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Monday, November 8, 2010

Birthday Wishlist

Hi Sugarplum! Hope you had a fab weekend...mine was fun and productive! Let's just say a certain little girl slept in her new bed for the first time. More Babygirl Room projects coming up soon!

I mentioned last week my love for November....sweaters, cooler temperatures, sweet potatoes, Thanksgiving....and my birthday! Birthdays are kind of a big deal in the Sugarplum house. We tend to celebrate them days before, and long after, the actual day of birth. Weekends of servitude for the celebrant are not uncommon.

I decided to give any potential sugar daddies  Mr. Sugarplum some food for thought.

Picnik collage
(via apple, red bubble)

Picnik collage
(via lowes, belle maison)
(Of course I mean our mantel!)

Picnik collage
(via west elm)


Of course I don't expect all of these (except the pie...don't even think about leaving out the pie)! And you readers may not think my list is very 'dreamy,' but I have to be realistic! We share a bank account after all...I know what's in it!

Mr. Sugarplum, you're welcome for putting this handy list together. I'm nothing if not helpful!

What about you you have a Wishlist tucked away? Maybe you'll win the $55 CSN Giveaway and be that much closer to crossing something off!


  1. Ohh love that West Elm rug! Nice choice :)

  2. I swear I saw a mirror just like that at Target this weekend. I can't find it online or I would send you the link, and I didn't stop to check out how much it was because I knew I'd probably buy it if I did. You should check to see if your local Target has one... I bet it's cheaper than $65!

  3. Great picks! I love that mirror! So pretty and affordable! :)

  4. Nice pics. You are cracking me up with the Brown Buick! I need a giggle today. When's the big birthday bash!? Let's celebrate!

  5. Would you be mad if I bought that same mirror!! Love it and the one at Target looks smaller! When is your bday????? Thank God Cassie was born!! :)

  6. I know I for sure have a mirror just like that on my wishlist. :)

    -That and a laptop.

  7. I need an ipad.
    I love pumpkin pie.
    Cupcakes are always welcome.
    Was that a haiku? LOL
    Have a great day!!!

  8. dreams do come true- i hope you do get it all!!
    happy pending birthday!

  9. Okay, first things first...when IS the big day? Love the mirror,and you can tell Megan you'd have to kill us both for copying!! And, pumpkin pie??? Yum!

  10. I love that pumpkin pie is your bday cake! So fun!

  11. I have that mirror! I posted a blog post about it in October - it is great!

  12. New to your blog today...maybe because we both are Novemeber older though but who cares...woot woot it's your birthday!

    Love the rug and mirror...would some of that pie also.

  13. I just blogged about that mirror a few posts ago! I bought mine at Target for only $19.99 Its probably smaller than Lowe's version but not by too much.
    Happy Birthday soon!:)

  14. Looks like a great birthday list to me! I saw that mirror at Lowes this weekend and loved it! I have the West Elm rug and it is great. It would look awesome in your dining room!

  15. Lovely pics ! Happy birthday! How cute are those iphone app cupcakes - Love them!!

    You must share with us what you get!

    Rachie xo

  16. Hi,
    Target has the mirror on sale this week (until 11/20) for $15. Might want to check if the size is good for you! :)


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