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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kitchen Re-Do, research first!

When I first started exploring the blog world, it was all about fashion...people's outfits, what was on sale, who made good knock-offs inspirations from designer pieces. Then a great contractor fell in my lap and quoted me a budget-friendly price to make over my 1980s kitchen. I was thrilled, but terrified at the same time! I've glared at this homely kitchen for five years, but had no idea what I wanted to it sat, bless it's homely heart!

My amazing contractor could do the work, but was not a the choosing was up to me! I quickly switched my blog-stalking focus to interior designers (hence my list of super creative fun reads in my blog roll!). I looked at every kitchen I could find, printing out my favorite pictures as I went.

Clearly there was a pattern of what I adored:

kitchen12 - countryliving
country living

kitchen11 - house beautiful
house beautiful

kitchen inspire - urbanstylevibes

Shaker style cabinets in espresso finish, blend of contemporary and modern design, stainless steel appliances.

My kitchen floor was in good shape (a new one wasn't in the budget), so I knew I was designing around white flooring. More pictures brought the realization that I like light colored counters partnered with dark cabinets. I also like the parallel lines the floor and counter made (all this's like free therapy! See, it's good to spend all day on the internets!)

kitchen10 - housebeautiful
house beautiful

kitchen7 - hgtv

kitchen9 - hgtv

The other elements that I discovered I liked most in a kitchen were subway tile backsplashes (preferably in glass *swoon*), breakfast bars, an unexpected light fixture, and beautiful molding on the cabinets to make them feel truly built in.


kitchen3 - elle decor
elle decor

kitchen4 - elle decor
elle decor

kitchen5 - tracy morris
tracy morris

kitchen10 - housebeautiful
house beautiful

And you may remember this post where I sang the praises of Erinn Valencich. This picture sealed the deal for contained all of my favorite elements:


erinn kitchen2

She was even so sweet as to answer my email regarding the color of the cabinets and info on the glass tile.

It certainly was nerve-racking making these decisions...I was panicked as to how it would turn out ($20 paint "oops" are a different story from granite countertop "oops"). Also, these designers most likely had generous budgets and access to countless materials...neither of which was my luxury!

So stay tuned....I'll be revealing my kitchen Before and Afters soon!!

1 comment:

  1. Can't wait for the before and afters...have to say, I love all the island units in these kitchens! Fab post. Will


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