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Thursday, October 7, 2010

{Happiness in a Can} Lantern Makeover

This post isn't technically Halloween related, but since it's part of my front porch decor, I'm including it. And it's my blog, so what?!

To keep with the theme though, let's talk about scary.... what some of the Hot-Shot-Retailers charge for their wares!!??

Take the iron lantern:

(Restoration Hardware $199 for the large)

What is in these lanterns?! Magic Genies?!

(Pottery Barn $99 for large)

Maybe if you bring the lanterns home they keep your house eternally spotless?!

(Z Gallerie $49 for large)

Oh I know, you sweat over the price until you're skinny!!!

I kid, I love those retailers, but I love a good deal even more. Like when I spied this lantern on the Pier 1 clearance shelf for 7 dolla!! Heeey!

(hello pretty red clearance tag!)

I love the red actually, but since I want to use this on my front porch, red won't really work:


Fortunately, the glass panes slid right out....and I transformed my lantern with two coats of 'Oil Rubbed Bronze' spray paint:

Picnik collage

Once it dried, I rubbed the edges with a fine sandpaper for a more rustic look (and so the areas I'd missed weren't so obvious.)

lantern collage

So who's the winner in this Trick or Treat scenario?

Picnik collage

Throw in a Twix bar, and I say it's me and my $7 gem!
Come back tomorrow when I'll show you all this magic happening on my front porch.

And don't forget to enter the 100 Posts $50 gift card Giveaway here!


  1. I love your lantern! Makes me want to run out to Pier One to see if they still have any- I've also seen some good priced ones at Home Goods. Your porch is so nice- is the front of the door red and the back black?

  2. Love the lantern. I have two on my front porch from Home Goods that I got for a steal!

  3. Fantasic idea, i don't know why I never think of that! I have tons of laterns, that I hate the colors of....duh, just spray paint! Thanks for the tip!

  4. Great find! Love a good clearance deal!! Looks great!

  5. Pier 1 here I come. I wish I could find that! Looks amazing. All of your Halloween decor is looking great.

  6. It looks great! And much cheaper than those other lanterns!

    Now I want lanterns... :)

  7. I love that lantern and it's huge. I've checked out my Pier 1 and no luck ... oh well, I think I'll try Home Goods. BTW, Your entryway makeover is beautiful!

  8. I love your lantern. You really found a bargain!

  9. Awesome knock-off, girl! Love the paint color you chose, too. Gotta say that Pier I has some great lanterns...especially when they go on sale. Your vision was spot on - and it turned out great! Happy MM!

    xoxo laurie


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