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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's in the Bag!

Ashley at A Hasty Life has put together a pretty fantastic Blog Crawl. Not only is it a fun topic, but I'm super impressed with how well she organized 120 bloggers and their posts!!?? I know most of you are nosy like me, so It's in the Bag is our chance to peek into the handbags of some favorite bloggers.


I guess this explains the indention in my right shoulder....I carry a big bag. I'm kind of a purse whore, so I tend to switch them up frequently. Right now I'm carrying the Longchamp patent leather 'Rodeo' (scored on Supah Sale!). Next week it might be my favorite $25 pleather goodie from Forever 21.

Picnik collage

1. Countless lipglosses, the brighter the better
2. Hand cream
3. Hand Sanitizer, can you say germ-a-phobe?!? Oh yeah, and a hair tie
4. All stashed in my cute owl-obsessed pouch from a sweet friend
5. Wallet
6. Envirosax, this thing opens into a full-sized tote bag. Perfect for quickie stops at the grocery or library.
7. Oil-cloth zipper pouch containing assorted gift cards
8. Random fabric swatch I've been considering for Living Room drapes
9. Sherwin Williams paint strip....the color I used for Babygirl's Room!
10. One of about 5 pair of cheap aviator sunglasses...I find it impossible to pass up $10 aviators
11. Eyeglasses, that I need more often than not now....grrrrr
12. Random sampling of gum, and a little Edward Cullen always brightens my day. (Holy Hot...did you see this?!?!)
13. My right hand, I mean, my iPhone 4 {heart} 


14. The only way I remember to take my vitamin is if I hear it rattling around in my purse
15. Aveda Birthday Card, good for a free something or other
16. Always a notebook...for jotting ideas, keeping measurements, restaurant entertainment for kids
17. Plum Pudding, of course!

I hope you've had fun poking around in my bidness. Be sure to check out exPress-o's bag yesterday, and get a glimpse of Honey My Heart tomorrow.

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  1. i hardly use a bag, but i am pretty sure that what is left in mine right now are some crumpled papers from my kids, maybe a penny or two, and some cookie crumbs. embarassing!!!
    yours looks neat aand tidy. but plum pudding... hmmm... is that yours? or your daughters??? we have a few of those dolls, too!

  2. Thank you bunches for participating in this blog crawl. I love how bright and colorful everything is!! How could you not be happy when you pull out that super adorable wallet!! :)

    <3 Ashley

  3. Your bag is just like mine! I carry a huge purse filled with many things! Once you have kids their stuff totally takes over your purse! Im going to post my purse tomorrow (if I don't get too embarrased about the contents) so check it out!

  4. It was fun seeing your purse contents :) I like to call mine a "bag of tricks" b/c it has anything and everything in it...cheers!

  5. I used to make fun of my mom for her big bag, but now I have the mommy purse and it is full of stuff I swore I would never carry around.

  6. I posted my bag last week! It is fun to see what is in everyones purses...I am so nosy too!

  7. just found your blog and i love it!! your bag has so much pink - my fave color! :D

  8. This is so fun. I carry way too much in my purse and would be probably be pretty surprised at what is actually in there if I did this... maybe I'll do it just for myself to see what I find!

  9. I just cleaned out my bag b/c it was about 30 pounds! LOL. Love the red patent bag!

  10. I would absolutely be too embarrassed to display the contents of my mom bag. Seriously. (c: I will tell you my fav part of this post was the link to the Rob Pattinson pic...HOLY HOT IS RIGHT!
    And in other news...I named you one of my fav bloggers and gave you the stylish blogger award (AGAIN, I know you've gotten it a bunch, what can I say? You deserve it girl!)...I didn't want to give it to just anyone!

  11. LOVE all those zippered pouches!!

  12. Love this - totally want to be part of the next one! Loving your longchamp! - gorgeous! xo

  13. I love that you have the fabric and paint swatch! I always have something like that kicking around in my bag.

  14. How fun! I am nosy so it was fun to see what's inside your bag. I am showing what's inside my bag tomorrow. Have a great day Cassie!

  15. Your purse is very organized! I'm sure it helps that you change it out often. It's on my to-do list to swtich it up. I too am actually a cheap-aviator-a-holic. Those one's at Forever21 always end up coming home with me. I have them stashed everywhere :)

  16. I have that exact same envirosax bag! Though mine is a touch filthier then yours. Let's call is well used, shall we?

    p.s. Love the Edward gum, you're adorable!

  17. I love that strawberry shortcakes bf is hanging out with you! Ahh, kids :) x
    Gorgeous bag girlie! x

  18. How funny! My purse looks similar! Tons of lip glosses, wallet, phone, paint and fabric sample (oh and sometimes countertop samples.. so heavy though!) I always carry a notebook and about 5 pens/pencils, nail files, hand sanitizer (also a germ freak!) and finally, gold fish for an emergency snack. Got to be prepared!

  19. Ha, I love it! What a great blog party idea. A girl can NEVER have too many lip glosses!!!

  20. oooh, love seeing all your stuff! And you are a bright gloss girl, perfect with your colorful decor. I'm a sheer gloss gal and my home is mostly neutrals. I'm laughing though b/c I have no idea who that doll is. Will I soon??

  21. I did the contents of mine a few weeks ago...not nearly as stylish as yours. I had a large selection of dinosaurs, Thomas trains, TicTacs, paper receipts and goldfish/cheerio detritus.

  22. I'm glad i'm not the only one with paint swatches in my purse :)

  23. really love all of the pink pieces in our bag :)

  24. Love the strawberry shortcake, yeah she shows up in my bag often as well! :)
    Ok, that picture of Edward - SWOON! :)

  25. What a fun series! I love seeing what is in people's bags (I guess that makes me nosey!). But really it just makes me feel better about all the crap I carry around with me.

    I love 5 and 7. Super cute. And the fabric is awesome.

  26. I love this post! And I always have a ton of different glosses/lipsticks/chapsticks too :)

  27. My purse is way too scary to empty! Those BB&B purse organizers are really making a dent...not. Did I just say "not"? Sorry. UM holy hot vampire sex scene! Which movie is THAT??
    (And big ups to Duds!! nom nom)


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