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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

{Pizz-Azz} Framing a Bathroom Mirror

Okay, now that I've finished my son's room makeover, let's get back to the guest bath (that also happens to be the kid's bath) makeover.

This is the third installment of my guest bathroom makeover...we started with striping the walls....


Then on to painting the cabinets and hardware (if you haven't guessed yet, this is a cheap makeover! We're still recovering from the our kitchen renovation!)

brown cabinet

Next step is adding some 'Pizz-azz' to the mirror over the vanity.

Since I'm only a half-assed blogger...this sliver of the plain mirror is the only thing I've got as a 'before':

before 2

But you can imagine it in your creative minds, right? Basic flat mirror the width of the vanity and the height of the door. (yaaaaaawwwwwnnnnn)

Since I didn't want to rip it down (and deal with what might be going on underneath?!?! Heck no! We're going for cheap, remember?!), framing it was my best option. There are lots of ways to DIY some Pizz-azz in your mirror.

You could use crown molding from the hardware store, painted or stained in the color of your choice:

(cottage living)

But that involves measuring, cutting, painting and aligning my poorly cut corners, etc. Too laborious.

You could paint a stencil around the perimeter of the mirror:

(martha stewart)

But that involves artistic ability. Next?

Mirror Mate sells countless options. You simply choose your finish, give them the measurements of your mirror and space, and they send you the complete kit.

But it's not cheap...ranging between $100-$350 for a standard sized bathroom mirror.

And while I like the above mirrors, I prefer a cleaner look. If I were Mrs. Trump, I'd have a Venetian mirror above the vanity.

(decor pad)

But then eeeeeeewwwwww, I'd be married to 'The Donald!' No mirror could compensate for that.

Then I found MirrEdge. They are beveled acrylic strips, and are available in 36, 48 and 60 inch lengths. Don't be thrown by the acrylic part, these look like real mirrors, but don't have the weight, break ability or price of them.

For my guest bath, I ordered a 48-inch kit (that included all four sides and 4 corner pieces) and a tube of MirrEdge $37! Score! If your mirror is smaller or larger than the pre-set sizes (as my master bath was...but that's another makeover), just order the next size up. Simply measure the length you need on each strip, score the back with a sharp blade and snap it at the scoreline with your hands. (warning: the breaking process is loud and will scare the crap out of you each time).

And don't forget, even if your mirror is a perfect square, two of the strips will need to be shorter so they won't overlap at the corners.

My mirror was attached to the wall with clips that overlapped the front of the mirror (you don't want the strips to go over those clips). I simply took them off, put a little silicone caulk behind the mirror, then taped it to the wall with painters tape until it set.

Once you've got your four sides measured, dot the backs of the strips with the glue and attach them to the edge of your mirror one at a time. I did the top and bottom first, then the sides. Don't worry if there is a slight gap at the corner, it will be covered.

mirror frame

One of the best tips that I can offer (and I wish I'd known this before starting!!), is that the bevel is slightly different on each edge of the strip. So decide which edge looks best running along the frame of your mirror, then hang them all with that edge facing out.

The final step is gluing the corner pieces, they go right over the top of the side strips. You only have to hold them in place for a few seconds as it sets quickly.

mirror close 
um, might need a little paint touch-up! thanks zoom lens

Those are just shadows in the pic above, there is no gap between the strip and the mirror.

Once everything was in place, I used clear silicone caulk to seal the outside edges of the big mirror. It just helped to clean everything up.


I'm really happy with how it turned out. And I've had no problems cleaning it....I use Windex and just clean it as one big mirror.

I wish they made sheets of this stuff and you could use it to make mirror furniture!! This is the last update on the guest bath....the new faucet is being installed this week, so I'll have the full reveal soon! What do you think so far?

Monday, August 30, 2010

{Score!} World Market Outdoor Clearance

It's hard to believe the stores are clearancing out their summer stuff, considering Texas has just hit the peak of summer! But look who racked up at the World Market sale!! Score!


We actually dipped down to the double digits this weekend, so we scrambled to enjoy eating outside before August shows us who's boss again.


I don't know if these plates/mats/runner were meant to be paired, but all I need is color commonality and I'll put them together!


The white Ikea pots are actually snagged from my kitchen window...I needed something to cover the hole that's what she said for the umbrella. The lanterns were $4 from Wal-Mart...and you know I'm itching to do something to them!


I'm crazy for the seahorses, and the plates are a nice complement to my back door (and doormat that I just so happened to get at World Market at the beginning of the season.)


