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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mom Cave? What's That?!

Kate over at Centsational Girl is hosting a 'Mom Cave' Contest sponsored by the best store ever Home Goods (remember our field trip?). Men have been getting the attention and space with their 'Man Caves' for much too it's time for Mom! I know I certainly need time and space to re-charge, relax and create....I'm definitely a better mom and wife when I make that happen.

The idea behind the contest is to share your 'Mom Cave' and how having your own little Nirvana Space keeps you sane and organized. According to designer Elaine Griffen there are 4 Mom Cave Essentials:

After reading this list I thought about my own Mom Cave....and sadly the answers to all 4 criteria were No, No, No and um, No!

And that is because there is no 'Mom Cave' at Casa Sugarplum!! I have yet to carve out a spot for me in our home. It is a pitiful sad state of affairs.

Here's my stuffed beyond capacity craft box .... under my son's bed:
Picnik collage
(Isn't he supposed to put his own junk under his bed?!)

Current projects peeking out from under the TV in the master bedroom:

And fabric in these boxes atop my pink coat closet:
Picnik collage
(Really?! Who paints their coat closet before their home office?!)

More supplies in the kitchen baskets meant for table linens:

My junk drawers may be organized, but they only contain a small portion of my supplies:

Oh look, stationary and papers hiding out in the living room secretary:

And even if I had my own space, I'd probably still blog at the breakfast bar, so I can cook dinner stay near the family:

It would be so much more efficient if I were able to keep all these supplies together (how many rooms are they diluted between?!). I usually end up rummaging every spot until I find what I'm looking for; and then I have to hunt around the house looking for a space that isn't occupied by little people, covered in peanut butter, or blocking a football game.

The sad part is, there is room in my house to make my own. Our neglected 4th bedroom serves as guest room/office/shove-it-in-there-until-you-figure-out-where-to-put-it room, and has space waiting just for me! It has great light, and is separated from all the people other bedrooms.

Keeping it real with these pics:
(I told you it's where all the random stuff goes to die!)

Look at these shelves...amazing organization opportunity!!
(Yes, those paint swatches have been hanging there for 6 months!)

I'm not trying to get you to feel sorry for me...but I am hoping the stunningly beautiful and talented judges take pity on me! Because fortunately for me, there is a second part to this contest (did I mention there is a $250 Home Goods gift card at stake here?!?!)....
"How can a $250 gift card to Home Goods help you create your own 'Mom Cave'?"
The question is, how wouldn't it?! I think the main objective for me would be to have all my supplies in one location, and a peaceful space to work and create (Does Home Goods sell peace?! I'll take two please). Because after all, an organized, relaxed, creative mom is a happy Mom! And everyone wants Mom happy, right?! RIGHT?!!!?

I'd start with a new desk that has a flat work surface, bring in better lighting, utilize the shelves (and subsequent double closet!) with organized supplies grouped by their purpose. A fun rug and comfy chair would make it 'me.' I'm fortunate to have some square footage to convert, hopefully a Home Goods gift card will help get me there! I think part of the prize is Kate, Layla and Rhoda (the supermodel judges) come to your house to drink wine help you!!? (update: apparently I made this last part up?!)

I'll leave you with a pretty picture so you aren't too traumatized for visiting my blog today:

khloe kardashian's home office, via decorpad

What about you have a place in your home to hide retreat?!


  1. Love that wall in you son's bedroom!
    I hope you do decide to make this room your mom cave..with your style Im thinking it would be amazing!
    I'm a new follower!

  2. We have the same thing in our house...a 4th bedroom that is a guest bedroom/work out room (ha)/ and storage room. I attempted to make the office my craft room, but I don't have enough space for all my crafty goodness. :) I will attempt to turn the 4th bedroom into my mom day. :)

  3. Ahhhhhhh Cassie, I will vote for you if I can....will they let me do that? LOL I unfortunately have not one decent corner to call my own and my stuff (like yours) is kind of scattered about the whole house like DIY landmines....

    One day. One day.

  4. You are too funny! And thank goodness I'm not the only one with stuff everywhere. Thanks for making me feel real! Here's hoping you get $250!

  5. Oh my, I'd kill for that room! We have an extra but it has a big screen tv and all that goes with! Now, I do have an "art" room in the dark, dirty, dusty, dungeon we call a basement if that counts?!

  6. You are cracking me up! So not feeling traumatized as much of "my stuff" is spread all over the house as well. That room and those shelves have AMAZING potential. I see a drool worthy mom cave in your future!

  7. I'm with you on Kate coming with the HG package too! lol

  8. Your stash is everywhere! You have a glorious mom cave in your future with that room and all that storage. I like the additional prize you threw into the contest-ha!! So funny, that Cassie:) And I DIE over Khloe's office!

  9. I am loving that wallpaper behind your glasses in the kitchen! Your 4th bedroom looks like it would be a great space to transform into a mom cave. And I'll take Khloe's desk and her chair.

  10. Looks like you and I share a penchant for "stashing our crafts" about the house. I finally moved all of my stuff out of our sons' room, emptied out our wine cabinet, and converted it into an art supply cabinet.

    Hope you win too! Your situation looks much like mine!

  11. You've got a great space; you just need a little organization going on in there! I am sure it will be great when you are finished.

    Visiting from Susan's mom-cave contest.

    Jane from

  12. I love all the great ideas you have here. The pink closet is fantastic, and I love your organization - your junk drawers don't look junky at all.


  13. I'm sort of spread all over the place too. You are right that it would be better to have everything together and I love your inspiration photos. Something to strive for.


  14. I am so giggling over the paint chips! I had some on my bathroom wall for almost three years...then I still painted it a color that I am not happy with!

  15. Your designs don't look traumatizing at all, sweetie! They all look gorgeous most especially your office. I also have an office here in my home. They look simple and yet, classy. And I actually got the inspiration from our office's meeting rooms in Charlotte, where I am currently working.


Your comments are like popcorn with milk duds, I just can't quit them. Thanks for taking the time to share your positive thoughts! xoxo, cass

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