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Friday, June 25, 2010

New Man of the House

Some of you sweet readers emailed me about my floors when I revealed our Kitchen Renovation. Because looking at the Before & Afters, surely we replaced the floors too, right?! (I don't know, but don't call me Shirley!)

Here's a glimpse back:

grout before

Wow, zooming in on it is a little bit humiliating! I'm feeling kind of vulnerable right now! (hold me!)
So before you decide I'm a skank and too nasty to come visit....let's zoom in on the floors now:

grout after

Want to know the magic secret? (har har)

Yep, this big ole hunk of man! The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge! I don't know what's in that little puff of goodness, or how it works....but dang if it didn't clean the grout and tiles with minimal scrubbing!? Which is great, because I didn't have to replace my floors, or catch a buzz use horrendous chemicals to strip the grout....but not so great in that now I'll be on my hands and knees cleaning the rest of the tiles in house!

I won't ruin your appetite with those Before shots...let's just look again at the one room with clean floors:

after 6

I know the Magic Eraser isn't new, but using it on grout was new to me! What surprising things have you used it on? And has any one's hand melted away from it yet?!


  1. oh your arms must be SO sore from magic erasing that whole floor!!! Looks fantastic.

  2. Geeze that makes me want to go home & clean now.

  3. Love your kitchen cabinets! Are they black or dark brown? I'm soooo wanting black cabinets but afraid to paint them.

  4. Girl your house is so cute!Need you to come do mine:)

  5. Don't they fall apart super quickly? You got your tile to SHINE with it? I am amazed. They make the Magic Eraser mops now. How long did it take you to clean the tile? I thought you got new flooring, but then I thought, why would she get such similar tile???


Your comments are like popcorn with milk duds, I just can't quit them. Thanks for taking the time to share your positive thoughts! xoxo, cass

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