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Thursday, October 14, 2010

{Crafty Cassie} Personalized Art Tins

This project isn't that unique, in that I did something really similar in my son's room makeover:

(Read about how I made these Souped-Up Soup Cans here, and see them in my son's final room here.)

But from the day I made them, little sister has been thieving the can of colored pencils. So I knew I needed to create something similar in her new room.

Gather your supplies....paper, trim, Mod Podge, FabriTac, small wood letters, container:


I found these galvanized buckets at Ikea...they are part of a whole system I'm hoping will work creating.
Since the buckets are angled, I couldn't do an easy wrap-around with the scrapbook paper. And since I'm most interested in the easiest fixes...I opted to glue the paper on in little squares:


Cutting the paper into squares is a good job for your tatted-up, flamingo dancing little helpers:


I put a layer of ModPodge on first, then placed the squares, overlapping them in sort of a mosaic fashion. This worked really well with the pattern of this particular paper...definitely something to consider when choosing your paper for a similar project.

I used the FabriTac to haphazardly glue the trim around the top edge:

(The pom-poms tie in to the new bedding!)

I wanted to add a bit more personalization with her initials. So I traced the wooden letters on scrapbook paper, and painted them since the sides and backs will show a little:
(That bloody-looking Q-tip is totally grossing me out!! It was a great little paintbrush for the small letters though.)

After gluing the paper to the painted letters, I glued them to the front of the can:

pencil bucket collage

Fill them with newly sharpened colored pencils and brand-new markers and you've got one happy girl:


Do you see the color palette of the room starting to emerge (based on this and this too?) And the hooks probably give you an idea as to how these cute cans will be displayed. Guesses?

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  1. So adorable. My daughter's are just in plain silver soup cans. She will LOVE doing it herself. And the trim is so cute. What is it about sharpened colored pencils? Gets me everytime!

  2. Very cute! My Granny used to save her soup cans and frozen orange juice cans for us to make things with. Love the color scheme.

  3. Oh, this may be my very first mod podge project! I've got baby formula cans that I think will be the victim!

  4. Well I think it's a cool project - original or not. I love that the kids got involved

  5. Very cute!


  6. How cute!! And its awesome that you let her help too!! :)

  7. I've been trying to navigate through your blog to find how you ended up hanging these to the shelf? Was it a system that you bought at Ikea? Did you build it? I love this idea for my daughter's room and think it might work out better, be able to hang it a little higher above her desk so that the younger boys can't reach it and draw on everything in Thanks
    Beth @

  8. Finally, something that I can do (craft).
    For containers I used the plastic containers that my prunes come in. My granddaughters loved them (not the prunes) pretty containers! Grandma has lots of empty plastic prune containers. I have used yogurt as well.
    And.....found brand new, small and smaller tin pails at the hardware store that are prefect for decorating and giving as presents to adults. (I wonder how many I given out that went to the dump ?)


Your comments are like popcorn with milk duds, I just can't quit them. Thanks for taking the time to share your positive thoughts! xoxo, cass

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