The pickin's were slim, so get thee to your favorite home store to stock up on summer stuff for next year before it's gone. Anyone score some great end-of-season goodies?

Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm Practicing My Queen's Wave

First Kate at Centsational Girl featured my son's room, and now Design*Sponge?!? Are you kidding me...I think my head may explode with all the excitement.

What's next?!? Invitation to the Palace? (I kid.)

Seriously, being featured by two of the best, most inspiring blogs is so flattering. (Just to be clear, I totally pimp myself out to them...but still...they have gobs to choose from!)

You can check out their super nice feature here. Thanks for the love...I'm totally obsessed inspired to tackle the next room in my house!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

{DIY} No-Sew Table Runner

Paint? Most definitely!
Glue Gun? Oh yeah!
Spray Adhesive? You know it!
Sew? Um, that's a negative.

Apparently I skipped sewing day in Home Ec (doesn't that class sound so antiquated now?!). And my mom wasn't exactly Sally Sewer, so that's just not a skill I've ever picked up. Which is probably just as well, I can only imagine how many throw pillows I'd have!

I love to's fun, a creative outlet, let's me decide things at my own pace, provides a sense of accomplishment...lots of reasons. I don't like to tell someone else my vision and have them carry it out for me. Which is exactly the case for any project that involves sewing!

BUT, in a lot of projects, you can get around that little's called Stitch Witchery (or iron-on hem tape)! You remember my {Designer Crush} Erinn Valencich?

She also has a whole series of How-To's on I've got a large portion of them bookmarked, but the one I tackled first was her How to Make a No Sew Table Runner.

I'll walk you through my steps, but refer to her guide to find out how much fabric and ribbon you'll need for your particular length table.

My breakfast table is fairly small, so I opted to make a runner for it first.

after 11

I like the Pier 1 runner on it now, but thought it'd be fun to pick up an existing pattern from the kitchen to connect the rooms. Remember this fabric I used to {Pizz-Azz} my glass kitchen cabinets?


Here's what you need for your no-sew runner:


Fabric, hem tape, ribbon and iron.

First decide how wide and long you want your runner. I opted for 12" wide, and since the fabric was 46" wide, I decided to make my runner double-sided (being able to flip to the good side is imperative in my house!) So I cut the fabric 24" wide, folded it over and ironed the whole thing, making sure to get a sharp edge on the fold line.


I used some spray adhesive between the layers of the folded fabric so it would lay nice and flat. You need to finish out the edges (since we're not sewing an actual hem), and this is where the ribbon comes in. Make sure the edges are aligning properly and the whole thing is smooth from wrinkles and bubbles. I chose double-sided binding as my ribbon because it comes pre-folded (yay for shortcuts!):


Working in small sections, lay your runner at the seam of the binding and run the hem tape between the fabric and ribbon.


Press your iron firmly and slowing over the section until it adheres.


Work your way down one side (you'll do the back later, so don't worry about it yet), then the other. Then do each end, paying close attention to getting a clean cut at the corners.


Then flip it over and do the same thing to the back. This side will go quickly since the ribbon is already attached to the runner.


I didn't make my runner very long because Mr. Sugarplum is finicky about it hanging in his lap. (If he had his way, every surface in our house would be cleared!)


My fabric was fairly heavy to start with, so it has a nice weight when doubled and doesn't slip around the table.


If you have a keen eye, you noticed a Windsor chair at the table in one picture. I'm not a fan of matchy-matchy table/chair I'm playing with mixing it up with some newly inherited chairs.

I made the table runner on a rainy Sunday afternoon...and the whole project only took an hour or two (there were some snack breaks and TV distractions, so I can't be sure.)

Stitch Witchery is some good stuff...what have you used it for? Will it hold if I throw this runner in the washing machine?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

{Outfit Inspiration} Aqua & White

You guys probably didn't realize it, but I was actually on vacation last week. Since I'm so anal attentive, I had a few posts scheduled for while I was gone. Mr. Sugarplum was also a little weirded out about me posting a 'Gone to the Beach' sign on the blog.

We took a family trip to Sanibel Island, Florida....and had the best time. We got home just in time to start school and of course, return to work. Ugh...I'm definitely in the 'Post Trip Slump.'

So in an effort to bring a little Sanibel into my fluorescent-filled-day, here's the inspiration for today's outfit:

Aqua blue sky with puffs of white cloud and white-tipped waves (I think the dark spots are water or sand on the lens...waaaaaah).

aqua white

Or let's strip it a little more bare:

That is a shot of Cayo Costa, an uninhabited island near Sanibel. The beach is a little more stark due to Hurricane Charley in 2004.


