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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

{Outfit Inspiration} Peacock Blue & Green

I love color combinations that occur in nature...there's something so perfect and unforced about them. Take the peacock for instance:


Normally, pairing two such vibrant shades that are adjacent on the color wheel would be a little over the top. But the peacock wears it well, as do these two beautiful rooms.

peacock collage
(anthropologie, national geographic, decorpad)

How gorgeous is this blue and green tablescape?

peacock scheme - weddingwiredotcom

My outfit interpretation is quite literal, seeing as how I'm wearing an actual peacock patterned top:

blue green

I broke up the vibrancy of the top and bright skirt with a wide brown belt since I went with a bolder green shoe....and also since I was at work and not a party!

I think wearing this outfit to the Peacock themed party might be a leeeettle over the top though, don't you think?

outfit collage

{Outfit deets: Top - Liberty of London for Target; Belt - F21; Skirt - Jcrew; Shooz - Franco Sarto wedges}


  1. I love blues and greens together!! Your outift is adorable and you have inspired me to be more free with colors...purple with yellow, blue with orange.

  2. Why is it that you turn your head in every picture of you?

  3. this is such a terrific concept. i just LOVE reading your wiww :) your color combos are great fun!


  4. Love it!!

  5. Love the colors! Visiting from Pleated Poppy...

  6. You have some cute clothes! And, I wanted to say thank you for bringing the MirrEdge to our attention (yeah, a while ago!), I may have to get some of those.

  7. You have such great vision, I love it! I really like that belt too, it's fantastic.

  8. This is a seriously awesome post! Very creative. I'm so jealous of your cute clothes. You'll have to read my post for tomorrow about my uniform:)

  9. I have that top, too! I bought way too much of the Liberty of London collection, but I love it all.

  10. Wonderful colour combination honey, I love on you and in the home. Gorgous! Amberxx


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