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Friday, December 31, 2010

{Guest Post} Emily at Decorchick!

Happy New Year's Eve, friends!! I can't believe Christmas has passed and it is now almost 2011?! I packed up all the decorations yesterday (except for disassembling the tree, that's Mr. Sugarplum's job...hopefully it's gone by Valentine's Day!), and I love how clean and minimal everything looks! I'm working on a little Winter decor, and will show you soon.

Today I'm so excited to welcome Emily from Decorchick to the Best of the Best series! Her blog is so fun to read, and the girl is hard-core about tackling the tough projects. I think she could lay a new roof on her house if necessary!


Hi there all of you Sugarplums! I'm Emily from Decorchick and am so happy to be a guest on Cassie's blog today. She is definitely one of the funniest writers in blogland, and I love some good humor. I like to think I am pretty funny, but she is way funnier.

Cassie asked me what one of my favorite projects was in 2010 and it would have to be...The Dining Room Turned Office.

The room before was a rusty red color that I was SO over. And now, I can't get enough gray. I want it everywhere. :)

I do have another favorite project though, and that would have to be the Staircase Makeover.

Adding any kind of molding to our home just makes me incredibly happy, totally changes a room, and adds value to boot!

The post I was most surprised by it's popularity would have to be...The Pantry Makeover!

Apparently people really like a tidy pantry. :) And surprisingly to this day, the pantry is still nice and organized. Yay!

So that's about it everyone! I hope you all have had a joyous holiday season and have a very Happy New Year! And thank you Cassie, for allowing me to be a guest on your lovely blog. :)

p.s. - Yes, I use a lot of happy faces and exclamation marks...just can't help myself! :)

Thanks Emily! I was so super impressed with all the hard work involved in making over her stairs, and the pantry post was so inspiring. I'm striving to get..and stay...organized. How about you guys? Do you have big organization projects going, or have you given up on the chaos?

Have a fabulous, safe evening! I hope you're ringing in the New Year with those you love!

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

{Guest Post} Michelle at Ten June

bob series
You guys know I'm no stranger to the stripe. Painting stripes on the wall is my favorite (not to mention easy and cheap) way to add life and personality to a room. When I spotted Michelle's striped office, I knew we were fated to be friends. And now I've fallen in love with the rest of her house...and I'll admit, her too. I know you'll be just as smitten!


Hi friends! It's Michelle from Ten June. I was just thrilled when my girl, Cassie, asked me to come guest post over here at Hi Sugarplum! As all of you know, Cassie is insanely creative (knock-off burlap vases better than the originals? gorgeous magnolia wreaths? the best little boys room in the world?!), so I am honored to be a part of her blog! (Cassie butting in: I'm totally blushing! And strutting a bit too!)

Cassie has asked us to wrap up our blogging year for you. Actually, over at Ten June, it's been my FIRST year blogging! After being inspired for almost a year by amazing blogs like Young House Love and Centsational Girl, I took the plunge and started Ten June in July.

With that said, my favorite post from this year is actually a post that I didn't write! The post Hoo-Ray, Stripes!  was written by the one and only famous guest blogger- my husband! As we all know, home design blogging is pretty much a woman's world, so it cracked me up when he asked if he could take a stab at writing a post on the stripes we painted on our office walls. At that point, he had barely ever read a blog before, much less written one! And he did great! Sure, he was a total guy and made a beer reference or two, but it was really a fabulous post! He did a great job explaining how to paint horizontal stripes on a wall, which can be a pretty tricky task. The post was actually very popular and was featured on a few other blogs! Don't worry, he bragged about that one for awhile.... :) And, by the way, I totally love the stripes in our office, so that makes the post that much better!

