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Friday, May 27, 2011

Bright, Bold & Beautiful (& A Winner!)

Happy Long-Weekend-Friday!!! I am hanging out at the uber-sensational blog, Bright, Bold & Beautiful today!

Laura asked me to share what I thought was bright, bold and beautiful; and I was happy to gush over one of my favorite designers (who also happens to be one of my favorite bloggers!) I've got her entire home bookmarked, and it is the epitome of Bright, Bold & Beautiful! Go check it out and see if you agree!

And while you're there, scope out some of Laura's awesome watercolors! I've got my eye on more than a few.




And look where she creates these masterpieces....her Art Studio:

Kind of makes the bedroom corner where I crouch on the floor for my projects look kind of crummy?!?

And to make someones weekend even more fab, I have a winner of the Mack Daddy Anniversary Giveaway! chose #24 out of 192 entries...

Congrats Sarah from Total Basset Case!

Total Basset Case

Shoot me an email, Sarah, and I'll get you hooked up with all those sweet prizes!

Thanks everyone for your kind and encouraging comments (even if you were only trying to win free shizz)! I loved hearing from you lurkers for a change too. *wink*

And thank you to these shops for sharing such great stuff for the giveaway!

Happy Weekend, loves!

ps -- Is anyone else about to drop-kick Blogger?! I haven't been able to leave comments on blogs for the past 3 days, and today my Followers widget is gone?! So if you're dying to follow this blog, just bookmark it until Blogger gets their act together!


  1. My followers widget was gone this morning too then it magically reappeared! I feel your pain sister!

  2. Love the watercolors, especially the birds on a wire! And yes, I have been having a ton of trouble commenting...have had to resort to using my name and URL!!!

  3. I LOVE her work. She is my favorite watercolor artist on Etsy!! I'm determined to have one of her pieces in this house. enjoy your weekend!

  4. Thank You for that very kind guest post write up!! What a nice surprise. I'm a big fan right back!!! Your home is beautiful!! Love her watercolors btw..nice.

  5. ARGH! ME TOO! I finally went on firefox instead and *then* it was letting me comment! Stupid Blogger. But on a happy note, I can't wait to see what you have cooked up on your guest post...enjoy your long weekend!!! (c:

  6. Hey, I have the same corner where I crouch down to do my projects as well! Off to check out the guest post. And yes, blogger is so frustrating.

  7. Wow, all those colors are just GORGEOUS! Such beautiful watercolors!

  8. Loooove me some watercolors! Off to check out her blog! Happy weekend, love xo

  9. I have one of Laura's prints and love it! Her watercolors are wonderful and I'd love to have one of those one day! Congratulations to Sarah! I'm off to check out your guest post. Have a wonderful holiday weekend, Cassie.

  10. I see your followers widget! What beautiful watercolors!

  11. ummm I've been crafting on my closet floor! I just reorganized it though so I don't feel like such a crazy mess anymore.

    my followers dropped off my sidebar toO! grrrr

  12. oooo love it and love the dress painting!


Your comments are like popcorn with milk duds, I just can't quit them. Thanks for taking the time to share your positive thoughts! xoxo, cass

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