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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

{Designer Crush} Suzy Ultman

I'm so disappointed, but I'm having technical difficulties and can't get the Pancake & Pajama Party pictures uploaded!! Something is screwy, and hopefully I get it sorted out soon. Photos are fairly important for hosting a blog!

But I'm feeling pretty smug about another subject! Remember when I showed you the Cute & Affordable Art I made for Babygirl's Room? They are prints by Suzy Ultman, and I bought them from amazon for $20 last Fall. Well I guess I'm a trendsetter, because now she's gone completely mainstream!

Target released Suzy's 'Give a Hoot' collection of bath decor, interpredid from her adorably whimsy prints!

bath mat


target images via lilla rogers
 Can you handle all that cuteness? If my kid's bathroom didn't also double as a Guest Bath, these would find their way home with me. And as if Target weren't big enough, Robert Kaufman is now offering Suzy's fabrics!

fabric images via my owl barn

Or how about this felt journal from Urban Outfitters?

If framing Suzy's art isn't enough, you could always apply one of these Wall Decals from Layla Grace.

all images via layla grace

Clearly the little indy designer I thought I'd discovered, has hit the big time! And of course I'm kidding, I didn't have much anything to do with it! But if one of these big-name retailers needs me on their payroll as a consultant...I'm available!


  1. It's totally adorable!! Hey you're ahead of the trend!!

  2. Such cute work!! So perfect for a kid's space!! I'll be watching what you pick next..they're bound to become a big thing too :)

  3. Really fun designs. I really love the shower curtains :o)

  4. Those are so sweet and whimsical. You should be on everyone's payroll my little consultant. You rock.

  5. Very cute- I love how folk artsy the designs feels.

  6. That bath mat is adorable, and so is everything else!

  7. How fun! Love all the colors. Can't wait to see pics from the party!! Hope you get it worked out.

  8. Hey, your taste is setting the bar for everyone else! (c; And seriously, who wouldn't love that adorable stuff!! So stinkin' cute.

  9. So sweet and you have fabulous taste lady! xo

  10. You are a total trendsetter!

  11. Clearly you are one fabi lady and Target is just now catching on! Love all of the adorable Suzy Ultman decor...just perfect!

  12. You should get a commission or something!! Owls are HOT these days, huh?! So cute- my baby cousin's nursery is all owls.


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