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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Little Piece of Bliss

Last week I was treated to my own personal the strange form of a Houston hotel-motel Holiday Inn. (Please tell me you know the Rapper's Delight song reference?!) I had an overnight business trip, and while I hate saying goodbye to my family, I had no problems embracing this little slice of heaven.

King sized bed all to myself + laptop + no snoring

+ Small little perfect bottles of lotion and shampoo + towels washed and folded by someone other than me

+ George Clooney on the flat screen instead of ESPN + total remote control dominance = BLISS!!!

Oh, and hot coffee prepared by someone else, and waiting for me in the morning?!? It really is the little things that bring so much joy hint hint Mr. Sugarplum! As much as I wanted to hole up in my own private Holiday Inn like Sugarhill Gang for 48 hours, I did have to work long days.

However, privacy and head space weren't the only perks to my trip. I lucked out and was able to meet a new 'friend' for drinks; Megan, from Honey We're Home. Megan is one of the best parts of blogging....meeting new people! I've found the older I get, the few new friends I make are parents of my kid's friends, or colleagues of mine or my husband's. Some of those turn into great friendships, but most aren't built on commonalities. Megan and I clearly have a lot in common since we spend so much time blogging about the same topics!

She lives in Houston, so we swallowed our nerves and met as complete strangers for a drink. We balked at the margaritas bigger than our heads, then proceeded to slurp down every last drop...while laughing and talking non-stop. Now I call Megan friend, with no quote marks.

(She's ridiculous-pretty isn't she?! You should see her house...and her baby!!! You want to hate her, but you just can't!!)

I had to step outside my comfort zone to set-up the meeting, and again to actually follow through with it! And I'm so glad I did because I gained a new friend, and some cojones confidence. Beth from Hello, Splendor is organizing a Dallas Blogger Social....and I won't let nerves deter me from going! (Assuming I can make it into the city on a weeknight!) Anyone else planning on attending this November 4 event? I'd love to meet you and put a face with the name!

Have you made any new friends from the blog community? Are you jealous of my hotel-time...or do you know think I'm a nut?!


  1. I think we all need to check ourselves in the Holiday Inn every now and then!
    I am soooo jealous you got to meet up with Megan!! And, I have to say, you're both gorgeous. Would love to have both of you for neighbors.

  2. Totally jealous!! I "joke" all the time to hubby and kids that I am going to go away for a vacation by myself one weekend. What I really need is for them to all get out of the house for a whole weekend so I could do some of my projects! :) And fwiw, you're both gorgeous!

  3. You had me until ESPN...then you lost me.
    That is my all time favorite channel.
    I still love that you love Mexican food...I could eat it every meal...I would totally marry it.
    ...and your name is the bomb diggity!

  4. Where do I begin??? Loving everything about this post. The night away in a hotel for all the reasons you listed . . .dreamy. And so jealous that you all were able to meet up {such hot mamas, BTW}. And how fun that you guys are going to meet some more bloggers in November. Wishing I were closer so I could take the quotation marks out of "friend" as well :)

  5. Aw Cassie! You are too sweet friend! I'm so glad I got to meet you too. And this post (like many of your other ones!) felt like you're living in my head! I would be the same way about a little bliss:) And . . . I got the reference- before you said it!!! I think only because I know you now:)

  6. Ummm, why didn't y'all call me?? Haters! JK, but you should have. Megan is my friend real life. :) I could have used a ginormous rita as well. Then I would have been reeeeeally funny. :)

  7. that does look like heaven! meeting a new friend, having someone else make your coffee and make your bed... luxury!!!

  8. good for you for putting yourself out there, how nice to have an evening like that one and to meet a new *friend*

  9. I love blogger blind dates :) It's fun to actually meet the people in person that we read everyday. What I wouldn't give for a hotel room, no baby, and the ability to sleep in :) jealous...

  10. The meet up with Megan sounds so fun! You guys are both gorgeous!

    And I am totally with you on the hotel rooms. A little peace and quite (and remote control domination) is always a good thing!

  11. Hey Cassie,

    Thanks so much for commenting on my post yesterday. It's so great to meet other bloggers and then I get to go check out their blogs!!

    So, I am very jealous of your hotel room...and I'm very jealous that you are going to the Blogger Social on the 4th. I just love Beth and Kelly and it sounds like it's going to be so fun!

  12. Yay for friends via the internets, and Holiday Inns (say WHAT?!)!

    I'm glad you posted info on that blogger event, 'cause I looked for it & couldn't find. I'll totes be your date if you're going.

  13. I met Beth at the Austin Bloggy Boot Camp and she told me about the POST meet-up in Dallas--now I am dying to go! I would love to meet you IRL rather than just stalking your blog :)


Your comments are like popcorn with milk duds, I just can't quit them. Thanks for taking the time to share your positive thoughts! xoxo, cass

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