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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Sneaky Peek

Hope you guys are having a great Sunday. We're on the way to a birthday party, but this morning was spent having a party with my glue gun (wow, that sounds pathetic!) Thought I'd give you a little sneaky peek at today's project.

This is also my first 'mobile post,' so I'm feeling pretty techie. Uh oh, that's all I need, easier access to random postings! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Sweets!


  1. As we were trimming our bushes this weekend I was thinking "hey, I should make a wreath" what's wrong with me?! Can't wait to see the whole thing

  2. Your wreath is looking beautiful, Cassie. I love the simplicity of the white bow. Have a good Sunday afternoon!

  3. Can't wait to see what you've been up to!

  4. Check you out with the mobile post! Proud of you. Love what i am seeing with that wreath! Need to see more. I am trying to get the Christmas cards checked off the list!

  5. I just found your blog and I love it!!!

    I will def be following you- hope you will come visit me soon :)

    You have GREAT style, girl!


  6. wow- a mobile post! i am so impressed! i had a party with my glue gun yesterday, too. we were having a great time, until it burned me badly. what a buzzkill.

  7. I'm jealous! I want to be a mobile techie too. Maybe Santa will make that a possibility this Christmas.
    ps- I have a blister the size of a golf ball on my thumb from using the glue gun to glue shells to my Santa hat.

  8. Ah the glue gun- whatever did we do before they were invented? Your wreath looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see more:)

  9. I told you you were tech savvy! That wreath looks gorgeous- leaves from your yard?? I want to see it all!

  10. Wow that wreath looks stunning - cant wait to see the how too!
    Rachie xo


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