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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oui! Oui!

Can you think of anything more chic than sitting in a French cafe, sipping wine, gazing up at the Eiffel Tower and watching the fashionable people walk by? No, neither can I.

Mr. Sugarplum took me to Paris in 1999, and it was as fabulous as I'd imagined (unfortunately, the chic part didn't rub off on me, y'all!). And since then, I've been infatuated with all things Parisian (not that pink and black crap from Hobby Lobby!), including the Tolix chairs and stools.

marais tolix chair4

tolix stool - has musen
has musen

marais tolix chair 2- desire to inspire
desire to inspire

marais tolix chair - desire to inspire
desire to inspire

marais tolix chair - design sponge
design sponge

It’s rumored that the chairs were created in 1934 for use in the weather forecasting room on a battleship. After that, they were supplied to French bars and brasseries by breweries in exchange for selling their beer. (well that's a nice arrangement!). They are made in France, and while you can buy them from Design Within Reach, Pottery Barn and Sundance Catalog, you won't find them for less than $250 each!

Which is why they aren't mixing it up at my breakfast table!

after 11

So of course, when I walked into a new, casual, Mediterranean restaurant last jaw dropped to see an entire room filled with them!

under the table covert paparazzi iPhone pic

I couldn't even pay attention to the menu, or the food...I was too busy calculating what they must have spent just on chairs and stools!!

behind the back covert paparazzi iPhone pic

You know I asked the owner about them...and he said they were a special order, shipped from France. Cha-ching just for the shipping!!?? It's a yummy little spot, but costs less than $10/person to I guess they are planning on selling a lot of pitas! What do you think....fabulous, or overkill?


  1. Love these chairs. Hope to have a table big enough to put some around one day!

  2. SugarPlum, You must live in my neighborhood.. I live within walking distance from this resteraunt! I too love these chairs..and this food.

  3. Hi Cassie, so funny we posted about the same chairs within one day of eachother.

    The mirror you asked about is from Lowes.


  4. Overstock has stools like these - $100 for a set of 2!


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