The post that I was the most surprised by its popularity was a post I did about The Power of Paint, Kitchen Makeover a makeover in our kitchen. This has been, by far, my most popular post. Interestingly enough, there was only one step to the makeover: paint! We did not change out any of the counter tops, cabinets, fixtures, appliances, etc. but the hubby and I painted just about every surface in the room! We painted the cabinets, trim, bead board and windows from beige to a bright white and we painted the walls from a coral to a soothing neutral gray. It was a lot of painting, but totally worth it. To tell you the truth, I'm in LOVE with our new kitchen, but I was (happily!) surprised at how much love the kitchen has received in the blog world. It truly was an inexpensive (a few buckets of paint? less than $200) and relatively simple project that makes a world of difference in our home. And I feel so happy and blessed to be able to share it with all of you!!

So that's what we've got over at Ten June! Cassie- thanks so much for having me!!
xo- Michelle

Thank you, Michelle! I've really enjoyed getting to know you this year, and can't wait to see what projects you whip up in 2011! And even though my time off work is coming to an end, the Best of the Best Series continues on! I was overwhelmed by my favorite bloggers who wanted to participate...including tomorrow's guest, Emily...the Decorchick herself!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

{Guest Post} Megan at Honey We're Home

bob series

You guys are no stranger to Megan and her sa-weet blog, Honey We're Home. And not just because it's wildly popular, but also because I seem to talk about her in quite a few posts. I promise there's no funny business going on...just a genuine friendship. Like many others I've met through blogging this year, I feel as though Megan and I go way back.

But we actually met through our blogs, and have only shared laughs over margaritas once. We do call on each other often for home/blog/kid/project advice, and I'm grateful to know her. She really is as sweet as she seems. But be prepared to have your Green-Eyed-Monster emerge...because she's sharing her Mariah-worthy closet today!


It’s great to be visiting Hi Sugarplum today- I feel right at home :) I guess that’s because I’ve had the good fortune to actually meet Cassie in person shortly after I fell in love with her blog. She really is as funny and sweet and cool in person as she is on her blog. I love the humor she adds to her posts, along with her fantastic decor projects. Nothing is tame with Cassie and I appreciate that!

My blog details the home building and decorating process with an adorable 9 month old baby in tow. I started blogging in June 2010 and have been blessed to get to know many readers along the way. The post that got the most comments ever was the one about my closet! I’m lucky to have a space that is 9’4 x 13’2 and have taken advantage of every square inch! I also love organizing, so this closet is a dream come true for me.


Lightweight sweaters are hung using children’s white plastic hangers from Target. I like folding them over the hanger versus hanging them because it keeps the shoulders from getting annoying points.  



Pants are hung on wire hangers from Bed, Bath and Beyond and jeans are on small felt hangers that won’t bow in the middle. 

(Cassie butting in: I counted her jeans, did you?)

Before the shoe rack was built, I counted my shoes to see how much space I’d need. Then I had the top shelf taken out so I could put boots there. 


On the right side of the island, I keep my tank tops, casual long sleeve shirts, and shorts/capri pants. 


On the left, storage bins from Target hold belts, bikinis, and scarves. The zebra ottoman is from Hobby Lobby.


The flower vase and candy jar are from Home Goods, the runner from World Market, and the clear bin holding my makeup is from The Container Store. 


The pretty make up holders are from Anthropology. And inside the candy jar . . . Hershey Kisses Meltaway. :)

clip_image014 clip_image015

I created the necklace holder behind the door using Command hooks. Purses are stored on shelves.


The light fixture we chose is from Lighting, Inc. in Houston, Texas and is called “Lucia.”


Thanks for having me over Cassie!  I really appreciate it.

I know, right?!?! Gorgeous!! I don't think I'd ever emerge from that room. Mama would be locked away with some bubbly, calling out things like, "Dahling, be a dear and bring me some more chocolate!" And it's not just the closet that is the show stopper of Megan's home...every room she's touched is stunning. Go see for yourself.

