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Friday, June 3, 2011

Today We're Changing Authors

Today I'm turning Hi Sugarplum over to the sweetest, smartest, most empathic, kind-hearted, almost-10-year-old boy I son!

Jill at Live Like You has one of my favorite series in Blog Land....10 Things I Love About My Bedroom....and she invited my son to share his room. I adore Jill, so I was thrilled when he agreed to take part.

As hard as it was, I didn't interject or lead him. I simply watched as he explored his room, pointing out aspects he loved most, then typed his answers verbatim. I loved seeing the room through his eyes, and knowing that almost a year later, he still cherishes what we created for him.

Picnik collage

To read what he loves about his bedroom, check out his Guest Post on Live Like You!


  1. Well, how cool is that?! I bet he feels like a little celebrity! :) I'm heading over to read it now.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. headed on over to read what he loves about his room, what a fun series, love Jill!

  3. What a fun idea!! Definitely going to check it out!

  4. How cute is he? Same age as Luke! I love all his answers!! Thank You so much for letting him participate. His face when he walks in his room....priceless!! His room rocks!

  5. Oh my gosh I am so excited to read this!!!! What an adorable idea!

  6. Loved the interview! All for under $300, amazing!!!

  7. That is so awesome!! I will definitely head right over to check it out :)
    Nancy xo

  8. Awww...that is awesome. Heading over to see what the little guy's got to say!!

  9. So cute! I loved the interview!

  10. The interview was great! What a neat idea to get him involved. I loved seeing what his favorite parts are!

  11. This is a great idea Cassie- to get to see the room through the eyes of who it was designed for. Maybe do the same for Babygirl! :)


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