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Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm Practicing My Queen's Wave

First Kate at Centsational Girl featured my son's room, and now Design*Sponge?!? Are you kidding me...I think my head may explode with all the excitement.

What's next?!? Invitation to the Palace? (I kid.)

Seriously, being featured by two of the best, most inspiring blogs is so flattering. (Just to be clear, I totally pimp myself out to them...but still...they have gobs to choose from!)

You can check out their super nice feature here. Thanks for the love...I'm totally obsessed inspired to tackle the next room in my house!


  1. Awesome! You totally deserve it! The bedroom looks great!!! LOVED the striped wall, the artwork, the bedding, ...well the whole room!

  2. I think I would die! That's so great! Congratulations:) p.s. I'm in Texas too- Houston.


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