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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Love My New "Rug"

I've been working on eclipsing my entry way. First step was painting the front door black.

Then you guys were great to weigh in on which rug you liked....and it's arrived...but the edges won't behave. So I've got them weighted down with whatever books I happened to have under my pillow laying around.


What? Is there something special about today?

I mean, other than my new rug arriving? *pants*

I don't know, but stay tuned to see more of my entry way makeover! And if you're going to the movie or something, enjoy!

*So I basically just outed myself as a fan of this literary crack....anyone else in or out of the closet?*

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

{Outfit Inspiration} Navy & Aqua

I'm having a serious love affair with aqua right's finding its way into my house, on my doors and especially in my closet. (It hasn't reached my eyelids yet, I'll let you know if I cross the line and start wearing aqua eyeshadow!) I think it's a beautiful neutral. You may not think of such a brilliant color as a neutral...but consider a summer sky...and how lovely everything looks against it. You could pair almost any color with aqua, and I'd bet it looks good on just about everyone!

When the ever-inspirational blog, Coco+Kelley, posted about a Hampton's Wedding Weekend with this as the color scheme:

navy aqua 2 - coco kelly

navy aqua - coco kelly

I knew exactly how I'd recreate it:


I'd like to be buried in these shoes please (preferably 60 years from now!) And no, I didn't ride a horse in. Yes, I'm just bowlegged.

Outfit deets: cardi - jcrew, wrap ruffle dress - f21, bangle - old navy, shooz - nordstroms rack

Monday, June 28, 2010

{Let's Take a Trip} Banff

I've noticed that I have a lot of Canadian readers...which I love...because I love Canada and love Canadians! And not just because I got engaged there (in front of 50,000 screaming people, but that's a different story), but because it's stunningly beautiful and the people are the nicest of anywhere I've traveled. Really.

Once a year, Mr. Sugarplum and I pack our bags, drop the kids with the grandparents, and hot-foot it to the airport. And for those precious days away...we laugh, eat, drink, sleep, cuss like sailors, and um, other stuff. Basically we revert back to the kooks we were when we fell in love...before mortgages, kids, school, and schedules. It's lifesaving, or marriage-saving I guess.

In April, we flew to Calgary and spent a week in Banff, Alberta, Canada (that's a lot of commas, is that right?!). Mr. SP has been wanting to ski the last few years, but my other trips kept winning out. So this year, being the precious, adoring wife I am, I agreed to long as it wasn't freezing and there was more than "just a mountain, wah!" (I didn't say I wasn't a brat.) Banff in Springtime was the perfect choice....adorable town, countless restaurants, spring temperatures, off-season rates, and few tourists.

Since this blog isn't just my own personal scrapbook, I'll show you Banff from a traveler opposed to a Facebook page point-of-view ("look at us and how cute we are and how much fun we had" ). When I'm researching for a trip, this is the stuff I want to see.

I mentioned it was off-season...which means hotels, ski rentals and lift tickets are drastically reduced! Which is also how we were able to stay in the iconic Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.

banff springs

Just a little castle in the mountains!


View from room:

room view

It is totally worth staying here. We felt like such ballers....the staff knows your name, the shuttle bus to the mountain picks you up right outside the door, you drop your boots and skis near the lobby and they store them on heaters overnight!! It's also a beautiful, 20-minute walk to town along the Bow River and Bow River Falls, and across this bridge:

bow bridge

trail to town

bow falls water

The town of Banff is charming and overflowing with great restaurants:

banff town 2

The skiing was perfect, and the lifts were virtually empty:

top of the mountain

empty lifts

Lake Louise was still frozen, but you can see it nestled in the mountains:

frozen lake louise

We took a day off from skiing and explored the area around town on bike.


cool trees


Wildlife everywhere (can someone tell me what this is?!)

roadside wildlife

Even had an encounter with a bear

bear attack

I think he was pissed about how much fudge I inhaled ate from his shop!
Everywhere you look is simply breath-taking...but I could never tire of looking at the water. It was the color of the Caribbean.

bow river


I would imagine any season is perfect in this sweet town. Thanks for sharing your beautiful country Canadians! (whew, I made it through the entire post without once saying 'eh?') Do you have any Banff experiences to share?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Did you notice my new blog banner?!? Apparently my old banner was of concern....since the blog isn't Hi Sugarpear!

Now I have an appropriate graphic to accompany my blog name. (You can read about the origin of Hi Sugarplum! here.)

I have some of the most wonderfully talented friends....and one of the sweetest of them, Jerry Dillingham, offered to correct my fruit error. He also proved to be quite patient since there were several discussions about the "butt crack" of the plum. (It really is necessary to draw the crack, without it, it's just a circle.)

Jerry is a stunning artist, illustrator and graphic designer...and always willing to pimp himself out for hire. Check out his portfolio, The Art of Jerry Dillingham, you won't be disappointed. Thanks one draws a butt plum crack quite like you!! xoxoxo

New Man of the House

Some of you sweet readers emailed me about my floors when I revealed our Kitchen Renovation. Because looking at the Before & Afters, surely we replaced the floors too, right?! (I don't know, but don't call me Shirley!)

