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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

{One Way Ticket} Live Like You's Sweden!

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I've got a serious girl designer crush on today's {One Way Ticket} guest, Jill of Marmalade Interiors and Live Like You blog! I credit her with giving me the inspiration for Babygirl's Room, and she's the source of about 82 of my bookmarked decorating ideas! Oh, and she's also former model stunning. I love this trip she's taking us on today!

Hi all Sugarplum readers!  I’m Jill and I write the blog LiveLikeYou. I’m so excited Cassie asked me to participate in her fun new series  “One Way Ticket”,  allowing me to dream! She always has the best ideas—doesn’t she?? 
There are so many beautiful places in the world I would love to go, but only one I would go with a one way ticket, and that’s back home to Sweden. Back to our old summer house in the little town of Torp, a village consisting of only 7 old houses. It’s my refuge, and what I refer to as “heaven on earth”.  I could just sit there and stare at the beautiful lake view…forever.

Staying here is definitely good for the soul! It’s like traveling back in time, to an era when life was much simpler.  The big thing of the day might be picking flowers, fishing from the dock or stopping by a neighbor for a cup of coffee.  And can I tell you…the silence is magnificent.

In 1870 our house looked like this:

These people were the first owners. Every day I’m reminded of the history surrounding us. They probably worked hard on the farm, and I’m sure the winters were really rough. Today….

…the front yard is often used for one of my favorite activities - a neighbor hood pick up soccer game with grown ups and kids. No shoes allowed for adults. I never let a friend come over without a game!

The second you enter the house you suddenly loose the need to go anywhere else, because you instinctively know you’ll be staying a while.  Hard to explain it in a better way - it’s just the feeling everyone gets when they arrive. It’s peaceful and the air is fresh.  I keep the interiors simple and relaxed.

Should you want company, it’s pretty simple - you do what we used to do…knock on a door. If you’re learning to bike, you have your own road along fields with no traffic!!

The need to be perfect goes away. The need to be organized goes away. You allow yourself to just live your life!

On a visit home I would never miss the Midsummer night’s celebrations. It’s the longest day of the year and in this northern part of the world it means that the sun never sets. It just glows on the horizon all night.

It’s a night when girls pick flowers to put under their pillows, and boys pick wild strawberries and play in the barns and fields.

Every room in our house and guest house has a glittery view of the lake.

With the simple interiors, no accessories are really needed other than fresh picked flowers!

After a night staring out the window at the magical midnight sun, it’s so hard to leave…every time.  It’s truly a place I wish I had a One Way Ticket to!! 

Thanks Cassie for having me guest post! If you ever come visit, I’ll make you some mean Margaritas!!

Jill -- you are SO on!! Seeing your house in person would be a dream! Jill is also launching an online store this week, and you do not want to miss what this girl has put together! The glam and beauty continue tomorrow with another off-the-charts blogger, Bijou and Boheme.


  1. Beautiful! Sweden is definitely one of the places I would love to visit! So neat getting to see this!! Great post Jill!!

  2. I've read this post about 5 times now. Places like this really exist?? How magical and dreamy and so far off from the little suburbia world I exist in. Wonderful post! Thank you!

  3. Sweden seems pretty dreamy! take me there :) xoxo jcd:: cornflake dreams

  4. Holy Wow!! What a beautiful and peaceful place to be. I love how the bedrooms are decorated with white, so pretty and fresh. I can't blame her for wanting a one way ticket.

  5. Oh my gosh!! I am officially in love! With the house and Jill!! I'm heading over now to check out her blog. Thanks for sharing, Cass!

  6. I adore Jill and her fabulously amazing blog- this post was delicious in every sense of the word. What a beautiful, beautiful place- I would LOVE to visit Sweden after seeing this- it actually very much reminds me of my favourite place in the world, PEI- her house there is stunning!!

  7. wow sign me up asnd I will be there. Looks absolutely gorgeous!

  8. what a gorgeous place. it's like a dream!

  9. Such a serene and peaceful country. I would love to visit some day as some of my ancestors are Swedish.

  10. The picture of your entry really got me. The room beyond with the green walls and that piece in the corner.

    I had a dollhouse as a kid, a Lundby and it had the same piece of furniture in it. Wow, your home is a real life dollhouse!

  11. Thanks for letting me guest post on your amazing blog Cassie!! So glad to see people like Sweden!!

  12. I have always wanted to go to Sweden - now I reallllllly do!

  13. Sounds, looks and is idyllic...sign me up! Beautiful post Jill!

  14. I am relaxed just looking at these photos - what an amazing place! Added to the list :)

  15. Jill you have me in tears! I am missing our beautiful Sweden SO much, and your wonderful family hide-away is simply perfect!
    I am so knocking on that door one day when you are there, and I am not leaving until you kick me out!! :)


    Charlotta xx


Your comments are like popcorn with milk duds, I just can't quit them. Thanks for taking the time to share your positive thoughts! xoxo, cass

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