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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blogging Fears & Tips

Isn't blogging grand? I swear bloggers are a hot-bed of amazing ideas! Anything you could possibly want to do, or never even thought of doing, is explained on some blog, some where. No exception is Kristy's blog, Hyphen Interiors.

I found Kristy through another blog that featured her painted chair:

Yes, she painted it! She recently did it again with a patterned chair:

Cool, right?! Certainly makes Craigslist chairs a lot more appealing!

Between knocking our socks off, Kristy is also running a very interesting series, Before the Paparazzi.

Each week she asks a different blogger of varying experience to share their tips and insights in to the world of blogging. I've enjoyed reading how people got started, their biggest obstacles, and their invaluable advice. I had the pressure pleasure of wrapping the series today, and shared my biggest blogging fears, as well as tips I've learned in the past year.

Other bloggers have been so kind and helpful to me, so I hope my post helps some of you as well.


  1. Being a new a blogger, I really appreciated your great tips! And,what a great series!

  2. Thanks for the great tips and advice.

  3. That is a really cool idea for a series, of course I would expect nothing less from the genius behind the painted chairs (c:

  4. what a great idea for a series! off to check it out! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  5. Aren't those chairs amazing?!!!

  6. Your post was awesome - so full of valuable information. I love how your personality always shines through! Thanks so much for participating!

  7. Those chairs are amazing! Heading over now!

  8. As a new blogger I really enjoy reading all tips! Thanks for sharing! And the painted chairs are great! Heading over to her blog for a quick look-see!

  9. I loved your post - left you a comment xxx

  10. Looooove Kristy! Super fun and a great blogger too!! Xoxo shelli

  11. LOVE your post! such great tips. I have been blogging for 3 years and still have no clue! LOL
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  12. These are great tips- I can't wait to read back through them and take some notes to really get a better grasp of what I've been doing!

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