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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Curb Appeal

Even in the midst of one project, my psycho brain is already thinking about the next one. I was elbow deep in painting my interior front door black (you can read about it here. Fascinating stuff. Really.), when I realized the outside of the door was in desperate need of attention too! And like a jealous sibling, she started whining until I spiffed up her side as well.

We started with this:

front door before 1

Beautiful double doors hidden behind large storm doors. We ripped those out before moving in (who cares about insulation when it's ugly?!), and were left with this:

front door before 2

An astronaut popped in while I was taking the picture. Don't you hate when that happens?!? You can't tell much by my awesome photography, but the door was a flat paint that had lost all it's mojo. It had a chalky finish that looked like it needed to be washed. And the dated kick plates weren't helping matters much. (I'm forced to use these random shots because I forgot to take 'Before' photos again!! bad blogger!)

After taking the brass plates off, and a few coats of a brighter red exterior paint in semi-gloss, we were left with this:


MUCH better! But you're still looking at this, aren't you??

old light fixture

I could have spray painted that brass back to the 80's (like I did here), but I didn't like the shape of the fixture. So after Mr. Sugarplum finally replaced it, I freshened up the trim and added a couple of ferns, we had this:


A little Windex helped matters too.


I don't know why one fern looks like Sarah, Plain and Tall...and the other like Danny DeVito...but it annoys me. Oh well, it'll be dead soon enough. So now, both sides of my door are happy, and I'm on to the next project! Have you made any simple changes to increase your curb appeal? We like quick, cheap upgrades around here, so do share!


  1. Looks great, I love a red door (or two in this case!)

    p.s. I hate it when astronauts jump into my photos! so cute ; )

  2. Your TLC and terrific taste made a huge difference in your entry - love the replacement light fixture (and the cutie pie astronaut!) Ali

  3. I'm on my way to the back porch to get two ferns and put them out the job you did on the doors!

  4. I love your front doors! Just dropping by from the party.

  5. The classic red front door- or in your case- doors! Love the color and the 3/4 window opening. Your ferns set it off just perfectly. Visiting from the door party.
    ~ Sue

  6. Just checking out your door from days gone by. :-) You crack me up...saying the ferns will die soon. I can't keep any plants alive either!

  7. Did you use exterior paint on both the inside and outside of the door? I have red door that kind of has that chalky appearance. :). I also want to repaint the inside even if my hubby only agrees with white.....

    1. Hi Stephanie Jo! I used exterior paint for the outside door. I wanted it to have some shine, so I went with high gloss. The inside doors are interior latex. Don't forget you have to prime first if your door is already painted (it's likely an oil-base).

      Hope this helps!


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