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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

{Field Trip} Home Goods

Home Goodness is more like it! Or Home Greatness if we're being honest. If you don't have one of these genius stores near you, wow that would suck it's basically a TJ Maxx, spiffed-up ....times 10! It's Marshall's sophisticated older brother that went away to private school, on steroids. You get the picture.

My aunt and I were set to stroll through one together recently, but she had to cancel because she got sick. Being the spiteful helpful niece I am, I was taunting her sending her pics of the good stuff I saw that day.

I can't guarantee you'll see any of this on your trip, but that's the beauty of'll find your own batch of greatness!

This looks straight out of Williams Sonoma Home!

There is an amazing assortment of lamps, and I've never seen one for more than $40. Some of the shades are not-cute, but for these prices you can swap it out. These drum shades make great pendant lights (I'll show you the one I rigged up soon).

Hello! Restoration Hardware called, they want their floor light back

Remember when I scored the smaller version of this mirror?

I'm beach obsessed, so I had to snap these.

Union Jack
How cute would these Union Jack's be in a boy's room?

If you find it on an end-cap like this, and red stickers are all around...chances are it's on clearance. I picked up this capiz tray for $5 and put it in my guest bath:


The shell tray had a mirror friend:

I rescued this tray while I was there too. So try to look past the obvious flaws and decide if you can improve upon it.

mirror tray

Super cute canvas bins with quadrafoil pattern, $12!

They had full sets of this fun bee-pattern:

And just to be sure Home Goods doesn't get a big head, you can also find stuff like this:

What?!? What does that even mean? Who's 'Mary Mary'?

Guess they really do have everything you'd ever need:

Yes, they are all crapball phone pics...that's the idea behind these Field Trips...covert! Do you have any favorite items you picked up at Home Goods?


  1. Love your blog. Love Home Goods. On my way to buy that sunburst mirror.

  2. Home Goods is one of my favorite stores. I love all of the pieces that you highlighted. Your "Field Trips" posts are fun...I also love Hobby Lobby!


  3. The one we have is attached to the TJ Maxx with the Runway section. I can't get out of there without spending a fortune!

  4. Mary Mary....eighties rap song by Run DMC. Good song, come to think of it, should put it back on my ipod.

    Lurrrrve me some Homegoods. :-)

  5. I love Homegoods but it's probably not a good thing that the closest one to me is only 5 minutes from my house! You found some great things while you were there.

  6. Our Canadian equivalent is HomeSense and I am admittedly addicted... I just posted my new dressing table and about half the goodies are from there!

  7. "beach obsessed" we have to start a group or go to meetings? lol

    cute finds your blog!

  8. I love the yellow vase-ish thing and the canvas bin. I'm obsessed with that goldy-yellowy-buttery color.

  9. I'm loving the mirrors and lamps especially. Too funny that we both posted Home Goods finds at the same time:)

  10. The day after reading this post I went to HomeGoods to find the sunburst mirror and no, they don't have it. What they do have is plenty of beach crap and halloween decor. My hopes were so high!

  11. Mary, I'm so sorry your store didn't have it! That is such a bummer. I've done that so many times...see something fabulous on a blog only to find nada at my store.

    Email me if you want and we'll see if we are in the same area.

    Pigeon, thanks for the Run DMC clarification...I don't know how I missed that?!

    xo, cass


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