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Friday, October 22, 2010

Babygirl's Nursery

Since I've started the projects for my babygirl's Big-Girl Room, I thought I'd share her nursery with you. And while she has a smaller room than her brother, and sadly only one sliver of a window, she hasn't exactly been slumming it in a plain ole room:

Picnik collage
(These are old pics I dug up, so they aren't great.)

My mom gifted her with Pottery Barn bedding, and we designed the room around the dark pink/celery/turquoise palette. Even before she was born I knew she wouldn't be a sweet pastelly kind of gal.

nursery 1

I freehand painted the scallop pattern around the top of all four walls using Martha Stewart for Sherwin Williams 'Bouganvilla', then we used painters tape to paint a straight turquoise stripe over the pale celery color. The birds are actually cut from cardboard and mounted on the stripe with a piece of Velcro. It gives them some dimension and realistic shadows...and I think the 'Bird on a Wire' is a fun touch without giving it a 'theme.'

nursery 2

I 'Pizz-Azzed' basic Ikea mirrors and Target shelves by adding ribbon and beaded trim:

nursery 3

We took the sliding doors off her closet because they didn't allow full access to the shelves. I meant to go back and paint the inside of her closet, but trimming out the shelves with ribbon was as far as I got:

nursery 4

Nurseries are always such special rooms, and this one was no different. We've had a lot of sweet times in her room:

Picnik collage

Of course, those nursery pics were taken before she was even born! It didn't actually look like that for long. The room has grown up with her a little, and this is how it looks these days:

Picnik collage

Still pretty cute, but definitely ready to move up to a big girl room worthy of a 4-year old!

Play kitchen and electric 'aquarium' replaced the changing table:


LOTS more baby dolls and their accessories added:


Baskets from the changing table moved to the closet, along with more toys, more clothes and more books:


Dress-up clothes replaced the sweet baby dress:


It's funny, I hadn't realized until this post ... the background of Hi Sugarplum! is the same color of her room! Guess I'm drawn to it. Perhaps that's why I've drug my feet letting her room grow up, I'm trying to hold on to her last morsels of babyness. But as you see, my Silly-Bandz-wearing, Tattoo-covered, No-hairbrush babygirl is no longer a baby. {gulp}

Are you guilty of keeping a nursery too long longer than your child wanted?


  1. those birds on a wire are so cute! what a fun idea.

  2. Everything is too cute! I love all the color! So fitting for a little girl's room. I can't wait to see the new room! :)

  3. You are so creative! I love it! I am VERY guilty of holding onto my babygirl's nursery also. We are redoing it also. It's heartbreaking, but fun! I am sure her new room will be just as spectacular! I love your blog!

  4. Darling. I love the little details like the ribbon trim on the shelves and the little birds. And what a great closet. Always wondered about taking off the doors. Isn't it crazy how time flies and the room evolves. Fun post.

  5. Love the birds! They do grow up so fast - it really makes you want to keep them young forever! My oldest daughter will be 4 in a couple of weeks so we are going through all the same stuff! Of course, yesterday sge asked for a Batman nitelite. *sigh* LOL. Love your girl's room!

  6. ok i love the white curtains with black trim! Are you going for the pink with black and white theme? So adorable

  7. Love the room -- and I am a big fan of the color combo!

  8. What a sweet room. I can't tell you the number of times our girls' rooms have changed. Either because of age, new favorite color, or most recently the big "switch". Little sis is now in big sister's old room now that she has her own apartment, but big sis still has a room at home-little sister's old one! LOL Each change in decor brought many new wonderful memories!

  9. Oh, nurseries are hard to part with! What a beautiful family you have! Hope your weekend is lovely. xo

  10. I can't believe (well, actually I can!) you free-handed that scallop:) How old is she in pic with you and big brother? Looks like maybe a bit younger than James is now. And so surreal to see the little baby clothes in the closet and now the big girl clothes in their place!

  11. what a fun and eclectic room she has! love the paint treatment!

  12. Love the birds on the wire!! Such a gorgeous room!

    What a lucky little one!

    Rachie xo

  13. You free handed the scallops? You did an amazing job!

  14. The birds are fantastic!!
    They add such character to the room!!!


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