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Friday, September 24, 2010

I {Heart} Friday!

Woot Woot - It's Friday!!! Good grief, I thought you'd never get here!
We have a busy weekend of soccer games and piano festivals, but I hope to squeeze in a few more self-centered things.

Like milking the final days of summer in our backyard:
backyard collage
(Why, yes, my backyard is this lush after a Texas August! And my table is always set for a party! Don't hate.) not really

Like making progress on transforming this Nursery into a Big Girl Room:
(full nursery post coming up)

And most importantly...celebrating the birth of Mr. Sugarplum!! His favorite is Boston Cream Pie, so I'm hoping to make some semblance of this dessert:

Happy, Happy Birthday Babe!! I'm so glad your parents got busy (eeeeeeeeeewwwwww) all those years ago! You are the heart and laughter of our lives. {kiss}

What are you guys up to? Enjoy your last September weekend!


  1. You seriously crack me up! I'm so happy for Friday too, but when I told my husband that, he's like "why, what's different about Friday from any other day for you??" Ha! I guess he's kinda right!

  2. Tell Mr. Sugarplum to have a swell birthday from the gals in the UR Department! Love love love your blog! Thank you for being therapy for therapists! You ARE true talent. ~Beth

  3. Happy birthday to J! Catching up on all the fab things you've been doing to your house've been a busy gal! xo E


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