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Friday, October 15, 2010

{Cheap Art} Free Word Clouds

Happy Friday! Looking for something to pass the time until the weekend starts?!? You will either love or hate me after this post (probably a combination of both!). I have discovered a website that has proven to be a time vacuum...but also pretty much awesome! As you know, I'm slowly giving Babygirl a room makeover...and I'm big on creating my own 'art' to fill walls. Not only because it's cheaper, but also for the sentiment and personalization it lends. (Remember these pictures I made for my son's room?)

I've got several ideas on how to fill the empty walls in her new room...and creating one of these 'Word Clouds' is definitely one of them!




Super cute, right? The secret is Wordle! It's super easy, but I'll give you a basic tutorial. First select 'Create Your Own' and this screen will pop up:

wordle create

Simply type the words you want in your word cloud. If you want a word to appear larger, type it multiple times. If you want words to stay together, like a phrase, put the tilde ( ~ ) between them instead of a space. Once you've entered them all, click 'Go.' (You can't come back to this screen, which is highly annoying, so if you're not satisfied with the words, you'll have to re-enter them.)

wordle 2

Ta-Da! Your custom Word Cloud. Now the fun can adjust the Font, Layout and Color scheme using the drop down buttons at the top. You don't have a lot of control on where things are placed (this is a free service, don't complain!), but if you adjust it enough times, you'll eventually get to the layout you want. For some reason, you can't easily save your Clouds. You can print them directly from the site, but I wanted to stockpile save mine, so I came up with a few options.

1) Print to a PDF if your computer has the option and save image as a PDF file.
2) Do a screen shot, open in Paint, crop just your cloud, copy in to a new Paint screen, then save as a jpeg. Sounds like a lot, but again, free service.

This is where the time vacuum part kicks in....I made a soccer themed one for my son:

jack soccer

Then he got in on the action and made one for his door:

Jackson sign

I had a hormonal sappy moment and made one for Mr. Sugarplum:


Holiday themes:


How about a baby shower invite:

baby shower

I love those oversized subway signs, but don't love their prices. I created this Cloud using the cities of our favorite trips, then used Picnik to weather and age it a bit. Places like Staples will make large prints from your image files....this could be an inexpensive way for a custom subway sign:


What do you think? Will you be trying Wordle?

Have a great weekend friends....and don't forget to enter the 100 Post Giveaway for a $50 Gift Card! Winner announced Monday!


  1. Cassie...I love it! And, it is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I too am trying to "create" the art in my girls' newly redone bedrooms and bathroom they share (well, at least when sister comes home for a visit from college). I had already framed some scrapbook paper and a monogram I made, so this is perfect to go with. And, since I am without my car again today it'll give me something fun to do!

  2. i have been playing with this for a week now your tutor on how to do things is very helpful ty so much

  3. Well, you're just awesome.....thanks Miss! I'll probably be back in 6 hours swearing at you, but this is perfect for personalizing the boy's bedroom doors and for a little something else I have planned. Yay you!

  4. oh boy! was planning to redo a piece of furniture this weekend . . . but suddenly I will be doing word clouds. So cute. I would love one for the kids' bathroom. So darn cute. Thanks, girl.

  5. Sooo cute! Thanks so much for the tutorial because I tried playing with it briefly a while back but didn't get far. I'm going to give it another shot- I love how yours turned out!

  6. I just found your blog - love it! And yes, wordle is going to be dangerous. I can see spending loads of time with this. My daughter, 15yrs, is going to love it to make personalized artwork/gifts for her friends!

  7. to change what you typed into the box, just refresh the page that your woordle is on, and it brings you back!

  8. I love wordle. I happened upon it by accident a year or so ago and have been making holiday and season themed wordles to frame ever since. It's so simple and makes it easy to change out with the seasons. They are great in kids rooms awesome to personalize!

  9. Hello--
    I noticed on your travel cloud that "Amela Island" was one of the places you had traveled to. I live on Amelia Island for the last 7 years--right on the beach. I love it here. It's the only beach I had ever been to where there are only homes on the beach-we only have 1 hotel on the beach. It's a very unique place--just a small town that happens to be on an sland. Not a whole lot to do here but I think that's what makes it special--it's not all commercialiZed like most other beaches. Anyway, Jacksonville is only 30 min away & they have anything you could possibly want to do.

  10. I love wordle! Yours are very cute. Try out the advanced option, it saves a lot of time. I have to create my word list and relative sizes in microsoft word first, then paste the text into the wordle window, but it's worth the effort because adjustments are presto easy. No retyping.


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