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Friday, June 17, 2011

Thanks for the Shout-out!

Thanks to these amazeball bloggers for all the recent features and kind mentions of Hi Sugarplum and my projects! You know I love you more than my luggage!

Pancake & Pajama Party

Black Interior Doors

Easter Table

Strawberry Cupcakes

No Sew Pillows

Kitchen Herb Garden

Decorate Tutorials
Pelmet Box

Kitchen Herb Garden

Eiffel Tower Jewelry Stand

Babygirl Creative Corner

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not Guest Post

Versatility Award

Week of Chic Guest Post

Kitchen Herb Garden

One Room, Two Ways

Bright, Bold & Beautiful Guest Post

No-Sew Pillows

Teacher Gifts

Ten Things Guest Post

Top 10 Graphic Wall

Black Mantel

Blogger Q & A Guest Post

Favorite Interior Guest Post

DIY Magazine Art

Happy Weekend, dollface!


  1. Great bloggers! I'll have to visit the ones that I don't know!

  2. I love checking out new blogs! I jumped on this bandwagon and wrote about your pencil can for teachers today- I love it so much I had wanted to post about it.
    Now I'm off to check out these other great blogs!

  3. You rock sister! Have a WONDERFUL weekend. Hope it can be a relaxing one. Look for me by your pool!

  4. Stop rubbing it in that you are popular. Geesh.....

    "Sulks away to the nerd corner of the cafeteria and eats tater tots while reading his History book"

    Have a great one babes!

  5. I just mentioned you in a post yesterday, as well!


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