I have this dress in several colors and it tends to be my go-to for baby/wedding showers. I wear it with a cardi for work, and like this the rest of the time. I love that the necklace looks like it's part of the dress.

My view might not be as pretty today, but I can still smell the sea air.

{Outfit deets: Dress - Jcrew beach dress; Cardi - Target; Shooz - Funky Monkey; Necklace - F21}

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Toot Toot

Little horn-tooting going on here of my very-favorite-read-it-everyday blogs, Centsational Girl, is featuring my son's sweet, my sweet son's room! Kate is a super cool Northern California girl with amazing DIY ideas and skillz. I seriously have tons of her projects bookmarked for ripping off inspiration.

I'm thrilled to be on her blog today....and welcome to her readers that may wander this way. You can check out her post here. But beware, her blog will suck you in...prepare to fall down the rabbit hole! Thanks Kate!! xoxoxoxo

Thursday, August 19, 2010

{Happiness in a Can} Painting a Bed

The one project in my son's room I almost didn't do (out of sheer laziness) was spraying his bed white. The bed was perfectly fine in it's original mousy brown state:

jack bed before

But with everything else a dark espresso brown or crisp white, I knew it wouldn't have as much impact in the current color. So in a giant "Screw it" moment, I hauled the headboard, footboard and two side rails out to the yard:


And it was 100-effing-4 degrees, so these were the fastest layers ever sprayed...only so I could race back inside. Here's what I used:


The Zinsser BIN Primer is the bomb! (Yes, it's 1996 again and the cool kids say, 'The Bomb!'). The bed is solid wood, but had a veneer-like finish....that I sure wasn't about to sand (do you see all those slats?!) This primer stuck to the bed like white on rice and made for the perfect base. The white is Rustoleum's High Lustre Lacquer line in White.

I don't actually have any pictures of the process because my camera melted (not really). I just wasn't willing to stay outside long enough to take one....did I mention it was 100-effing-4 degrees?!

Now, I'm the chintziest person ever when it comes to paint, so I tend to under-buy and then get really ticked off when I can't do the job right because I'm having to scrimp. So do yourself a favor and buy 2 cans of primer so you can do a really solid coat. (I ran out and had to resort to some random primer I found in the garage.) I also went through 4 cans of white paint in order to give the bed 2 coats. I could have used another.

I think I made the right choice by sucking it up painting the bed though:


The back of the headboard may or may not be painted....but as long as the bed always lives against the wall, no one will ever find out!


It also looks best from this me a favor and don't zoom in. Okay? Okay!

This Sticks! Magnetic Boards

Okay, I'm sure you're sick of the posts on my son's room....but I use other blogs as inspiration for ideas and rely on their 'How-To's', so I want to return the favor when people ask me about things I've done.

I love this gallery wall in his room:


1) The animal prints make us laugh and bring a lot of personality and youthfulness into the room.
2) The wall can't be seen from outside the room, so he has the freedom to decorate and add to it over time.

Some of you emailed me about the strips across the bottom. Well, those are another cheapie thing meant for one purpose, but used for one entirely different in this room. They are actually Ikea's magnetic knife racks.

They are each 21" long, and contain the strongest magnets in the world! (Not really, but you can imagine how strong they are if they're designed to hold knives!!!!)

Since they are only $8, I picked up two...along with the lidded containers for $5.

The knife racks only weigh a few ounces, so we're not talking hard-core installation. You simply attach the base to your wall with two small screws, then pop the magnetic cover over it.

magnet strips

He's already been rearranging items, and adding new's a great way for him to personalize his room with things he loves without adding more holes to the wall....and since it's just magnets, no damage is done when he decides to replace this week's obsession with next week's.

And I don't know about you, but I'd much rather use the racks for shark postcards than actual knives?!? Doesn't that just seem like it's asking for trouble?!?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

{Git in Mah Belly} Indoor Smores

When a craving hits, there's really nothing you can do about it but feed that giant. The craving for smores hit our house...but since it's 100-effing-5 degrees outside, we would NOT be firing up the chiminea. Time to get creative!!!

You know the ingredients:


On a cookie sheet, layer the chocolate and marshmallow on top of a graham cracker....then place under the broiler (low setting if you have one):


DO NOT turn your back! I'll save you the curiosity....marshmallows burn quickly...and smoke...a lot! Pull them out when it browns to your liking:


The marshmallow is perfectly crisped, the chocolate melty and the cracker gets crunchier (watch the's not good for your keyboard!):


Git In Mah Belly!!!


And on my face, and hands, and table.....

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the nightly craving you'll have after you make these!

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