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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Domino's Back, Alright!

Let's pretend the Powers-That-Be read Hi Sugarplum! They heard me mourning over the loss of Domino Magazine in this post. So they got their powerful heads together and decided to make me happy!!! It was announced this week that Brides Magazine now has the rights to the archived articles and photos from Domino!! (Not sure how the two connect, but mmmmkay!)

There are about 16 articles up now, and more are to be added in the coming weeks and months. Here's the direct link to the Domino page on In case you aren't hopping up and down in your chair like me, here's a look back at some of the eye candy Domino provided:

It's speaks volumes about the talent of the creative team behind the magazine that these images are still so timeless and chic. They were a great inspiration then, and will be again. Domino is back, alright!

Great, now I'm going to have the Backstreet Boy song stuck in my head! "Backstreet's Back, All Right!"

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