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Monday, June 14, 2010

Eye Candy

Domino was one of my all-time favorite decorating magazines -- it was the Lucky of shopping, the Cosmopolitan of bad advice, the Penthouse of smut. You get the picture. I devoured it every month, marked half the pages with the little tabs and used it as a guide for decorating our current house when we moved in 2005.

But like all good things, I took Domino for granted. I tossed out old issues because I knew another one would come along in a few weeks. And sadly, one day I got the little postcard in the mail:

"Domino Magazine is are your hopes and dreams. We'll finish out your subscription with a non-essential magazine that will fill your recycle bin."

Well maybe I'm re-writing it just a bit (there is a reason Mr. Sugarplum calls me 'Out-of-Context-Cassie'), but that's how I felt. Well, the hole in my heart was partially filled with the unveiling of the new online magazine, Lonny. You can't touch it or flag it's pages with little stickers, but you can drool over it's gorgeous pictures, good advice and inspiring ideas. AND, it's free online (so you can read it at work...on your lunch break, of course!)

Their latest issue just came out, so I thought I'd treat your Monday to a little eye candy. BEHOLD, Lonny!

lonny cover

white couch - lonny

tufted headboards - lonny

zebra wall - lonny

yellow parsons - lonny

suzani chair - lonny

green room - lonny

pool - lonny

orange brown bedroom - lonny

I still have a few stolen copies of Domino, but I know some of you have lots...if not EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Fess up!!! Are you hoarding any copies?! Do you think Lonny fills the Domino void?


  1. I think it fills up the void to some extent but I love magazines I can hold and keep forever! This latest issue is just stunning!

  2. Like you, I took Domino for granted - lending copies to a relative, throwing them out and am SICK about it...dreaming of the day it's Lonny a lot, but not quite Domino. Ali


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