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Friday, May 13, 2011

Dog Days Are Over!

Having returned home from our trip only a week prior, my Mother's Day request was simply family time. And a mani/pedi with Babygirl. And a stopover at Home Goods. Okay, all I really wanted for Mother's Day was for Mr. Sugarplum to finally clean up a particular section of the backyard.


The area that happens to be most visible from the Living Room windows.


I mentioned a few years ago that it'd be great to have music while we were outside. Well, being a former professional musician, Mr. Sugarplum busted out some hard-core music gear. Enough, in fact, for a block party.


And while it sounded great, I disliked how bulky and cluttered it looked...and was tired of seeing the back of it from inside. But Mr. Sugarplum is one of those, 'Why buy a new one when this set from 1982 still works great?!' kind of people. Enter CSN Stores and their generous offer for me to review one of their products!

I was psyched to find a huge selection of iPod Speaker Systems, and crossed my fingers that this one would sound good enough for Mr. Sugarplum to surrender the beast from the Hair Band era!

I selected 'Free Shipping' and expected it to arrive by June, but it was practically there before I logged off the computer! Okay, slight exaggeration...but it was fast. I wish I had videoed Mr. Sugarplum skeptically inspecting it, then looking at me with a surprised expression when this little baby cranked! And according to him, it even has good low end. Whatever, it's nifty and charges my phone while it plays!

Now this compact system is entertaining us outside!


The little remote is perfect when we have wet hands too.


And the patio now looks like this:

(I need to do something to that corner table.)

Cleaning up the clutter is always an improvement!

back porch before and after

Come on over...the pool is open for the season, and Florence + The Machine is in constant rotation right now!

pool party

Some of you uber-observant readers may have noticed the pail from the Kitchen Window Herb Garden. Yeah, well, the cilantro already bit the dust. I've got all of them outside for now. And you can read how I made the sunscreen bucket here, and how I textured and painted the back door here.


  1. What a great improvement. LOL about those huge speakers. Hopefully the new system will do the trick. Don't feel bad about the cilantro. We planted some on Mother's Day and I think it is already on its way out. (yes, I'm talking this Mother's Day as in 4 days ago!)

  2. so much better! and i am also dying about those speakers!!! we had a huge set in our family room that i begged and begged and begged to get rid of. finally, last year we got a new tv, and my husband alllowed me to lay the speakers to rest. it was a good day.

  3. LOVE before and AFTER pics! Looks GReat! Nice job!

  4. It looks so good. Those windows are too pretty to cover up! Score on the docking station!!

  5. I looks so great! I am so jealous of your backyard!

  6. I can hear the tunes from here!!! I love it. Slightly smaller :)

  7. Muuuuch better- oh how I'd love to have your backyard- so lovely!!

  8. Looking GOOD! Our pool's in season too :) Yay! Bring on the fun summer.

  9. SO pretty Cassie! I am not a fan of audio visual equipment, it's just not attractive. That little system is perfect! I'll be there in about 5 minutes with my water wings on :)

  10. That is sooo something my husband would get to solve the problem as well!:) that is awesome tho- I need to get something like it!

  11. It looks great! And Florence & the Machine is playing over here too :)

  12. It looks REALLY good! I want one of those systems.... I'm glad you got to review one... now I know where I'm going to get mine! LOL I've been seeing that brand pop up lately (Coby). So it's a good one?

  13. Jealous of your beautiful pool area!! I'm a new reader so have lots of catching up to do!

  14. The back porch looks great -- primed and totally ready for some music, pool time, and a beverage. Happy weekend!

  15. lucky score! CSN can contact me any day of the week for something great like that!! now, when's the pool party??? :)

  16. I agree that CSN has such an awesome selection. Good to know the shipping is fast too. Love the sleek look of the new system and the sunscreen bucket is a great idea.


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