review brought in some bizaro commentary. Hee hee.

  13. I love them all! The colors are so cute and what a clever idea! Would love for you to share them at our Home for the Holidays link party. They would be perfect!!

  14. your place cards are so adorable! great idea! thanks for the linky too. =)

  15. GAH! I can't stand the cuteness! I'm rummaging around my scrapbook stuff *right now* to make these lil' duffers! I love that you can use whatever paper you want for them! So stinkin' adorable, the table is lookin' good, btw, I love the chevron plates! Where in the heck did you get those fabulous guys???

  16. So bright and cheery Cassie! I love those little pumpkins! Great job!

  17. SO cute Cassie! I really like them! p.s. I just noticed that the ads above our header have an HTML code beside them- weird, hopefully, some glitch that's fixed soon!

  18. Ohhhh I love this idea! So cute and simple! Thanks for sharing!

  19. I love this! A simple project with a large impact! I may need to go out and buy some pretty paper now. :)

  20. Adoro seu blog e suas idéias.
    Sou fã de artesanato,faça você mesmo
    Obrigada por compartilhar.

  21. These are sooo cute!

    I'm your newest official follower :)

    Come visit if you have time and, if you'd like, maybe even follow along too.

    Your blog is awesome


  22. I love these! Please come share at my link party that is going on until tomorrow night.

  23. Oh ... my ... gosh, Cassie .. these are just so darling! I can't wait to give them a try :)


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