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Monday, October 4, 2010

{Halloween} It's About to Get Wild!

Hi Sugarplum! How was your weekend? We spent most of ours outside since Fall is finally finding its way to Texas. Our pool dipped below 75-degrees, so I conceded the end of Summer {sigh}, and embraced Fall by decorating for the new season. Since Halloween is Mr. Sugarplum's the kids favorite, I decided to give the holiday more attention this year.

So I've declared this week:

tyra mask
This is the scariest picture I could find. I mean, really Tyra?!? WhattheFrench?! I've got a few Halloween crafts I'll show you this week...and you know they are cheapie DIY ones!

As for our weekend, it's collage time!! Yay for!

soccer collage
Watched our little stud play, then watched FC Dallas clinch a MLS playoff berth!

weekend collage
Hit up a Fall Festival at our favorite nursery, where we stocked up on cool pumpkins and I was reminded how cute anything can be with a shot of spraypaint!

weekend collage
And of course our weekends wouldn't be complete without large amounts of food...typically the ethnic kind. We feasted on Thai with our favorite newlyweds/parent-to-be (check out her cute fashion blog, Haute's fun to watch Erin's style morph with her expanding waistline!); and ate in the loveliest courtyard of a Hindu Temple. Kalachandjis is ranked as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the country, and definitely worth a visit!

See you tomorrow for some Halloween fun!


  1. What a wonderful fall posts. I love the orange bike! How cool is that? So excited to see all your goodies!

  2. I thought that first outfit was your Halloween costume this year! ha! I need to check out Picnic- I've only used Picasa.

  3. I'm with Megan...thought it was the costume you chose this year! LOL Sounds like you all had a fabulous weekend. I'm thrilled we are finally seeing cooler temps here in GA as well.


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