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Thursday, January 13, 2011

{Guest Post} Erin at Crafts & Sutch

Erin from Crafts & Sutch is another one of my blogger buds, and I've really enjoyed getting to know her. She astounds me with all she juggles...a full-time job that requires lots of travel, a toddler, and a successful blog. She also creates and features amazing crafts, and has taught herself how to write HTML code (she does all the technical stuff for her blog too!). I'm thrilled to welcome her, and you'll be thrilled with the little gift she's giving us!!


Hello, Hi Sugarplum! Readers!  I'm so excited Cassie invited me over to hang out for the day. I just adore Hi Sugarplum! In fact, the first time I visited Cassie's blog, I read it ALL...from end to start.  :)  (Cassie butting in: Take note readers, Erin is now Teacher's Pet!) She is certainly one classy, sassy, and super funny gal, so any friend of hers is a friend of mine.

I'm Erin from Crafts & Sutch. I love all things crafty and have unofficially been diagnosed with "I can make that" syndrome. I am constantly inspired by the things I see, so I like to create a little bit of everything.

With January in full swing, I know many of you are working hard on keeping resolutions. I thought I would share one of my favorite projects from last year that can help your family stay on top of things.

This dry erase message center is perfect for leaving little messages or reminders for the hubs or the monkey (who can't read yet, but I still love to leave him "I love you"s).  This idea could easily transform into a monthly calendar or a weekly meal planner. It's affordable, easy to do, and you could probably make it with things you already have. :)

I love playing around in Photoshop and the printables I created have been my most popular posts.  I made this one for Halloween.

and these thankful lunch sack notes for Thanksgiving.

They were such a big hit that I made two versions for for the kiddos and one for your sweetie.

Aren't they the cutest?  I've already been thinking about the Valentine's messages.  Any suggestions?

So with Valentine's Day just around the corner, I made this printable especially and exclusively for Hi Sugarplum! readers! :) 

To download, click on the image, click one more time to view the full resolution, right-click and select Save Image As, name the file and click save. Then you can print it out, pop it in a frame, and get a little, warm and fuzzy feeling when you see it. :)

I've had a ton of fun today!  Thanks so much for letting me spend some time with you. And thank you, Cassie, for inviting me! I hope you all will stop by Crafts & Sutch to say hi!


Thanks so much, Erin!!! She knows I'm a sucker for a printable...especially a free custom one! I'll be displaying this cutie to get in the Valentine spirit! Go check out her blog for more fun & easy Crafty Projects!

We're wrapping this series tomorrow, and trust me, you don't want to miss this gal! Also, today is your last chance to enter for a cute calendar giveaway here, winner announced tomorrow!
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  1. Off to check out Erin's blog, love the Valentine Day Pring, great color! Janell

  2. thanks so much for sharing! i will be checking out erin's blog later today- off to work for now... boot camp!

  3. thanks so much for sharing! i will be checking out erin's blog later today- off to work for now... boot camp!

  4. Cassie, you are awesome! Thank you so much for letting me come hang out today! :)

  5. Love Erin and her blog! Another fabulous printable. Can't get enough of them!

  6. Love it! I am your newest follower!

  7. Came over from Erin's blog and now following you too. I will follow anyone who loves Mexican food!

  8. I came from Crafts N Such and love your blog! I can't wait until the kids go to bed tonight to check out more of your posts!

    Trish @ Uncommon

  9. Great post! I love guest posts because it shows me new blogs that I have never seen before. Off to check out Erin's blog! :)

  10. So cute! Love the dry erase idea. That's easy enough for me to do that project right now with a frame I have laying around! The all you need is love printable is darling (:

  11. She is adorable!! Thank you for the fun feature.


  12. Wow- she really is crafty! Her printables are super cute!

  13. Love the dry erase idea! The printables are great too.


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