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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

{Pizz-Azz} Step Stool

My 4-year-old daughter started talking about her 'new room' before I'd even finished her brother's. In all fairness, her room is still a nursery, and she's been ready for a big-girl room for a few years. I whipped out a quick project just so she'd stop pressuring me know her new room was in the works.

What household with kids doesn't have this step stool:

(note to self: touch-up paint on baseboards!)

Nothing is safe from spray paint or Mod Podge in my house.
Gather your supplies...fabric, Mod Podge, trim:


There was probably an easier way, but I just flipped it upside down and traced the step on the backside of my fabric.


I didn't worry too much about a perfect cut since I planned on edging it with ribbon trim (like I did here and here and, you guessed it, here). Then I placed the cut swatch over the bottom step hoping it would serve as a template for both steps:


But the universe doesn't work that way...for some reason one step is 1/2" smaller. After adjusting my second swatch to the right size I followed these steps:

stool steps
(guess who just discovered collages in Picnik?!?)

And here's the cheery new stool in all her polka-dot-ric-rac cuteness:

stool after

stool before and after

My daughter is very independent and wanted to be able to reach her clothes and shoes:


But really she's just using it to scale the wall!


Projects are under way for her room, so check back. This piece was transformed last weekend...can you guess what color?!


  1. oh! tell me it's yellow :) it would be so sweet....but I'm sure you did it in just the right shade for you.

  2. oh my gosh, I love it! I have painted step stools before, but never thought about using fabric. I am totally going to do this!

  3. It's adorable I love it! Yes, I did spray paint the inside part of the hardware on my door. It's a great inexpensive fix :)

  4. That stool is too cute! I just bought mod podge for the first time but haven't used it yet. I loooove yellow:)

  5. I think that belongs in my 4 year olds room! it matches her's PERFECT!!! can i steal it? :)

  6. Super cute!!! Love those colors. :) Please add a link back to me or my party button to your post. My blog is small, so I rely on those link-backs to get the word out. Thanks. :)

  7. What a cute stool. I have one similar to this, you have inspired me to re-do it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. That's so bright and happy!! Love it!

  9. Following you now from Feature Yourself Friday. Please follow back my blog, “Inspire!”

  10. Yellow polka dots?? Too cute! :)

    If you get a chance, I'd love for you to link to this on Not "Baaad" Sundays with LambAround!

  11. Interesting for me//

  12. came from TT&J today and have been looking around - where did you get the stool?

  13. If you always write interesting, I will be your regular reader. skin care

  14. I loved the tall two stair step stool - too cute. Just one question .... Did you make the step stool or buy it? If you made it, can we get a copy of the plans? If you bought it, can you let us know where we can get one? Thanks. Great job!!! Love the site.

    Tammy G.
    Lafayette, LA

  15. Hi Tammy G -- I bought the stool at Target!


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