Tomorrow is Michelle from Ten June's turn to share. I'll also pop in for a New Year's Recipe that is a necessity down here in the South.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

{2010 Project Countdown} Numbers 1-5

Have you just been holding your breath to find out the Top 5 Most Read Posts on Hi Sugarplum!?! Are you completely disagreeing with why in the world people would want to read these particular posts?! Do you think I'm the biggest ego-maniac for even doing a countdown of my own posts?!

Don't answer those questions. I'm too fragile to know the truth. According to Google Analytics, these are the posts you guys read the most in 2010:

5. Combination of Ballard Burlap Vases and Fall Mantel
I'm no stranger to the cheap project, but even I was surprised at how cute my $2 version of the Ballard Burlap Vase turned out.

4. Entrance Hall Reveal
Painting the front doors black completely transformed my small Entrance Hall. And most people that pass through the doors are fooled into thinking my Ikea mirror tiles are actually a very large, very expensive mirror!

3. Before and After Kitchen
We lived with white formica countertops for five years before remodeling the kitchen last January. It is my absolute favorite transformation, and I still get giddy when I walk in.

2. Before and After Guest Bath
I'm actually surprised by the amount of traffic this post received. With very little forethought, and only a quart of paint and some accessories, this plain little bath became quite the attraction.

1. Before and After Boy's Room
The transformation of my son's toddler room into a Big Boy Room was definitely the most rewarding. He is such a sweetheart and had been waiting so patiently for his room to match his maturity. Picturing his expression when I revealed the room to him still brings tears to my eyes. And the fact that this room was featured on numerous sites, including Design*Sponge, Ohdeedoh, BabyCenter, CasaSugar and Centsational Girl, certainly didn't hurt in the attention it received.

And if you're still awake and interested, here are Posts 6-10 that made the countdown. My head is spinning with ideas and projects for Sugarplum Casa in 2011. I hope you'll follow along with me, I'll need your input and opinions.

The Lettered Cottage

{Guest Post} Danielle at Danielle Oakey Interiors

bob series

Today's Best of the Best is one of my newest blog crushes, Danielle from Danielle Oakey Interiors. She has great ideas and projects, and a beautiful eye for color and design. I'm so excited to watch her business grow...and to snag the ideas she shares along the way!


i am thrilled to be guest blogging at hi sugarplum.
cassie's creativity and witty sense of humor keeps me coming back daily.

she asked me to share my most popular blog post in 2010
to my surprise, it is my $46.00 diy headboard.

this was one of my favorite diy projects.
it only took 6 simple steps and was super easy.

1. set in place 2. draw outline 3. cut. 4. staple batting 5. lay down fabric. 6. staple fabric.

i love the end result.
it was the perfect beginning to my daughter's bedroom.

since then, her room has come a long ways.
a couple more diy projects and i am finished!

the best part, i hope to finish the entire bedroom for under $350.00!

thanks for letting me share cassie!
i hope you are enjoying your family time.


Thanks so much Danielle! Your daughter is going to just ooze style after growing up in that room! And I just realized that is the same fabric I've been considering for my new living room drapes!! Go check out all of Danielle's projects, including the DIY Deer Head that's got the blogworld buzzing!

Tomorrow is none other than my BBFF (blogger bff), Megan, from Honey, We're Home!

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Monday, December 27, 2010

{2010 Project Countdown} Numbers 6-10

Magazines and newspapers like to spend this final week of the year counting down Top News Stories and Events. It's always hard to believe so many things occurred in the span of only 12 months. Hosting the Best of the Best Series has made me think about all the projects I've done in my first year of blogging. So in a purely narcissistic move, I checked out Google Analytics to see which posts got the most traffic.

I was surprised by a few, since I'd assumed the posts with the most comments would be the most popular. But apparently, there are a lot of you lurkers out there!!! Reading...multiple times!....and not commenting or becoming official 'followers'! That's okay, I lurked before starting this blog. But I would like to encourage you to come out of the shadows, freaks, I'd love to hear what you think! I promise I won't hit you up with a time share or anything.

