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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

{Outfit Inspiration} Plum & Gray

When you look at magazines and catalogs, or read your favorite blogs, are you just admiring the pretty pictures, or scheming dreaming of ways to duplicate them in your own life? I'm the latter of the two. I see a room and get inspired to mix patterns and colors in a similar way for an outfit. My mind immediately goes to my closet. I'm such a geek I'll even jot down ideas for when I get home!

Same goes for favorite outfits. I've discovered the color palettes I tend to wear more, are also colors that appear most often in my house.

So today I offer you the beautiful bedroom featured on la dolce vita

That inspired this outfit (excuse the lame self-timer pic taken in my office! I think I need to start recruiting help for outdoor pics!)

Gray and plum is not exactly going out on a limb, but inspired none the less. Where does your passion and inspiration for fashion and decor come from?


  1. I love it!! I actually was looking at my daughter yesterday and admiring the color palette of her solid orange sundress,solid teal sweater (she put this together)and holding a bright pink blanket. I thought to myself "those colors look really cool together". My 5 year old is a fashion genius!!

  2. Of course she is -- it's in her genes! We might not be able to get away with the exact outfit (in our advanced age), but we could definately add accents of them. I bet she looked adorable!

  3. I dont know if I have an inspiration. I just wear what I like. BUT I do adore Jeannie (from I Dream of Jeannie) outfits, especially her dresses!

    I like the pop of color your sweater gives off =]

    Just Better Together

  4. Very inspired! I really like your ruffled blouse!

  5. i love this color combination and this outfit is just perfect! nice job!


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