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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{Babygirl's Room} The Source List

I know when I'm scouring projects on the internet, I like to know all the details behind them. I'm hoping assuming you feel the same, so I've assembled a Source List of Babygirl's Room. And because I know you're nosy like me, I've included prices as well!


Bed:  Craigslist $60
Bed Paint:  Sherwin Williams Radish
Stepstool:  DIY from Target, already owned
Pink Rug:  Ikea As-Is Section, $1.50 (no joke!)


Bedding:  Nicole Miller Fifi from Overstock, $130, purchased 3 years ago and no longer available
Pillows:  DIY with fabric from local store, $15
Paris Prints:  Similar Calendar, a gift
Frames:  Ikea Ribba, $10 each
Starburst Mirror:  Amazon, already owned

table 4

Coverlet: Belonged to my grandparents, already owned
Side Table:  Ikea, already owned
Lamp and Shade:  Target, already owned
Books:  Penguin Classics, a gift
Jewelry Stand:  Already owned, supplies to convert $5

nook 1

Pink and Blue Pillow:  DIY with fabric from local store, $5
Memo Board:  Target, $5
Battery Operated Lights:  Dollar Store, $1 each


Highboy:  Belonged to my grandparents, already owned
Highboy Paint:  Sherwin Williams Cheerful
Photo Canvas:  DIY, $25
Provence Print:  gift

art center 2

Lap Desk:  DIY, already owned tray
Pillows:  Same as Reading Nook, $20
Chalkboard:  Ikea, $15
Sheepskin Rug:  Ikea, $25
Monogrammed Tins: DIY Ikea tins, hanging from Ikea rack, $12

window 3

Pelmet: DIY using fabric, batting, ribbon and foam board, $35
Drapes:  Ikea Lenda panels with DIY trim, $20

gallery 2

Nailhead Pics: DIY Ikea Ribba Frames and thumbtacks, $10 each
Magazine Art: DIY with Dollar Store frames, $1 each
Suzy Ultman Prints:  Amazon $16
White Frames: Ikea Ribba $10 each 
Mirror: Home Goods, already owned
Remainder of art: already owned

the room

Wall Color:  Sherwin Williams Waterscape
Ceiling Color:  Martha Stewart for Home Depot Sisal
Light Fixture:  DIY Paper Lantern with pom pom trim $4
Faux Crown Molding:  Home Depot trim, $28

With paint and supplies, the Grand Total: $585.50!

Not too shabby for a complete room redo! And I actually bought the bedding three years ago, so I don't really count that amount (I can rationalize any expense. Ask Mr. Sugarplum). I linked as many of the items directly to their retailers as possible. You can find detailed links to each project on the Room Reveal post. If I missed anything you're curious about, just leave it in the comments or shoot me an email!

***PS -- Happy Birthday to my sweet Mom! I love you, Your Babygirl***


  1. This room is so cute/chic! Great job- and NICE on the budget!

  2. That highboy is absolutely perfect, I can't get over it--I am so jealous that you own such an amazing piece! The gallery wall is also great. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the breakdown, always my favorite part of a room reveal. You were so brave to paint the highboy yellow and it is my favorite piece!

  4. Wow, great job at such a reasonable budget!!


  5. Thanks for the low-down on the room! I too am a nosey gal and want all the deets. :-)
    Love love the wall color with the yellow highboy!

  6. Aw, happy birthday, mom! And less than 600 buckaroos? Not only does it look phenomenal, but you are a miracle worker! I guess DIY really does pay off, huh? (c:

  7. Thanks for including prices, you don't see that often, but it's so helpful!

  8. too fabulous love it so much. You have such a gift :) what a lucky little girl

  9. NICE! And yes, everyone's nosey. PS, just went to the brand spankin' new Michael's that opened up by me. Fabulous. So much stuff to do with kids. Thought of you while I was there :)

  10. Um, seriously in awe you did ALL that for under $600 bucks! I bow down to you DIY queen ;)

  11. Lovely--all of it! Stopping by from HOH :)

  12. It looks like a million bucks!

  13. Love it Love, it is really set to easily grow up with her. I just want to go upstairs right now & re-do my 2 daughters rooms.

  14. It is set up to Grow with her. It BEAUtiful. I just want to run upstairs and re-do my girls two rooms right now. Love IT!!!!!!!


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