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Thursday, December 2, 2010

hostess with the mostess

We aren't hosting a party this Holiday season, but we are attending a few. I never like to show up empty-handed when someone is kind enough to invite us over for a special night, so I usually bring a small hostess gift. It doesn't have to be expensive or extravagant, but definitely useful and thoughtful.

(the telegraph)

The one thing I never take is fresh flowers. If you've hosted a party, you know that is the one time when you can never find a vase?! So you're left standing there clutching beautiful flowers while the gifter looks at you expectantly. You're a sweetie-pie for bringing flowers, but I do not want to be trimming stems, making a giant mess and arranging flowers in the middle of my party while I'm supposed to be greeting guests. (Wow, you'd think I was bitter about this topic?!)

So let's talk about gifts that are great for a Host/Hostess!

Of course you can never go wrong with a bottle of wine. I like to take it one step further and have the bottle engraved with the couple's names or "Merry Christmas 2010." There is a talented engraver in my area, and some of the high-end grocery stores host him every season. If you buy wine from the store, you get a free engraving. Check online or with wine bars in your area to see if they have a resource.

(ken brown)

Party Crackers are a tradition in our house for New Year's Eve...and add a festive touch when setting a table; $25 for 12:

This 12 Days of Christmas flour sack towel is can customize to your host with a Food Lovers, Wine Lovers, Dog and even Cat Lovers; $8:

Z Gallerie has an entire section of Hostess Gifts. It's pretty hard to beat a Jewel Tone Tray for $12:

Or an oversized Mercury Votive for $5:

I typically steer clear of most home decor items unless I know the Hostess really well (and her tastes!) You'd hate to show up with a silver picture frame and her home is decorated in rustic southwest. I do love to bring something that will add to her next party though:

Salt & Pepper Sets with Caddy; $13:

I'd have a hard time parting with this fab Mr & Mrs Cocktail Set; $18:

Elegant placecard holders; $8 for 4:

These cloth cocktail napkins come in a clear gift box, just ready to be gifted; $18:

How about a little pick-me-up for the morning after the party? Jonathan Adler cuter-than-cute Coffee Tumbler; $11 (Be her favorite guest and enclose a Starbucks gift card too!):

Etsy has an endless selection of notecards (I'm still a fan of the written word!):

Hands down, the; $14:

If you stay to help wash dishes, you'll both be glad you gifted her with this amazing hand cream; $10-$26:

And finally, while everyone has different tastes in candles, this Volcano smells as clean and enduring as they come; $18-$28:

See some of your favorites on this list? Or what did I leave off that you love to give a Hostess, or receive when hosting?


  1. Great post! I can never think of anything last minute. I really like the idea of notecards--all girls like pretty paper, right?

  2. What an excellent post and great timing, I had no idea a bottle of wine could be engraved! Where have I been? Janell

  3. I'm not going to lie... all of those gifts are beautiful, but those Mr. and Mrs. moustache glasses? FABULOUS :)

  4. I always appreciate someone doing the leg work for me on gifts...Isn't that terrible? (c: So much fun, but seeing as PB is my work, I'm pretty partial to that gift, hehehe.

  5. Love this, Cassie. I am inviting you to all of my parties! ;) I love the engraving and those cocktail napkins are so cute.

  6. These are great ideas. I think a lot of people forget to do this. Some people just show up empty handed. Thats never good, unless the host or hostess makes it known NOT to bring anything.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  7. My friends and I don't exchange gifts over Christmas, we do ornaments. When we go over to eachother's houses, we each bring an ornament and hang it right on the tree :)

  8. Lovely ideas. I often give handmade soaps as hostess gifts always wrapped in pretty packaging.

  9. Love these ideas! :) ...especially the L'Occitane! I'm kind of addicted to it!

  10. Such a great post girl! Love it! Great ideas!

    I like to buy a few extra items at Christmas so that when I receive gifts from people unexpected I have something to give in return - all ready wrapped etc. If I don't use them - I just carry them forward throughout the year!

  11. Great ideas and you are so right about the fresh flowers!

  12. cassie, these are all super ideas! thanks for including pixelimpress. i love the salt and pepper caddy. i think i need that for myself. happy holidays!

    ps love the glitter noel last post. and i like mr sugarplum's additions.

  13. All wonderful ideas, Cassie! I love the idea of pretty notecards. I'm with you and still a fan of the written word! I have also bought homemade jams or a pretty plate of homemade cookies. At holiday time I like to make homemade mini loaves of bread. A couple of my favorites are cranberry orange or persimmon. I wrap them real pretty and give them as a hostess gift. Great post! I never like to show up empty handed!

  14. I love the notecards idea. And I own that blue candle, and oh my word-- it smells delightful! I think any host would appreciate that!

  15. Great ideas - lobe the jonathan adler coffee cup and i have that hand cream - its so lovely!
    I love to give notecards too - especially personalised ones.

    Rachie xo

  16. i bought the mr & mrs cocktail glasses for a gift a few days ago. love them!

    great list!

  17. I know I'd love to receive any and all of those gifts! I love the idea of engraving the wine bottles- who knew?!

  18. that volcano candle is my absolute fave! i have a little stash of them because both my husband and i adore the smell!

  19. Okay, so you're coming to my party, right???? I'd be a happy camper to receive any of the items you featured! And, you are so right...hostesses do not want to be hunting vases and snipping stems! Great ideas!!

  20. We are hosting a party this year ... with all of those excellent hostess gift ideas, you're invited! :)

  21. I love all of these ideas. I always bring a hostess gift. I feel naked without one.

  22. Great ideas, Cassie. I loooove Party Crackers - they're a tradition with my extended family. We each get one on our plate at Christmas. I found some cute little mini ones I've been taping to Christmas cards this year!

    Happy Friday to you!

  23. The engraved wine bottle is a genius idea! Love all your picks, those notecards are awesome! I might be ordering those for myself:)

  24. * Some great ideas here! Thank you!

    Note: Sometimes I see/find some beautifully UNUSUAL flowers/stems, & KNOW the hostess would truly love & appreciate them... sooo, I have them delivered THE DAY BEFORE the big "do", leaving her free to use them wherever she wishes, without having to rush around while trying to greet all her guests on the party night... "works for me"! (And I've been told, it works GREAT for the hostess, too!)...

    BTW, the labelling of wine bottles is such a charming, personal touch!~~~ KUDOS!!!

    Holiday blessings,
    Linda in AZ *


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