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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hello Summer!

Summer is a funny season in Texas. Not funny ha-ha, but funny in a sneaky way. We have a lovely fall and a pseudo-winter. Then spring arrives and it's amazing...trees bloom, every restaurant patio is packed, you plant pretty flowers, and you actually go outdoors for a walk or bike ride. You start to feel like you're staring in the Truman Show...your own perfect 72 degree oasis. Then BAM, it's 98 degrees! (And no, Nick Lachey did not show up on my doorstep!) Summer is here and she's not kidding around!

It's only June 1 and my flowers are already begging to be watered twice a day, the kids won't go outside unless they're in the pool, and if you want to eat outside...better do it after the sun sets, or find an umbrella and pray for a breeze.

Since I've kissed jeans goodbye for the next four months, I thought I'd revisit this past winter, and attempt to revel in what summer brought.

We had real, honest to goodness, shut-everything-down-for-a-day snow! We actually had a 4-inch layer of ice on the pool. No, I did not let the wee-ones skate! Are you kidding?! I'd be the one forced to fish them out!

The snow was really pretty, but it melted quick. And winter brings the ugly.

So while it may be Africa hot, I'm left with this in my backyard now!

See?? In the pool!

And Mr. Sugarplum was totally mocking me for running around getting shots for the blog, but I guess he wanted in on the action because I found this beauty when I uploaded the pics:

The chiminea has been getting a work-out....for s'mores, duh! Are you enjoying the outdoors, or has Mother Nature driven you in to the A/C already?


  1. It's crazy to see images of snow right now! I love your backyard - those lights look so pretty!

  2. Sooooo funny to see the pictures of the snow, seems weird as I remember all the snow we had in the UK earlier this year, too! Now it's sunny (kind of!)


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