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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Now & Then

Today I'm guest posting on a blog that needs no introduction.

Emily's fabulous designs are known and loved all around the blogs, but I can't resist showing some of my favorites from her portfolio.

And all the gorgeous spaces she created in her own home. (Or rather, her old home. She and her family just moved and I can't wait to see what she does with it!)

AND, she's gorgeous! Ack, hate love her!

I've gained so much inspiration and fabulous ideas from her blog, Emily A. Clark, and it's been so fun watching her success grow. Today though, she had a mental she asked me to participate in her Now and Then Series. Come check out my post to see what room in my house made me cringe!


  1. Linking over from Emily's blog to say hi and that your little boys room is the bombdiggity. I've seen it all over pinterest but had no idea it was from a fellow DFW'er. So cool!

    rebecca from plano

  2. A mental lapse! Girl, you're crazy :) Thanks for the link.

  3. Emily rocks- but so do you! can't wait to see your before and after:)

  4. Yes, Emily does seem to have the super talent, super looks thing mastered! :)

  5. Emily's decor is stunning! Heading over to check out your guest post.

  6. She is one of my all time favorites. Great Now and Then, Cassie!

  7. Love this especially the art wall with the mirror in - so cool!

    Hopping over too xo

  8. I'm here from Emily's blog, and am so excited to spend more time here and get to know your blog better!
    Stacy @ Conspicuous Style

  9. She really is brilliant...every time I see that green campaign dresser I have major pangs of jealousy! (c: Definitely heading over to laugh, er I mean, check out your old style (c; I really have no room to judge considering most of my *current* house could be considered laughable...

  10. Oh! I love both of your blogs - love it when two of my faves combine forces :) Heading on over there now ...


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