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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Help Me Choose!

After amassing a large collection of upholstered headboard pictures in my daughter's Inspiration File, I stumbled across a too-good-to-pass-up-deal on this beautiful French Provencial bed:

So, upholstered is out. And clearly I won't just leave the bed alone. One common thread in most of my inspiration pics was a monogram:

(southern living)

(tonic home)


(this next)

My penmanship is horrendous, so painting a monogram isn't an option. I scoured stencils too, but didn't find much that I liked....and to be honest, I'm afraid that might look too homemade for my liking.

So I started looking for decals. Good grief there are some expensive amazing choices on the internets! But yay, Etsy to the rescue!! I found a super creative girl with beautiful options that are really affordable!

Gift Chick has really fun personalized items, I've got my eye on this tray for sure:

She's also super cool....I wanted to know what the monogram would look like in her various she whipped up 7 options in my daughter's actual monogram.

This is where you guys come in. Making decisions like this drives me bonkers (I chose the paint color in 30 seconds, but would fret over the monogram for days?!), so I'd love your input. You know I'm incapable of not painting the here's the color:

Sherwin Williams Radish

And without telling you too much about the room's kind of a modern meets french-girly. Clear as mud, right?!

So which monogram style do you like for her headboard:

monogram options

I didn't realize until now that the middle panel of the headboard resembles a tulip! Maybe the monogram should follow that curve?

bed collage

You guys rock the Casbah!

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  1. Hi from a fellow North Texan and compulsive furniture make-overer...I would definitely go with #3.

  2. Hello from DC! I really like #7, I think it follows the curb of the tulip. You should make this a clicky poll, so you don't have to figure out the most popular choice!

  3. I like #2 - has some girly-ness but not overly swirly. :)

  4. I vote for #2. It is so lovely and not too much, you really don't want it to stand out, just be the central part of the overall design of the headboard.

  5. No. 7 here too....I think it will be gorgeous! Love your colour choice :)

  6. #1 matches your modern french-girly and #2 is a classic monogram that stands the test of time!

  7. I think #1 and #4 are too boyish, and #3 and #7 are too hard to read. My personal favorite is #5! I know you've decided to use Gift Chick for this monogram and I think these all look great, but for future projects (maybe on a smaller scale), you could choose a font on your computer, print it out to the correct side, rub chalk on the back and trace it onto the object you want monogrammed. Then you can fill it in with paint or whatever medium you want! Just a thought.

  8. I'm partial to #2... I think it's the most classic design, and the curves will fit well within the curves on your bedframe. Good luck!

  9. My favorites are #1 (love the simplicity of this with all the curves, girlyness of the rest of the room) and #3 (mostly because it resembles my first fancy monogram die from Crane's with my new married initials!) I think the key here is to NOT necessarily make the color of the mono too high-contrast with the bed color...advice worth what you pay for it! :-) Whatever, I KNOW you'll make the right choice because your taste level is amazing and also you're a little obsessive....! (in a good way) Ali

  10. i like number 2 the best! it's the best suited to that particular bed. i am actually working on a bed for my daughter now, too! i wasn't intending it to be for her, but i am falling in love. i may have to monogram it- i love that idea!

  11. I like #2 as my first choice & #7 as my second choice.

  12. I like the idea of a delicate single swirly lettera about 5 inches high toward the top. Don't forget the pillow shams will cover most of the bottom, so a delicate letter on top may be just the perfect detail!
    Congrats on all the features on D*S and OhDeeDoh, so well deserved!


  13. (this is the Gift Chick)
    Hey!! Thanks for all the sweet chatter about my shop!! :) much appreciated! can you believe HGTV contacted me about a feature for the exact platter in the orange monogram?! :) SO COOL!
    anyways.. on to the important stuff. LOVE LOVE - LOVE the paint color of the bed. stunning.
    I am thinking fonts 2,5 or 7 can't go wrong. I normally wouldn't pick #2, but after seeing the bed it looks like a good match. Good Luck!!!

  14. This is the sort of thing I obsess over too! So, after much deliberation I'd go with number 4. I also like number 7, but it seems like the S needs to be moved closer to the F (yes, I know I'm nuts). #4 would provide a nice modern contrast to the traditional bed.

  15. I like 2 and 4 best but Kate had a good suggestion about making sure the pillows don't cover the monogram- hate to lose it after all this deliberation:) But since it's your daughter's bed, which one does she like?

  16. I vote for number 3 but I think 2 would look good also.

  17. Definitely number 2, feminine but not too elaborate.

  18. #2, elegant
    They say simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication :)

  19. This is my first time - and I can't wait to come back.
    By the way - think #2 is your look!

  20. #2 is French Provencial looking without being too grown up. And it'll match the curves on the headboard nicely.

  21. What a perfect bed for a monogram...I like #'s 5 & 7.

  22. I think #2 would be the best choice for the style of bed. It's nice and frilly without being over the top.

  23. How on earth will you ever decide? Number 2 looks like the best of all world to me. I do not like #1, 4, 5, or 6. I've just made it worse, haven't I? oh my


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