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Thursday, August 19, 2010

{Happiness in a Can} Painting a Bed

The one project in my son's room I almost didn't do (out of sheer laziness) was spraying his bed white. The bed was perfectly fine in it's original mousy brown state:

jack bed before

But with everything else a dark espresso brown or crisp white, I knew it wouldn't have as much impact in the current color. So in a giant "Screw it" moment, I hauled the headboard, footboard and two side rails out to the yard:


And it was 100-effing-4 degrees, so these were the fastest layers ever sprayed...only so I could race back inside. Here's what I used:


The Zinsser BIN Primer is the bomb! (Yes, it's 1996 again and the cool kids say, 'The Bomb!'). The bed is solid wood, but had a veneer-like finish....that I sure wasn't about to sand (do you see all those slats?!) This primer stuck to the bed like white on rice and made for the perfect base. The white is Rustoleum's High Lustre Lacquer line in White.

I don't actually have any pictures of the process because my camera melted (not really). I just wasn't willing to stay outside long enough to take one....did I mention it was 100-effing-4 degrees?!

Now, I'm the chintziest person ever when it comes to paint, so I tend to under-buy and then get really ticked off when I can't do the job right because I'm having to scrimp. So do yourself a favor and buy 2 cans of primer so you can do a really solid coat. (I ran out and had to resort to some random primer I found in the garage.) I also went through 4 cans of white paint in order to give the bed 2 coats. I could have used another.

I think I made the right choice by sucking it up painting the bed though:


The back of the headboard may or may not be painted....but as long as the bed always lives against the wall, no one will ever find out!


It also looks best from this me a favor and don't zoom in. Okay? Okay!


  1. The white bed just pulls it all together! Looks fantastic!

  2. Thanks for the painting info. I have the same kind of bed in a king size and I would love to paint my wood frame!

  3. I always wanted to paint some of my furniture, but I am too scared! Great job.

  4. Wow, what a little bit of paint can make! It looks really good!

  5. This was totally the right choice...the things we endure for design! lol!

    I'm your newest follower and inspired more than ever to go ahead and paint the bed in my son's room now;)

    Come visit me if you get a chance!


  6. Hi there, Your sons room looks awesome. Can I ask where you bought the bed spread? I was really looking for one just like it.

  7. The patchwork quilt is from Pottery Barn Kids, and the brown and white set is from Kohls!

  8. Great thanks for the info. I will have to look at Kohls. Keep up the AWESOME work.

  9. Hi there again, I'm having problems finding the bedding from Kohls. Is there anyway you can tell me the brand name so I can try to find it that way. thanks

  10. Hey Kristi -- sorry you're having trouble finding the bedding. I checked his out, and found no tags. But it was inexpensive, and one of those 'bed in a bags'...probably a house brand they carry. I know similar styles are called 'hotel' bedding...maybe do a search for that online?

    Sorry I'm not much help!


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