Here's a glimpse back:

grout before

Wow, zooming in on it is a little bit humiliating! I'm feeling kind of vulnerable right now! (hold me!)
So before you decide I'm a skank and too nasty to come visit....let's zoom in on the floors now:

grout after

Want to know the magic secret? (har har)

Yep, this big ole hunk of man! The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge! I don't know what's in that little puff of goodness, or how it works....but dang if it didn't clean the grout and tiles with minimal scrubbing!? Which is great, because I didn't have to replace my floors, or catch a buzz use horrendous chemicals to strip the grout....but not so great in that now I'll be on my hands and knees cleaning the rest of the tiles in house!

I won't ruin your appetite with those Before shots...let's just look again at the one room with clean floors:

after 6

I know the Magic Eraser isn't new, but using it on grout was new to me! What surprising things have you used it on? And has any one's hand melted away from it yet?!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oui! Oui!

Can you think of anything more chic than sitting in a French cafe, sipping wine, gazing up at the Eiffel Tower and watching the fashionable people walk by? No, neither can I.

Mr. Sugarplum took me to Paris in 1999, and it was as fabulous as I'd imagined (unfortunately, the chic part didn't rub off on me, y'all!). And since then, I've been infatuated with all things Parisian (not that pink and black crap from Hobby Lobby!), including the Tolix chairs and stools.

marais tolix chair4

tolix stool - has musen
has musen

marais tolix chair 2- desire to inspire
desire to inspire

marais tolix chair - desire to inspire
desire to inspire

marais tolix chair - design sponge
design sponge

It’s rumored that the chairs were created in 1934 for use in the weather forecasting room on a battleship. After that, they were supplied to French bars and brasseries by breweries in exchange for selling their beer. (well that's a nice arrangement!). They are made in France, and while you can buy them from Design Within Reach, Pottery Barn and Sundance Catalog, you won't find them for less than $250 each!

Which is why they aren't mixing it up at my breakfast table!

after 11

So of course, when I walked into a new, casual, Mediterranean restaurant last jaw dropped to see an entire room filled with them!

under the table covert paparazzi iPhone pic

I couldn't even pay attention to the menu, or the food...I was too busy calculating what they must have spent just on chairs and stools!!

behind the back covert paparazzi iPhone pic

You know I asked the owner about them...and he said they were a special order, shipped from France. Cha-ching just for the shipping!!?? It's a yummy little spot, but costs less than $10/person to I guess they are planning on selling a lot of pitas! What do you think....fabulous, or overkill?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

{Happiness in a Can} Outside Tables

It's no secret I love spray paint...and nothing in my house is safe from it. When we drug our outdoor stuff out of the shed at the beginning of the summer, my cute Crate and Barrel tables were no longer cute.


Rustoleum's Key Lime has been taunting me for awhile, so I thought these tables were perfect for that little party-in-a-can! Oh, and this handle whoo-sie is genius, really! Save yourself from having an ever-present painted pointer finger, and hand cramp, and get this $6 clip-on.


After splashing a little water washing off the grime, I gave them a coat of the glossy Key Lime. I came back out later for the second coat and found this....along with an empty can of Key Lime!


It might as well have been a chalk outline of a body! That is so typical Mr. Sugarplum....see something laying around, have brilliant idea, execute said idea with no preparation or consulting the boss me! I mean, at least lay down a sheet!! I guess I'm lucky he didn't do it directly on the driveway?! Anyway, my voice might have gotten a little shrill when I told him I still needed to give the tables a second coat, and "You used the rest of the paaaaaaaaaaiiiiint!" (insert nasal whine)

Being the sweetie he is, he fled the house ran to Home Depot for another can.


They turned out pretty cute.



And I hate have to admit, Mr. Sugarplum's project did too!


Oh, and some of you eagle-eyes may notice one of the tables looks a little, yeah...I later went back and painted them Green Apple. But the sun is still Key Lime. What?! That's the greatness of spray paint....Happiness in a Can!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Obsessed! Mirror Wall

I am absolutely obsessed....and create one of these walls featured in House Beautiful in my entrance hall. Wish me luck, at 7 years bad luck a pop, it could get ugly.

mirrored wall - house beautiful

Any tips before I get after it?!

Monday, June 21, 2010

{DIY} Love Poster

I can't believe I've been lucky enough to be married to the funniest, kindest, hottest man for 12 years! I adore him, and crazy enough, he seems to adore me too?!?

Twelve years ago today I put on my grandmother's pure silk satin 1,000lb wedding dress, custom made by Neiman Marcus (no pressure to keep from spilling on that!), sweated my face off taking pictures in the hot, humid Nashville sun, and tried to ignore the giant fly swirling my head while I said my vows. The day was perfect. Truly.

We take a trip together every year as our anniversary gift to each other, and don't really give tangible gifts when the actual date rolls around. (Unless you count me saying, "Look honey, you got me this for our anniversary! Isn't it cute?! Thanks babe!")

I decided to make him something sentimental this year, so I scoured Etsy and found some really sweet prints:

But nothing was quite right (plus, I didn't think of it in time to arrive by today!). So I just decided to make my own, since I knew what I wanted to say and what colors. I think I'll end up getting one of the above prints eventually, but for now, he loved this.

poster close

Nothing says "love" like potty art, right?


At least I know he'll see it everyday! You're a good man, Mr. Sugarplum, and I'm a lucky girl to be your wife...I love you!

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