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Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother's Day Sing-Along

I hope all the moms are having a fabulous day...pampered and adored by the entire family. I've been tearing up since Babygirl's Mother's Day Tea at school Friday! Is anything sweeter than children's art and their declarations of love?!? Although I think some changes are in store at the Sugarplum Casa since my son's card thanked me for doing all his chores!

Instead of showing you sappy today, I'll show you funny.

Does it mean I'm a nag because I've said every single thing in that song? No, I think it just means I'm a mother! Happy day to everyone who nags mothers someone!

And a great big, thanks for being my mom/cheerleader/best friend to this pretty lady!!! She is a HUGE part of our lives, and I'm blessed to be loved by her! I love you, Mom!! xoxo, your babygirl


  1. So sweet. Happy Mother's Day, Cassie! xo

  2. Love that picture- happy Mother's Day lovely!! xo

  3. What a great picture! Happy Mother's Day Cassie!

  4. Such an adorable picture, goodness!! Have a wonderful day sweet friend (:

  5. Happy Happy Mother's Day Cassie!! Having an awesome mom and being a mom to awesome kids is the best, huh??!! Have a wonderful day :)

  6. What a cute picture! My son's card thanked me for helping him with his homework :)

  7. I am just in love with that photo. It captures so much love and happiness. What a moment caught on film. Love and hugs.

  8. That's such an awesome picture! And I laughed through that whole song- things to come for sure in this household!

  9. What a great picture! Happy Mother's Day!

    Emily Hewett
    A Well Dressed Home

  10. That is such an adorable picture! That is definitely a keeper (c;


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