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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Speaking of Urban Outfitters

Since I did all the grueling legwork of scoping out the home decor offerings online at Urban Outfitters, I thought I'd share a few with you.

Starting with my fabulous new rug:

Bohemian Floral Rug $34

Zig Zag Rug $39-$69

Floral Stripe Rug, $34

Watercolor Flowers Rug, $34

Zig Zag Duvet Cover, $79

Mandala Duvet Cover, $69-$79

Velvet Tufted Headboard, $349
Megan, take notice!

Accordion Side Table, $64

Vintage Floor Lamp, $119

Gregor Convertible Sofa, $549

Ikat Slipper Chair, $329

Madeline Chair, $349

Mid-Century Rocker, $289

Yep, Urban Outfitters. Who knew the home of the FU Mug and Rude Hand Gestures of the World book had cool home decor! See anything you like?

I was also thrilled to be interviewed by Melanie for her Super(Model) Mom Series. Not sure how I slipped through that crack! Check it out on her stylish blog, Your Style Scout.


  1. wow! urban outfitters?! im impressed.. especially with that side table and headboard. xoxo jillian:: enter to win Upper Metal Class Jewelry

  2. i love your new rug! i have the zig zag duvet and love it, too- it was fun in the spring! but in the fall it would be great paired with orange, too!

  3. Seriously want all of it... especially the slipper chair. I'm dreaming of two of them on either side of my china cabinet. Unfortunately, I don't have $700 hanging around for that, but maybe one day...

  4. And the prices are great too! It is always my go-to place for inexpensive yet stylish furniture!

  5. I am LOVING that chevron rug...totally checked it out after your post yesterday. I actually fell asleep last night thinking about these dang rugs! I need to order stat!

  6. In love with all of those chairs - and slip through that crack - girl please! You are such a supermodel mom! Work it! ;)

  7. They have some awesome decor items out! And, you can't beat the prices on their great rugs.

  8. urban has great home decor and at great prices!

  9. cute rugs! and i'm really loving that acordian table :)

  10. I love UO! We have one here in Cincinnati and I keep forgetting to go! How awful is that?! I know Im missing out on so much goodness!

  11. They do carry some pretty awesome stuff. Love the tufted headboard and the ikat slipper chair.

  12. I am all over that floor lamp-- and the chairs, and the rugs,... hmmm. think I'm in trouble. :)
    Heidi @ Show Some Decor

  13. I love that Ikat chair. And those rugs...ooooooohhhhh

  14. UO is my sis-n-law's favorite store. I love their rugs- but always forget they have decor. p.s. I nominated u for Scout- gotta check out your interview!! :)


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