How about we revisit the Top 10 Hi Sugarplum posts?! This should make catching up on my blog easier for Mr. Sugarplum anyway.

10. {Outfit Inspiration} Pink & Black
I like creating outfits from pretty rooms...didn't know you guys enjoyed it too!

Picnik collage

9. The 80's Called, They Want Their Brass Back
The brass chandelier in the dining room got a fresh coat of glossy black paint. And wouldn't you know I'm kind of wishing I'd left it brass! (Dining Room is getting a small overhaul in 2011.)

8. No-Sew Table Runner
My obsession with Stitch Witchery began with this simple runner. These are also inexpensive ways to bring color and pattern to a room. I'm eyeing new drapes for the Breakfast Room, which I'm sure will result in a new runner.

7. Painting the Fancy Pants Highboy
This stand-out piece set the tone for Babygirl's new room. Her room will be the first I finish in 2011.

Picnik collage

6. A Dresser Grows Up
Since I always try to re-purpose what I have first, I was thrilled my son's baby dresser was able to transition to his new Big Boy Room.

Picnik collage

We'll finish up with the Top 5 tomorrow...I know this is enough excitement for one day. Do you have a favorite? Any guesses which post was the most viewed?

{Guest Post} Cassie at Primitive & Proper

Hello all! I hope you had a very Merry and Joyous Christmas weekend! We were blessed to spend it with all our family, but isn't there also something so sweet about the day after Christmas? The kids are content to play with all their new toys, there is no where to be and nothing to cook...we spent all day yesterday in our jammies! And while I've managed to clean up the piles of wrapping paper, I am still hunting down more batteries. I'm sure once I get the final toy ready to go, the first one will be ready for a new set. But seeing their faces as they ripped open the paper to find what they'd been hoping for, makes everything worth it! (Even if I'm later putting duct tape over the speaker of that same toy!)

bob series

I'm thrilled to have another week home with my kids, so we'll continue the Best of the Best series. I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am! I do have a few posts of my own planned this week, and I'm really excited about sharing more of my favorite bloggers and their favorite projects with you.

Today we kick things off with the Fabulous Cassie from Primitive & Proper. Besides having a kickin' name, she also transforms furniture like no one I've seen. Somehow she manages to turn an old-piece into a master-piece several times a week, while raising two kids...oh, and teaching a spinning class before the sun comes up! Check her out!


Hey there, Hi Sugarplum! fans!  I am another Cassie, from...

I am so excited that Cassie has asked me to be here today.  Since I know I like to be able to put a face to a name, I'll share a picture of myself first.  Here I am with my two favorite superheroes!

I thought today I would share my daughter Emmy's room with you, since I am a huge fan of Cassie's kids rooms. Her's are fabulous and bright, but I tend to keep my home pretty soft and neutral (I need relaxing colors!).  My bedroom is my favorite room and is a prime example of the cool colors I prefer.

But in my children's rooms, I like to have fun with color, especially since that is what they prefer! Emmy's room is painted a pale blush pink, and has touches of pink, pink, and a little blue. She loves pink! Here are some pictures form her room... I have painted all of the pieces in her room over the course of the past 2 years, and love how they all work together.

Its a fairly small room, so that's about it!

Emmy will be turning 4 in January and loves the combination of pink, orange, and purple. So for her birthday, we very well may be doing it over in those colors and making it a little bolder to suit her spunky little personality. What do you think? I would love to hear your ideas!!! Come visit me and let me know your thoughts! I would love to hear from you.

Cassie, thank you so much for having me here today, and hope you are enjoying some lovely family time!

Thank you, Cassie! I'm crazy about those striped drapes and blue dresser! And don't think I've forgotten about the makeover of my Babygirl's room...projects will resume soon. But tomorrow we welcome the talented Danielle, from Danielle Oakey Interiorsand her fab project!

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